YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 43 (CHAPTER 394)

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Panic And The Days (5) That Passed (part 2)

Zeydar sat in the bright room, empty save him and Evester who was sleeping next to him. Uly had left earlier to go to bed and the others had turned in for the night as well. Their work and assistance with the data was enough for him to finish the base report. He had decided to input the decisions into the Project, and run the new data without waiting for Maverin. As the new data was being loaded and reviewed, based on his input values, Zeydar reviewed the new data that was before him.

“Shouldn’t you take a break?” Maverin asked as he walked up.

“Why are you here now?” Zeydar looked up at him. Estashia and Heia had interrupted him in the night already, both taking data and plans and disappearing as fast as they had arrived.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 42 (CHAPTER 393)

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Panic And The Days (5) That Passed (part 1)

Evester looked over the numbers going between documents. He flipped through the pages, looked over the designs, and then reread the reports and plans. He looked over it all multiple times, hoping that something would change.

It did not.

“I’m not sure these housing divisions are the best.” Evester looked to Europa and Kim. Heia sat with them.

“We are going to have to go this way,” Europa said.

“Growing out and not up, rarely works well,” Evester reminded her. 

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 41 (CHAPTER 392)

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Progress And The Days (3) That Passed (part 3)

Heia sat at the screen, looking at her siblings. Each one of them looked well rested, despite the work that they were doing. There was, however, a tension amongst them that Heia recognized as being due to the fact that many people were going to sleep. She knew that like her, when they weren’t working on calculations they were helping people into stasis.

“How is everything on your end?” Layla asked them.

“We’re good.” Kori said hugging Karla and Kony who looked displeased. Trace and Robee held up thumbs up as Andre nodded. Only a certain number of ships would make it. The thought came back to her from earlier. She knew that her ship was the flagship, but she also knew it was the only guaranteed safe ship. Her family’s ships were safe, but not as certainly. Thinking such thoughts made her heart sink.

Should she tell them? Would warning them do anything? There was nothing they’d be able to do while asleep, Kim said that those who were panicked took the sleep worse than those who were relaxed. She also said that those individuals were at risk for complications on the journey. Heia did not want to put her siblings into a situation that could hurt them.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 40 (CHAPTER 391)

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Progress And The Days (3) That Passed (part 2)

Evester turned in the suit, for his mother. Arms out, he turned again, before dropping them to his side and placing his hands in the pockets. He showed off every way that the suit could move and what it looked like from every angle possible.

“Excellent.” She nodded.

“Will this fit Uly? He’s lost weight.” Maverin said, sipping at his water, sitting on a chair as he watched.

They were in Estashia and Maverin’s room, cramped and covered with dresses and suites. Evester had a hard time believing that either of his parents slept in the room. Upon further inspection he realized that he only saw them awake, or his father asleep in the control room as Zeydar worked. Were they sleeping at all?

“It will. We are still the same size. I checked,” Evester told his father. It was through Zeydar, with the use of magic, but Evester had checked.

“Good.” Estashia nodded.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 39 (CHAPTER 390)

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Progress And The Days (3) That Passed (part 1)

Heia walked along the cafeteria, seeing fewer people than the day before. She picked up food for her and the others, now that they had decided to help Zeydar in full. All of EverDanger was assisting him in the digital data copies, highlighting specific numbers as he had requested. Where Zeydar did many of the calculations in his head, he had started writing them down on a tablet, along with conjectures that they had to read and tab as well. While the work was not difficult, it was fast paced. Zeydar’s reading speed was faster than her own, and even if they used general AI to highlight the numbers properly, they had to check that everything they gave him was correct. 

There were a few times, she had messed up as it was.

The work load was not too difficult with them all assisting from their other ships, but it was quick paced. If they were not ahead of Zeydar at all moments, he would do it himself, and then continue ahead and they’d have to catch up. Luckily, Zeydar took time to write up formal reports for Maverin and Estashia, in words and numbers to be input into the Project, which gave them time to catch up if necessary. Heia hated looking over all the data, over and over again, as the numbers did begin to blur after a bit, however she had see the complication documents and reports and Zeydar had typed up and knew that they were getting information that days before she would have never thought needed. All of it, important for their survival.

