YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 56 (CHAPTER 407)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 3)

Zeydar stood in the control room, looking over the diagnostics of everyone. He typed in a few things to the Project, and watched as the autopilot started and the take off began, out of orbit. The trip had begun. Taking a moment, with his staff, Zeydar placed all his magic into the magic reserves, deep within the ship. The Superiors had made them for the intergalactic travel, to assist with fuel and movement. He’d have to refill them in time, but there was more than enough for now.

“Ready?” Evester called from the door.

Zeydar had emptied himself completely. Leaving all his Staffs on the table, he turned to Evester.

“We have started our course,” Zeydar said. “All the other ships are locked down, and following.”

“Everyone is asleep? Just us then?”

“Just us.” He looked back at the vitals one more time.

Everything was in order and the first waking would not be until they left the solar system. He wrote a few more calculations down and then shut down what needed to be shut down. Everything was made to be as optimal as possible, thanks to Uly and Maverin. It was time to trust the process.

With Evester, Zeydar headed towards the chamber labyrinth.

“Worried?” Zeydar asked him as they approached.

“Don’t get too much older than me.” Evester took his hand.

“I’ve always been older than you.” Zeydar teased. “What’s another two years?”

“Please, no.” Evester kissed his hand.

“I won’t. I will make our journey as short as I can. I promise.” Zeydar led him to his chamber. 

“Where are you located? Can you tell me at least?” Evester asked. Zedyar shook his head, and helped Evester into the chamber. He kissed Evester quick and stepped back for a long moment. The two met each other in the white lights. Evester did not cry but Zeydar knew that Evester wanted to. Heia had. Zeydar had given Evester time, to prepare. In part because Zeydar wanted to do the final checks with someone with him to check him, mostly because he didn’t want to be alone yet.

Zeydar was afraid of being alone, in truth. He didn’t have dreams, but he did not know how he’d function in a world without them, and without anyone to watch him. He was scared, but he never could admit it. Not when Evester would demand to help, if it were the case.

“I love you. I trust you. Get us all there.” Evester had more confidence than Zedyar felt at that moment.

“I will.” Zeydar tapped at the chamber, locking Evester inside. 

Zeydar stood for a long moment; Evester’s body froze and his vitals came online. Zeydar saw the heart beat and memorized the pattern as it disappeared into stasis. Closing his eyes, Zeydar heard the final warning alarms, and then tapped at his chest to remember the heart beat. He would succeed. What was it? A bit of magic warping blackholes into worm holes for travel? He could do it.

Zeydar sat next to Evester’s chamber for a moment more, as the final warning sounded. The lights flickered and dropped, the oxygen levels began to change. Zeydar took his time, standing, waiting, listening, tapping against his chest, before he opened the vacant machine next to Evester’s.

He activated the protocols and confirmed the alarms that were set, before he stepped inside. The door latched shut and Zeydar felt confined. His mind echoed in the memory of screams, but as the chill consumed him; his magic lulled him into a dream. Silence overwhelmed the screams and the confinement no longer felt as suffocating.

With one last breath, Zedyar let himself fall into the embrace of the universe.

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