YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 27

252 Days Until Destruction and The Uncertain End (part 4)

Zeydar walked through the streets of Valaria, the crowing jewel of humanity. Valaria: the most beautiful city in the world. Valaria: the city of architecture and brilliance. The buildings stood tall and glistening under the dome skyline. Parks littered the grounds in all directions, making the world green, fresh, and energy sustainable. The world sparkled and glistened as he had seen in picture and video, but seeing the city for the first time was something else entirely. The world was living, filled with people of all walks of life. She was bigger than Arcadia, and she held so much more importance. It was… perfection.

“We will be at the Academy and Star Campus. Call us if you need us.” Tyler spoke to Zeydar. Despite the other Magicians not wanting him to go off, Zeydar had been given freedom. Afterall, the other Magicians were not Superiors, Tyler was. “I will take your Staff.”

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 26

252 Days Until Destruction and The Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia stood watching from the car side, waiting for familiar shadows to appear on the horizon. Her siblings had yet to arrive with Shawn. Another fighter, another driver, another person who could help them survive and Heia wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Shawn traveling with them? What about his family? Did his family know he’d been discharaged? Temporarily, sure, but still it was a disgrace. Though, it was not as much as a disgrace as defecting. 

When she saw the figure of three on the horizon her heart paced. The three traveled to them, with Robee carrying what looked like the radio and camera they’d used to contact the military hours before. The radio was a large box like receiver that could be dialed in and connected to by an outside source. It was portable, but rather large, with a screen that could show the picture of the person you were talking to. Where as Circles had smaller devices, X’s were left with the thrown away trash of yester-year. 

Evester was off the bus and racing towards them leading the Triplets and Heia after him. 

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 25

252 Days Until Destruction and The Uncertain End (part 2)

Evester leapt through the carnage of bodies, human and Aralax alike. His eyes traveled to Kony, the only one who could possibly be a Star amongst them. If the boy was a Magician, they’d be able to decimate the Aralax. Only, the boy was not trained, as he remembered, and that alone kept Evester’s mouth shut. Evester ran on ahead after giving out his advice and words of wisdom. He pushed himself to cut down the Aralax in his path, in a way of assisting the soldiers who were shooting at them. 

He wondered if this sort of preparation would save the people of LakeLost. Almost nothing had changed, no one had been truly ready for the onslaught, but there were tens of soldiers, and hopefully enough more on their way. Was this worth getting exposed? Was this enough for Heiphillia?

Robee and Trace worked in a team as the Triplets worked together and Heiphillia raced next to Evester to work as his partner. He had intended for her to work with Robee and Trace, yet there she was next to him. Heiphillia pointed on ahead towards the path for them to escape.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 24

252 Days Until Destruction and The Uncertain End (part 1)

Heia stood on the roof waiting with her siblings as they watched the soldiers raid the town searching for Evester. Evester sat next to her eyeing the soldiers who were taking people out of sleep and their homes all at once. People were angry. People were yelling. The amount of soldiers who were there, showed that his message had been taken seriously. Many of these soldiers were for him, however.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 23

253 Days Until Melancholy and The Uncertain End (part 3)

Evester looked over the empty makeshift home. The children were being transported with Robee and Trace as Andre and Layla protected the bus. Evester wasn’t sure he knew what a bus looked like. He’d seen pictures of the angular vehicle that could seat tens of people. It was what was used before the trains in the cities, but when the trains came, the busses disappeared. 

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 22

253 Days Until Melancholy and The Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia looked over the remaining things that needed to be done. The Triplets were busy working with Evester and learning how to kill Aralax the way he had. Heia wasn’t certain that he had killed an Aralax — she had, she knew the difficulty of the task — however she had smelt the blood, and seen the muck. The filth wasn’t someone could pretend, unless he bathed in it. Somehow Heia doubted even he was that crazy.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 21

253 Days Until Melancholy and The Uncertain End (part 1) 

It was a day before the proclaimed attack and Evester was nervous. The orphans had been fully packed. Everything was in order for them to leave that night, yet Evester was worried. What if the attack came early? What if the Project spoke the day it was discovered? Why was he so worried about the X’s? Because he had been caught and forced to help Heiphilia and her family with preparations? Perhaps that was the issue. This was an anxiety inducing situation and with each growing hour Evester’s nerves threatened to explode in anticipation rather than fear. What would happen? Would they all die? It was killing him, like the nerves before he tried something new.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 20

255 Days Until Silence and The Uncertain End

Zeydar sat next to May, the night before forgotten and their previous battle behind them. They sat atop a hill in the middle of Star Campus next to the Academy, that had direct line of vision to the horizon of the city where the sun was beginning to set over the clouds. 

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 19

256 Days Until Broken Friendships and The Uncertain End

All things considered, Zeydar did not have much Sweet Dreams remaining, he noticed as he sat on his balcony looking over Valaria. He had enough for a while. Or he should, if he didn’t up the dosage, which he had been contemplating with how much he wanted to feel. Feel, but not remember.

It wouldn’t be a detriment if he took more, he tried to convince himself. He could always wean himself off of it. He’d done it before and he could do it again. But… the nightmares, the screams, the faces of the dead. It would all come back to him and he did not want that. He wanted to feel without remembering them. He wanted to remember the past when everything was good, not where he was then.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 18

257 Days Until Sedation and The Uncertain End

Zeydar sat in the library as fully alert as he could be after coming off a Sweet Dreams binge far exceeding the time and dosage he typically took. It had been amazing, allowing him to see the sunsets of Arcadia in such vivid detail. He had felt the wind on his skin. He had tasted the world as he had back then. Of course, all the senses were heightened instead of dulled as they were for Zeydar normally. 

Sweet Dreams were the only way for him to feel. Otherwise his senses were locked up, with the chains and keys of the Superiors.

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