YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 58 (CHAPTER 409)

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Rebirth (part 2)

Evester looked over the plans for the housing settlements and the orders of people who would be woken up in order to best create the homes. The settlement would take years and, from what Evester could see, there would be millions of people who would continue to sleep as they developed the base line for society. He was trying to distract himself from the situation at hand, but no amount of effort was helping.

In a few short minutes, he’d be headed down with Heia and Zeydar for what could be his potential last minutes alive. If he had been nervous for going to sleep, he was worse for the departure. At least for the sleep, he would have never known, but this… would it hurt? Would it be worse?

“Mother replanned.” Evester whistled as he read the plan, trying to distract himself.

“She did.” Europa nodded. “This will make restructuring all the easier.”

“That is, if people listen to us.”

“We have our work cut out for us then.”

“Evester, Heia, Zeydar, to the departure deck.”

Europa looked at Evester and he sighed. “Wait!” 

Evester paused for a moment before his sister hugged him. He held her tightly, before he and she walked towards where they met the others. He hugged Uly and Kim, not wanting to admit that there was no way for them to get back if they had failed. 

“All the checks came back okay.” Uly said as Evester suited up.

“And we are still worried?”

“Maverin and Zeydar are worried about something.”

“We have no idea what it is?”


“What if it’s nothing.”

“They wouldn’t be worried about nothing,” Uly said and sadly Evester agreed. “If there is something wrong with the air, I would suspect that you will have little time to react.”

“How long do you think?”

“At least seconds. At most? Minutes.”

“And we have enough oxygen?”

“Something went wrong with the system, and it looks as if the compressors only have a little left. We can’t functionally give you more until Zeydar can convert magic to make more.”

“Make more?”

“There were a lot of things that went wrong that Zeydar had to fix with his magic. More than I think I’m ready to read through.”

What had happened? Zeydar had not yet spoken to him alone, but Evester knew that he was at lest a year, if not two years older. He was evading Heia and Evester, for reasons.

“We all made it.” Evester reminded him. “For now that’s what matters. The magic saved us and it can now.”

“Minutes.” Uly reminded him, sliding the gun into Evester’s hand, out of sight of the others. “Be careful.”

“Where did you get this?”

“Hid it in my room, just in case. Once I knew, I knew there was a chance we’d need it.”

There was more to the story, but Evester did not press. As Evester dressed he saw Zeydar who gave him a quick smile. He and Heia were dressed and ready to go. All that was left was for Evester to go as well. With his suit in place, he followed Uly over to the others.

“After reviewing the data that I could, I have to say that everything looks too good to be true.” Uly told them all. 

“That’s supportive.” Zeydar laughed.

“Be on the look out for anything strange,” Europa said.

“Worried?” Evester tried to figure out what it was that Zeydar and Maverin were worried about. If it wasn’t the air, then what was it? If it was the air, then why? What could it be?

“I worry for you, always.” Uly answered. “Remember that once you are down there, we can’t get you back.”

Heia kissed Kim again, before walking to the ship. Zeydar followed after. Evester was the last to move, hesitating but knowing that he had to go. He watched their backs, uncertain of how he would kill the both of them, if he had to.

“It’s fine.” Zeydar said to Evester. “We did not mess up.”

Evester gave him one last look before he hugged Kim.

“I love you Kim.”

“Kill her first. I don’t want her to suffer,” Kim whispered. She knew? As he met her gaze, he knew that Uly had told her.

“I won’t have to,” Evester said it, needing to believe it himself. He then made his way to the shuttle that would take them down. Following Uly’s instructions, Evester locked them up, set the autopilot and sent them down towards the planet. It was a long silence between them all as Zeydar sat tapping at his thigh and Heia breathed heavily. Evester’s heart thudded in his chest. The moment they landed, Evester took long breaths and let himself focus.

It was time.

“This is it then?” Heia asked. She looked between the two. “What are the chances we’re wrong?”

“Unknown,” Zeydar answered. “It’s why they wanted to send me alone. They had a feeling that I could adapt quick.”

“But we are here.” Heia smiled. “We couldn’t let you go alone.”

“We’ll be okay.” Evester wanted to believe it. “The Project hasn’t steered us wrong yet.”

Heia chuckled grimly. “Because tragedy is predictable.”

“No. But success is,” Evester said unfastening and helping the other two with their helmets. The moment he sealed his own, the count down began. He released the shuttle doors and he left first.

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