YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 37

238 Days Until Deliverance and The Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar looked over his drugs calculating his time. He had enough time to go up into the dream world and come back down. He had enough time to erase the pressure on his mind and the pressure of the world on his body. He had enough time to ignore how much horror had happened in the last few hours.

The reports had come in at dawn, when the broadcast was first shown on the EverDanger steam. Evester Igialistal, dirty, ragged, older, tired, and ferocious, had declared himself alive after being missing for months. He had declared himself alive. Had declared that he had all of the Yasloughve Projects final predictions and then had recited the attacks. He had recited every major Aralax attack for the next three months. He had told the world that he was alive and there was a way to save it.

To save it. 

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 36

238 Days Until Deliverance and The Uncertain End (part 2)

Evester sat playing cards with Crass, Phil, and Rayda. They weren’t playing seriously, for if they were Evester would have lost by this point.

“So what is the plan?” Crass asked as he tossed a card out.

“We get in and —“ Evester started.

“No.” Crass shook his head cut off Evester and Evester didn’t know if it was because he played the wrong card or if his plan was defunct. They were trying to teach him to be better at this game, after all, not that their lessons ever stuck.

“The ultimate plan.” Phil elaborated, throwing out his own card showing that Evester may not have made a mistake after all. “The big one.”

“We need to restart the space program. Get the public approval to do so. I would like to get my father back, as I don’t think he’s alive.” Evester answered as he watched Rayda look over her cards. He then thought of how they would transfer his father’s body… They’d figure something out, and that part of him that held out hope for his father’s survival clashed with his general knowledge of the world and instinct.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 35

238 Days Until Deliverance and The Uncertain End (part 1)

From what Heia understood, there were formal and informal entrances into Valaria. Most of the informal ones had been blocked off due to what happened in Arcadia with the Tower rising up. The other “informal” entrances were sewage and air exits. Most dealt with amazing feats of strength and dexterity that most of the children would never be able to attempt in the small allotted time that they had. In general, most people would not be able to enter through the methods. However, it was through these “informal” entrances that the others could move back and forth, getting the DNA of the children, their names, their pictures, and more details to add them into the databases of the city. 

They were creating all new identities for the children. 

Or at least that was how Evester explained it when they had all gotten to their new temporary home at The Limit. 

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 34

239 Days Until Acceptance  and The Uncertain End

Heia looked to the only entrance into Valaria from the Infinity. There were many exits out that the Circles and Stars had access to, but only one pathway in. Heia had never known X’s to be able to immigrate into a CloudCity. She didn’t know it was possible, however the fact that there was a way in told her otherwise. Gave her hope, at least.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 33

240 Days Until Frustration and The Uncertain End (Part 2)

Evester followed behind Kim specifically, as they entered into the establishment. They hadn’t been banned from the casino and blamed for the money loss. That blame had fallen on him and if he were caught inside… The way Evester’s pulse beat against his neck told him that this was exactly why EverDanger had picked this casino. They wanted him to be swarmed with the adrenaline of the mission. EverDanger knew the kind of high it gave him and this high?

He lived for it.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 32

240 Days Until Frustration and The Uncertain End (Part 1)

Heia watched as Evester slept next to the others of EverDanger under the watchful eye of her siblings. He looked the most relaxed that she had seen him since meeting him, sleeping on the shoulder of the red-haired Kim. His bag was held loosely in his arms as they sat in the back of the bus. Every time he’d slept before it’d been holding his bag tightly in a corner, half awake, half coherent, half ready to kill if necessary. Right now he was snoring and snuggled up close to the rest of EverDanger. This was perhaps the deepest sleep he had gotten in months since he began running, and Heia couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 31

244 Days Until Lessons and The Uncertain End  

Evester directed Andre out of the fast track spiral and to the floor that Kim had specified. The group chat was a mess of plans, and false information, but of this, Evester was certain. Their messages were monitored thus the need for false information. Luckily their code had been established early on between them and no one had ever been able to break it. No one yet, he assumed. Still, even with a unbreakable code, they needed false information littered with the real. In that was the floor they needed to get off on for the supplies they required. Namely: clothes. Circle attire and battle clothes like he had, for Heia and who ever was stupid enough to follow him. Circle attire would be necessary to get them into Valaria, above even manners or their fake identification.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 30

245 Days Until Misery and The Uncertain End  

They had traveled over the long stretch of land and past two Towers before arriving at the center of the world. The Cloudcity of Valaria sat in the sky supported by her Tower several times larger than what Heia had seen for the other Towers. It would take at least three days to travel around the base outside, it was so wide. The Tower itself was cast in grey letting light in without showing a thing inside. A Tower, she thought, The Tower. The center of the world. The place where X’s were said to be able to get better lives. Heia had always dreamed of living in a tower. 

She would finally enter one.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 29

250 Days Until Tears and The Uncertain End 

They traveled slowly with the vehicles, looking through the ruined city for a filling station to charge the vehicles. Weapons out, everyone was tired and bruised, but ready for anything that would come their way. In truth, Evester still had no clue why Heiphilia was needed. The Triplets and Robee and Trace were picking up the skills faster than she was. She was good at learning escape methods and the EverDanger Morse Code, but that was it. She was about average with her weapon. She did not have stunning coordination, possibly because she didn’t trust him or Shawn. She wasn’t fast enough for Evester.

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YP – B1: Finale – Chapter 28

251 Days Until Surrender and The Uncertain End

Heia walked with her head high, feeling the wind on her skin. The caravan had stopped for the night and this was to be her second sunset outside. The first one she had missed as she had been out cold catching up on sleep. Her adrenaline had hit zero and her body had collapsed under the weight of the sleepless night. The LowerLands were like she remembered them to be, desolate with looming Towers in the distance taller than trees and taller than mountains that she saw. The Towers were massive, grey blobs in the distance, reaching into the heavens and from where she was she could only see one. One they were approaching and would be upon early the next morning. It was not their destination, so they would pass it. Their journey was to the CloudCity of Valaria and her accompanying tower. 

The center of the world.

The sky was fading in colors — blues, purples, reds — in a vibrant array. The few times that she had seen it in the past had been accompanied by terror. If there had been times before then, she was not sure. She was sure that the sunset she saw that day was particularly beautiful. It was built for her.

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