YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 44 (Chapter 141)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Zeydar stepped knowing that the pressure on him was the gazes of all those who watched from the comfort of the heated cars. They had given up their safe house, packed the cars with their limited supplies, for this chance. A chance that had led the three cars to the edge of the mountains that went up into the blue sky. They’d given everything for this moment, and left no other paths behind. The success of the mission was on him and him alone.

Spell in his mind, Zeydar twisted his Staff, focusing not on their eyes but on the trail disappearing in the minutes. He’d always known that this trail led here, and it was that reason he’d ignored it. No rational person would go here on their own, so he had assumed it meant that Maverin were captured if the trail was his. However, Aralax did not take prisoners, and the man was never called sane.

Opening his eyes, Zeydar looked out towards another Hive. This hive, like the other, was imbedded into the mountains and connected through underground caverns to protect them during the day. Unlike the other, this mountain range was covered in trees that towered high and the trail led right up towards the top. It may have been a Circle resort at one time, with the paved roads heated so that the snow did not cover them. A resort that was no longer their personal playing field.

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October TBR

WELCOME to my favorite month of the year. I plan on doing a few challenges for the month, so if you want to follow me. I will be doing 31 fall outfits, and 31 books read on my Instagram. Do I anticipate being able to read all of these? Nope! But it is a goal!

I hope that your October plans are going to be fun!


September Reading List

September Reading List

Happy October! Welcome to my favorite month of the year! We passed the site’s birthday with little fanfare. I was going to make a post and then I completely forgot about it. Oh well, it wasn’t that big of a deal really. What is, is that I was able to get back into reading the way I used to for manga. Did I cut down my list as I had hoped? No. BUT I did cut down on lots of my tabs. I should be able to do better as we continue towards December. My goal is to get them all down, catch up on all my webnovels, and then be able to just stay up with them from that point on.

I got this! I believe in myself! And here is what I read in September.

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