YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 57 (CHAPTER 408)

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Rebirth (part 1)

When Heia opened her eyes, she was met with the soft chill of ice that she vaguely recognized was coming from around her body. Stumbling out of the Cryosis Chamber, Heia looked around to find that everyone else was still asleep. The lights were flickering overhead, and unlike when she had stepped in, something felt strange. The whole ship lurched a little. What was happening?

Panicked, Heia pulled herself from the chamber and collapsed to the ground. Forcing her muscles to work, she looked around. In the sea of chambers there was no way that she’d find Kim without a map. Heart racing, Heia started off towards the main deck, knowing that her only safety was up on the deck. 

What started as a crawl, turned into a run as Heia got control over her body. Throat parched, she began rushing through the halls. Her body ached and screamed as she raced up the stairs.

Just a little further. Just a bit more.

Heia found the decks empty, without a worker or soul atop them. The floors were layered with white dust that looked like snow. Blue lights from lack of power glower up above. Around her was a thick miasma of glitter and shimmer fractals moving in the light. What had gone wrong? Had the program failed? Were they not going to make it?

Thousands of thoughts crashed into her and with each passing moment, Heia felt the weight of the world atop of her. They weren’t going to make it? They stay out in space forever, and never make it? They’d freeze to death the moment they lost all power and fuel. What if they were lost, forever, lost? What if they had made it but lost the other ships? What if she were alive but her family was not? What if–

Heia crashed into the main deck, where the large windows viewing out into space were filled with the sight of a beautiful lush blue and green planet with white clouds and a distant sun. Zeydar stood in the room, in his white smock. He yawned and waved at her with a smile.

“There you are.” Zeydar smiled at her. He looked relaxed, healthy, and did not have a limiter on him.

“Did we make it?”

“Yes. We made it.” Evester’s voice boomed from behind her.

Heia turned back to him, feeling it in her chest first. “This is it?”

“This is it.” Evester said as he walked past, towards Zeydar, hugging him tightly. The three looked at the planet for a long time before they started the calls with the other ships, Evester checking the status of them all and the diagnostics.

Heia sat waiting as Zeydar read out information. She looked over everything. All the ships. All of the ships had made it. They had gotten to the new home. They had not lost anyone. Breaths of cries from deep in her soul tumbled out in joyful sobs. Zeydar had done it. He had gotten them all to the new home.

“Oh my god.” Kim’s voice came from the door. Heia jumped up and ran to Kim, nearly tackling her to the ground.

“Don’t move too much. Our bodies have to adapt.” Uly warned her from behind Kim. He was with Europa.

“How are the others?” Uly asked as he walked past Kim and Heia. Heia showered Kim in kisses, amazed that they were alive.

“We made it,” Heia whispered to her.

“We made it,” Kim agreed.

“A few places lost power in full, but power was readjusted on those ships to maintain the life support systems,” Zeydar said.

“We all made it?”

“So long as everyone wakes up. Yes.”

There was a long silence in the room, before Europa laughed. “We made it.”

“We made it.” Zeydar repeated as he looked out to the new earth. The whole of their group made their way to the computer waiting for the call to connect. Only EverDanger was to wake before final checks were done.

“Are you ready to go down?” Uly asked Zeydar.

“Hello! Hello!” Maverin’s voice connected in. One by one all of the EverDanger cameras began to load.

“Can you connect the other ships?” Evester asked him.

“I’m doing so presently,” Zeydar said. One by one screens appeared as holograms filled with all the faces of EverDanger. Zeydar then nodded. “I’m ready to go down.”

“Good. Good. Considering that we are awake. I can assume that you believe everything is good?” Maverin asked. Heia watched as Evester and Uly shared a look and then both looked at Zeydar. There was something they all had missed, something that Maverin and Zeydar had kept from them.

“Considering that we are awake?” Uly repeated. “What do you mean by that?”

“Zeydar would have erased us if something went specifically wrong, which means that he thinks we are good to go.” Maverin said with the brightest grin. The news made Heia’s stomach sink.

“We would have died and never knew?” Kim reiterated.

“Exactly. If the home was completely inhospitable, something destroyed it for instance. He would have ended it for us all. We’re here, which means the first issue is over with.”

Heia looked at Zeydar who seemed to have a whole weight lifted off his shoulders. He had been carrying the burden for how long? How often had he waken to ensure that they made it to the new home in time?

“First Issue? There are more?” Shawn asked

“What do you mean go down?” May asked over him.

“I have to check that it’s okay for us,” Zeydar said.

“The air might not be suitable for us down there,” Evester answered Shawn.

“We have scanners for that! Right?” May asked.

“We do, and I will be reviewing them, before we send Zeydar down,” Uly said. “But the only person who can survive going down in the even that it is not suitable for us, is Zeydar.”

Heia looked at Zeydar and Evester who already knew, and Heia shook her head. “I’ll go too.”

“Good. I had hoped, you’d say so.” Evester smiled at her. 

“We wake only who is necessary for the deployment, and cross our fingers.” Estashia agreed. Heia nodded, knowing then that they were trying to keep the possibility of a failure to a minimum. They were trying to keep the frustration and possibility of issue at the lowest percentage. But what if the new home was toxic? What would they do then? Did Maverin and Zeydar have a plan?

“For now, I’ll review the data.” Uly said. “Everyone else get ready.” The chirp at the back of his tone told Heia that he had hope that they had succeeded. That he too was uncertain of what they would do, if the world rejected them.

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