YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 16 (CHAPTER 163)

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138 Days Until Defiance And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

The day that they had arrived, Zeydar had been debriefed. The debriefing had included his interaction with Maverin, as well as where they had gone. The Star Superiors had intended to pressure Zeydar allowing him to threaten them in turn. He let them know that the Tower collapse was their doing, as well as the fact that the human trafficking ring that had been found had Superior magic all over it. The threat had gotten him a Staff for Kony, as well as free reign over their food — which was so desperately needed. At the time the Superiors had been more caught off guard that he knew the truth, unable to lie to him about it. There had been no retaliation then, no passive aggressive statements trying to belittle him. They had not fought him for one reason only.

“You are sober.” The old man, Anthony, had said. The Superior leader had known immediately that Zeydar was off Sweet Dreams and that alone made him a weapon capable of destroying them all. They hadn’t fought him then, but from that point on it had become a war. They would try to control him, and he would never bend.

“Still no word from Estashia.” Shawn sat back in his chair with a groan as Kony practiced his magic by memorizing spells.

Zeydar’s head was pounding. Ever since coming back to a Tower, Ovaria in specific, his head had been pounding. He had been prepared for it with how they had desensitized him, however some of it was still too much. Shawn, Phil, and Kony only spoke in hushed voices for him. They made little noise and used little light, but the rest of the world was buzzing. It was as if his whole body was buzzing and burning. It would take years for his senses to properly stabilize, he knew that, and they were doing the best for him that they could. He had to keep control, however, without exploding or losing his filter. It was harder said than done. He was still getting used to the magic purity at Star Campus, which made breathing difficult.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 15 (CHAPTER 162)

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138 Days Until Defiance And the Uncertain End (pt 1)  

Heia sat looking at the X Prime Minister of the continent. There were a variety of X Prime Ministers as like there were Heads of the Towers. However, unlike the Circle governments, the X’s had no standard that all lands had to follow. Alan Penn was powerful for the continent in that he had taken all of the Lowerlands to his territory when he had begun his term almost twenty years ago. Heia had could not remember a time for elections, and in a way she wondered if that were a good thing or not. Eitherway, Mr. Penn was not one Heia ever thought she’d meet, let alone speak to, on a level in the way that held any consequence.

“Heiphillia.” The man smiled. He held all power over the X armies. He had the ability to declare an emergency the moment that the Catastrophe struck, and had not used it. He was also an advocate for the Project to end. “I see that you have no last name.”

“Most X’s don’t have the luxury of having one.” Like her family that was just a number and didn’t matter. Not to this man. Not before. They had never mattered and in that moment she wondered how she had been so naive to believe that she could convince a man like this to save the world. She had only thought of the armies, but now that they had a face she knew just how daunting a task it would be.

Not that the mission mattered less, and Heia knew it was necessary to pass the Uncertain End.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 14 (CHAPTER 161)

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139 Days Until Communication And the Uncertain End 

Evester looked over his father’s notes, the old new ones. These were not the notes that Evester had memorized. They were the ones that the group had collected from Maverin’s cabins. Of course, Maverin considered the current notes worthless and was working on new ones, let alone requesting access to the Project. Uly had been speaking with Europa and Evester’s mother all night to get access for Maverin. As Evester understood it, the Project was to be sent to them in the form of a new computer. However, Evester knew little as he had only woken up.

Uly was collapsed next to him on the table, sleeping peacefully with a slight snore. Evester had been tempted to move him, yet had not.

“You awake?” Maverin asked peaking into the room from the hall.

“Hello father.” Evester looked over to his father, who he had seen little of since they had arrived. Whether that was due to Evester’s focus on Zeydar, or his father avoiding him, Evester was not sure. “You’ve decided to stop your research?”

“I was imputing what I learned into new training and killing manuals. I want you and the others to try them out to see if they work.” It was the research Evester had wanted to read, but had been told no.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 13 (CHAPTER 160)

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140 Days Until Miracles And the Uncertain End (part 6) 

“They landed.” Uly’s soft voice startled Evester awake. With a groan, Evester tried to piece together what had been said.

“No issues?” Evester asked as soon as he registered what had been said and that he was, in fact, awake.

“Heia and her team were taken into custody, but Zeydar walked his team through with little difficulty.” There was no pause in Uly’s voice, no moment of him allowing Evester to register what was being said. Evester had to process the words as they were being spoken, forcing himself to becoming fully alert.

Heia was in custody. Did that mean that the X’s had rejected them? Did that mean they were going to turn her over? Did it mean that they knew that their team knew of their dark secrets? Evester was not sure. However, he had faith that they would be safe.

As for Zeydar getting out of custody himself, Evester believed that had all to do with Zeydar’s status. He doubted that Zeydar would have used his magic, when he did not know its new form. Zeydar had walked in as a Superior and everyone had accepted his words, at least that was what Evester expected.

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