The Yasloughve Project Character Names Explanation

This will be dedicated to how I came up with all the names for all the characters in the series. For the full character list, go here.

So fact is, I didn’t. LOL I think you might have expected some long passage, like the titles and why they were chosen. Sadly that was not the case with the characters. If I were to go back and change the characters now, I would put a LOT more thought into the character names themselves. Heia, Zeydar, and Evester’s names were the names in the dream. And while they aren’t real names, I would have wanted to keep them. I would have instead, put a lot more effort into everyone else’s names. May? Shawn? Phil? Kim? They aren’t bad names but the certainly feel like place holder names, although I’m not sure I could think of something better now. I would def have come up with more names, now, if I were to do rewrites, just because I think that there should be a better balance.

I feel that I would have wanted to go all in names for this series so that Heia, Evester, and Zeydar did not stand out as much. I would have put in A LOT more time coming up with names for them. I also would have probably came up names for all the cities, if I were to do a full rewrite now.

In general, I don’t hate them, but there was little reason for the choice outside of the Igilistal’s. I kind of just came up with all the names on the spot. For the Igilistals, I chose E names because I wanted them all to have the same initial, but for SOME reason, I did not do this with Heia’s family. I could BS some reason, and say that it was because I wanted her family to have more diversity and personality and Everster’s family was rigid and heavily structured and controlled. This is, once again, BS. I had no reason for what I did. Or why I picked names like Crass and Trace. LOL

The naming in this book for Characters, is inconsistent, with little care. I just wanted to write the story, and did not care who got named along the way, LOL.


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