The morning came quickly and Heiphilia once more taking the wheel of the car with Zeydar and Evester. Zeydar was better in a way, Evester could tell, but not perfect. Evester was not sure he’d ever seen the perfect Zeydar since they had left Valaria. It was a few moments into the silence of the car ride that Zeydar spoke first.

“No matter what. We are a united front.” His facade shattered. He seemed tired, lost, and in a daze, but he was attempting to be clear. “Even if Maverin picked us. We are a united front.” Even if it was not a prediction made by the project. Even if they were forced into saving the world.

“We are the ones who have to do it, yes.” Heiphilia agreed. Evester was not entirely sure.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 49 (Chapter 146)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 6)

Evester lurched as Heai stopped the car. Seatbelt off, he sprung from the car to follow after Zeydar who had tumbled out to dry heave again. He had done so much more than he had before, he had erased their tracks before but that night was more like what he had done in Valaria. The skin and ability was not of a few weeks ago that had seemed obvious, this was magic, awe inspiring and horrifying. Zeydar had done it, and Evester was at his side in moments. Hand to hick back, Zeydar grabbed his shirt, pulling Evester over him, to protect him from the world around them. Zeydar was shaking, despite the blanket, despite the fact that the cold never bothered him before.

Kony tumbled out seconds later, with shaking knees exhausted from giving all his magic. They were a few hours from midnight and they had to keep moving. Evester took Zeydar closer to him, prepared to take over for Kony, who had already done his part. They were far enough away, that Evester doubted that the trail would matter. However the Aralax would hunt them for what they had done. Zeydar cried against Evester. Evester hushed him, pulling the blanket over Zeydar further. Was it withdrawal or the memories?

“What’s going on?” Maverin asked stepping around the vehicle where Kony, Evester, and Zeydar sat. He was followed by Shawn, and Phil, Kori and Kim. Heia walked from the other side, bag in her hand. She knelt down to Evester and Zeydar hesitating to reach out.

“Boy wonder is going through withdrawal again.” Shawn answered tossing a water bottle to Heia, who caught it and moved away from them both to begin mixing Dreams to the water. She threw it to Evester once she was done shaking the mixture.

He caught it, slipped it under the blanket, and whispered to Zeydar. “Drink it.”

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 48 (Chapter 145)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 5) 

Heia drove down the mountain and around the bends, expecting to see enemies and only seeing them dead before her. She was expecting to see horror, and instead saw the light of day, as the forest burned bright and the bodies began to disappear. Zeydar was clearing their path before they even reached it. She could not let his magic go to waste, so she drove faster, trying to make it down the hills the best that she could without going too fast around bends that could knock them over.

She needed them to get out, and get out fast. How much more could Zeydar take? She did not want to think about it, just like there were a hundred other things she did not want to think about. Later they would. For now it was survival. Down the mountain, away from the fire, and Aralax and…

An explosion sounded, and it took everything Heia had not to swerve at the sound of it. Through her mirrors she could see another part of the mountain on fire. Evester looked back to Zeydar.

“Is he okay?” She asked. How much magic had that taken? Was that it? Was that the inner sections? Was that what would — Another explosion and one that rocked the vehicle as she turned a corner. Biting back a scream, Heia moved them forward trying to balance her speed with the progression of what was happening.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 47 (Chapter 144)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 4)

Zeydar cast the spell to envelop them in protection, the moment that Shawn said the words. They had taken too much time. The cars were at least ten minutes away if they ran. They would have to push, and make distractions. Could he use the explosions around the cabin to create the first? Then what? Hide them as they ran?

As Zeydar cast the protection around them, preparing himself for the fight, Kony had cast the investigation spells. The few spells that Kony knew.

“Fascinating.” Maverin looked to the magic barrirer around them, completely unperturbed.

“Where did you implant the explosives?” Kori asked the man.

“Not explosives. Weaknesses.” Maverin corrected her as if this were not life and death.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 46 (Chapter 143)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Evester watched as his father sauntered through the cabin, looking at them all as if he were annoyed by them appearing. His father had changed, into old clothes, similar to those that Evester had last saw the man in. He was no longer in the retrofitted Aralax body. Kim and Phil had gathered as many papers as they could into backpacks, all of Evester’s father’s notes, as Kori and Kony gathered video evidence. Shawn stood at the window looking out every so often. Sun was setting.

“We have to turn on the Space Program.” Evester told his father as his father collected final notes. They had not needed much to convince him, since they had created such a scene with the cars and explosions.

“It’s on. Uly got it without me, no? Why do you need me?” His father continued, however, to complain. He was a mess of scruff and dirt, smelt unholy, and Evester wanted to smack the man around, but relief was washing over him. It was a tide he had to fight back, with the knowledge that he had they still had to escape.

Instead, he focused on his father’s question. Why did they need the lead scientist for the Yasaloughve Project? “I don’t know. You tell me.”

