YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 20 (Chapter 117)

177 Days Until Confrontation And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Heia awoke the day of the heist, wide eyed and ready. She first noticed Zeydar, who sat with his back against the wall, listening and far from asleep. Evester, too, was oddly seated against a wall, not awake nor asleep fully. Zeydar was awake, Heia believed, because he was too stressed to sleep. Evester, however, Heia knew slept in the way because he had reverted to the form he’d taken when searching for Heia. Either way, she knew both of them were ready for what was to come that day. They’d been in the city for no more than a few hours, but she was already ready to leave.

Shivering, Heia sat up, looking between the two for confirmation that they were ready. It was upon her movement that both looked up themselves focusing on her for the smallest of moments. What felt like a pulse went between them, as they breathed in unison.

“Ready?” Evester asked after a moment of absolute silence.

“Any word from anyone?” Zeydar opened up his hand that had been in his pocket. In his hand was a small box, holding what Heia knew to be his drugs. Evester eyed him as Zeydar opened the box ignoring them both. “I asked a question.”

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June TBR

Alright, last post for today. I know you’ve gotten so many already. I promise this is it! HAHA. Just my TBR for the month. I have decided to try to keep it simple, I suppose. Classics are my goal for this month, out of the classics that I own. Along with catching up on all the webnovels I’ve been slacking off on. This means two things.

1. I will not be writing reviews for these. At all. Some of these are rereads. Some of them are first reads. If I have quotes I love, I’ll note them but I will not be reviewing them because I just can’t.

2. This means you will probably only be getting one review a week until I get content back up. This includes any series rereads like the Negotiator Trilogy or His Dark Materials.

Anyway, here is to June being more productive for my blog. I have so many things on my blog that I just haven’t posted and here is to be, hopefully, posting it all. Anyway.