YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 55 (CHAPTER 406)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 2)

Heia stood squeezing her arms tight, next to Zeydar who seemed almost dream like as he watched. They were the last four awake, and that was soon to be three. Heia bit back tears, kept them deep in her chest and kept a smile on her lips as she waited. Evester helped Kim into her chamber. For the sake of safety, the six of them were separated throughout the labyrinth of cells. In the event that the ship lost power, it was important that they would not all die at once. Evester hooked Kim up, gave her one last hug.

“Keep your chin up.” She told him.

“I’m trying.” Evester said as he kissed her cheek and stepped aside.

“Ready?” Heia asked her, leaning close. She took Kim’s hand and squeezed.

“Not fully.” Kim admitted, “But we never are.”

“We will see each other when we wake.”

“Don’t wait for me. Go straight to the control room.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

Stepping close, Heia placed her lips against Kim’s letting the kiss linger for as long as she could before she pulled back. She never wanted to let go, but the kiss was fleeting, gone in moments. It was the taste of forever, within the haunted essence of the unknown. Heia was forced back, because for and moment she was unable to keep herself together. Kim did not need to see her break down, not when Kim was scared. Not when they all were scared.

“I love you,” Heia said.

“I love you.” Kim whispered, tears streaming down her face.

Heia stepped back and Evester shut the case, starting the freezing process. It felt like forever, watching Kim in the chamber. In reality it was seconds. Kim shut her eyes and went fully still, her vitals appearing on the chamber, as the frost consumed her, sparkling in magic. Evester then turned to Heia. “Ready?”

Heia shook her head.

“Take your time.” Zeydar said placing his hand on her back.

They walked on ahead, anyway. Heia cried as they walked, for her family and Kim, and Shawn, and all of EverDanger. She cried for Uly and Europa who were half a ship apart, and for all the names of people she did not know. She cried for Evester and for Zeydar who would have to be alone. They would be the last two frozen.

She sobbed, unable to keep it together, but as they approached her last place, she had no more tears to cry. Instead, she had clarity. She could picture their new life. She could see what was to come. Letting go was difficult, but it was necessary. New growth could often only come from cutting away the old.

“He will do it.” Heia told Evester.

“That’s what I keep telling myself.” Evester agreed.

“We will get there.”

“We will.”

They walked in silence towards her chamber, and when he opened it, she was smiling. She was certain. She believed.

“We will wake up.” She told them both.

“We will,” Evester helped her inside.

“And we will see our loved ones.”

“We will.”

“Promise?” She turned to face him.

“I do.” He answered hooking her up. “Now take a deep breath and trust the process.”

“I do.” She trusted him. She believed in cities that towered in the sky, and mages who could stop them from falling. She believed in young men who would travel the world, searching for people they’d never seen, and those who were no longer afraid of dreaming. She had faith in a thousand breaths taken at nights, in rooms filled with people, and wars fought on won. She embodied all the hope in the world, because that was all she had left to offer.

When Evester shut the glass Heia closed her eyes, and let herself fall asleep.

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