“You okay?” Europa asked.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 38 (CHAPTER 389)

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Wisdom And The Days (2) That Passed (part 3)

Zeydar paused for a second, looking from Uly to Evester and then back to everyone who faced him on the screens. Evester was watching him, as if whatever Zeydar said, he’d accept it as fact. The others were far more curious. None were apprehensive in the slightest.

“Well…” Zeydar paused.

He thought about it for a second. Maverin had told him to calculate the concentration of magic and considerations for magic in the new world. With the data Maverin had said that they would be able to figure out the conditions for survival and the current ways in which society would progress. Knowing the capability of the Mages would change things. If they were to be stronger, or even weaker, new plans had to be accounted for. If others became more sensitive, it needed to be known so that it could be adapted into the civilization plans to avoid wars.

He’d also asked Zeydar to review the trajectory path through space and the Project’s data for the travel. He had reviewed over all the information that Maverin had given him, and checking it and the numbers for considerations regarding magic and sustainability. He was supposed to check that there would be no magic anomalies and if there were, how to account and react to them. The information would be given to the Project to use to protect their ships.

Oh. Zeydar opened his eyes wide and looked back to Uly.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 37 (CHAPTER 388)

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Wisdom And The Days (2) That Passed (part 2)  

Evester watched as Zeydar continued to stare at his hand. Shawn had said that listening to Zeydar’s lessons had been both fascinating and boring. They were boring, not due to the content, but because Shawn did not have the foundational knowledge to fully understand what Zeydar was saying. He and Phil said that Zeydar knew his stuff, hundreds of years of history and theory and when he taught Kony the lessons were far more entertaining. Kony had been trained in how to pretend he could do powerful magic, even when he might not have been able to control it, for looks alone, because Zeydar knew how to mimic it. Kony had spent months reading theory, doing equations and calculations and tests to learn about his magic, all while Zeydar insisted that it was an art.

“It was about as much of an art as advanced physics and as much of a science as being a genius of music. I’m not sure he recognized the finesse required for his talent, as he never was given the opportunity of establishing a base line,” Phil had said. Zeydar had been isolated, controlled, and pushed from a young age, and when he did have friends — those friends often assumed the best in him, because they had a base line understanding of magic that Zeydar did not. Zeydar called magic his friend, because in a way, the calculations and control over the power was the only friend he had. Dreams also, supposedly, did not make that any better.

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 36 (CHAPTER 387)

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Wisdom And The Days (2) That Passed (part 1)

Zeydar looked up from his notes to see Evester sitting at a computer talking to Kony and May along with a few others regarding magic. He listened as they spoke, hearing familiar voices of all of the EverDanger members chatting and asking Kony a variety of questions that he was fielding expertly.

They had been discussing magic for hours, specifically since Maverin had explained to Kim, Evester, and Heia, that it was mathematics and physics based. Zeydar had wanted to interject at the time, that there was more to it, but he had too many details in the data to go over, and explaining magic was not of his highest priority. He could explain it better later. Besides, Kony and May could do it too.

“What?” Kori asked amazed. “I thought it was just saying a spell and making it happen.”

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YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 35 (CHAPTER 386)

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Melancholy And The Days (1) That Passed (part 3)  

Evester watched as Zeydar and Uly reviewed over data and information. Maverin hovered over Zeydar’s shoulder pointing at documents and explaining things. Zeydar looked disinterested, but Uly was grimacing as he continued working. Evester did not hear what Uly said to Maverin, but when Maverin laughed hearty, and took a seat next to Zeydar, Evester figured it was ‘shut up.”

The three were seated further away surrounded by documents and screens with data. Zeydar was scrolling bored, writing notes on a tablet with a pen. Evester watched them from further away, not wanting to bother them. He, however, could not let Zeydar work without rest. Zeydar had only just been able to feel a bit better. Evester did not want Zeydar collapsing from overwork — or worse, being talked to death by Maverin.

“Freezings are underway.” Endwin said sitting next to him. “Aren’t you supposed to be assisting Kim and Heia?”

“Yea. But I’m still worried.” Besides the final freezings wouldn’t occur until after the wedding. Evester had time to learn the proper protocols. He could waste a few days, on standby for Zeydar.

“Will fifteen days be enough for them?” Endwin asked, his back to their father. At the question. Maverin looked over to them and stood, walking over. Evester grimaced.

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