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 45 (Chapter 142)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia stepped carefully. She knew it was better than to be afraid. They had driven up this high. They had to keep following the trail, and the cars could no longer follow. The sound of her foot steps would be negligible to the noise the car made to those underground. If they were alert, it was because of their earlier movement, not the movement of now. However, the fear still permeated in each step she took. That this step would let the Aralax know that they were there. Each step would lead to the possibility of death.

“if your father was here. Where would he be?” Shawn asked as they walked up the mountain side. The light was beginning to dim in the sky above them. The thick of the trees gave them little to no visibility, but the fact that the suns light was creating too long shadows now. Heia’s heart rate had spiked with each passing breath. Her senses were on high alert and her weapon was ready for her to strike at any moment. 

“There. Right?” Kori pointed up towards the cabin ahead of them. Through the trees there was a clearing, atop a empty slope. The cabin was large, decrepit, and had a straight sight to the world outside the mountain range. At one point this mountain may have been a Circle resort, but it was no longer. 

“Everyone at the ready.” Zeydar nodded with Kori. “That’s where the trail leads.”

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 44 (Chapter 141)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Zeydar stepped knowing that the pressure on him was the gazes of all those who watched from the comfort of the heated cars. They had given up their safe house, packed the cars with their limited supplies, for this chance. A chance that had led the three cars to the edge of the mountains that went up into the blue sky. They’d given everything for this moment, and left no other paths behind. The success of the mission was on him and him alone.

Spell in his mind, Zeydar twisted his Staff, focusing not on their eyes but on the trail disappearing in the minutes. He’d always known that this trail led here, and it was that reason he’d ignored it. No rational person would go here on their own, so he had assumed it meant that Maverin were captured if the trail was his. However, Aralax did not take prisoners, and the man was never called sane.

Opening his eyes, Zeydar looked out towards another Hive. This hive, like the other, was imbedded into the mountains and connected through underground caverns to protect them during the day. Unlike the other, this mountain range was covered in trees that towered high and the trail led right up towards the top. It may have been a Circle resort at one time, with the paved roads heated so that the snow did not cover them. A resort that was no longer their personal playing field.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 43 (Chapter 140)

156 Days Until Trust And the Uncertain End

Evester sat in the car the chill having hit him like a tidal wave, releasing a bunch of the emotions that he had buried in his heart as he watched Zeydar leave, Heia following. The two walked further away and disappeared nearly completely, further than they had gone the day before when it had been military bodies they found. Fear, it was fear that Evester felt. This one would be his father. This one would be the end of this leg of the journey. It would be his father this time and all the effort would have gone to waste.

Evester held his jacket close, focusing down on his wrist instead, that was finally yellowing away from the purple and back to his regular skin tone.

“Are they typically gone this long?” Shawn asked irritated from the back seat. He had elected to join them this day, rather than Phil. He was less talkative than Phil, but in a way that was good, because it meant he wouldn’t be bombarded with questions about his feelings, as Phil would ask.

“This is the third route we’ve tracked. I don’t have a standard.” Evester rested his chin on the steering wheel, feeling as anxious about it as Shawn was. Each time there was the chance Evester’s father would be found. Each time there was a chance that they would never come back, despite it being day. There was too much at stake and each day they were away from Uly and the others, saftey and true warmth and supplies, was another day they put themselves at risk.

All for a man who had faked his own death.

“What’s your plan for when we find my father?” Evester tried to make small talk. He wanted to fill the silence with something, to keep him from over thinking, from fearing, from wondering about if Zeydar was cold and if Heia was safe.

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YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 42 (Chapter 139)

157 Days Until Allies And the Uncertain End

Heia looked out to the world: empty, vast, distant. It was covered in the softest sheets of thick snow, that their car was able to get over, by technology alone. She shivered in the back seat holding a blanket close. Evester drove asking Zeydar for instructions, who directed them forward in the direction that he sensed. Heia knew little about magic and, she realized as she glanced between them, even less about their relationship as of late. Distanced because Evester had a path his father. Distanced because Zeydar was pushing away. Heia was not sure which one it was.

She didn’t care.

“Turn here.” Zeydar pointed up ahead. Signal on for no reason other than habit, Evester moved the car off the road towards where Zeydar had pointed. Stepping from the vehicle, Zeydar left them into the frigid air outside as it it did not bother him at all. Heia recoiled from the onslaught of the chilled breeze, watching as his hair moved in the breeze outside. Tumbling out of the car, blanket around her, hat on, gloves on, scarf wrapped tight, Heia moved to his side. Zeydar was serene in the outside air.

Inside the car Phil was grumbling from inside the car about how Heia needed to shut the door. So she did, leaving Evester alone with Phil inside the car. They’d told Evester never to get out, in case it was the worst. If it were, then they’d see it first and be able to figure out how to help him.

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