YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 54 (CHAPTER 405)

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Promises And The Days (15) That Passed (part 1)

Evester sat before the screen looking at the faces of his parents and his brother as his sister and Uly sat with him. Like him, they were all dressed in the plain white smocks necessary for the cryostasis machines. He hated the way the fabric felt. It was itchy and scratched at his skin in some places. It was not comfortable as it clung to his every movement. There was not much he could do about it.

“Everything is in order.” Uly told Maverin.

Everyone on all the other ships were asleep. Only EverDanger remained awake, for the time being. Final calls were underway. The entirety of the ship was spotless and mostly decommissioned. All power was rerouted to the stasis chambers and the flight mechanisms.

“The other Ships are in auto pilot,” Maverin said. “Once the flagship starts off, everything will go from there.”

Zeydar would be the one to give the command to leave. From what Evester knew, Uly had gone over everything one last time to check the response and communication between the ships. He said they were ready, and Evester believed him.

“We will talk as soon as we wake.” Uly reminded them all. “Remember not to reject the process.”

“We will be okay.” Maverin smiled bright, without a care in the world.

All around Evester, the others were saying their goodbyes to those that they loved. He heard Heia telling her family she loved them. He heard Zeydar and May talking about things. He heard Kim speaking with Phil and Rayda and Crass. EverDanger were the last to go to sleep. The end was upon them, and the energy in the room was palpably tense. No one knew what to expect. If Evester had to admit it, he was not ready for what was to come. He heard Heia’s siblings sobbing and Lynx and Onyx whispering.

There were long moments of silence.

“Zeydar has his alarms set?” Maverin confirmed.

“As he told me, yes.” Evester was not sure how many there would be, but he had also not wanted to pry for his own sanity. Knowing that Zeydar would grow older without him was already concerning. He didn’t want to think of Zeydar getting too much older than him. He was already older, but how many years would it get? How far apart would they grow?

“I love you all.” Endwin smiled to them. There was a chance that they would never see each other again. If Zeydar failed, there was a chance that he’d never see the faces of his parents and his friends. Would he forget them? Would he even know that they were gone? Tears welled up in Evester’s eyes and he fought them back.

“I love you.” Evester could not cry.

“I love you.” Europa added.

“I love you.” Maverin looked to Estashia.

“I love you.” Estashia’s eyes were watering. Evester had never seen his mother cry before, but when she looked at him, he knew that she had to be more overwhelmed than she let on. Seeing her cry, made him cry. “You will succeed.”

“We will be there together,” Evester corrected her. “Believe in it. Believe in him.”

“I will.”

“You go talk with EverDanger,” Maverin said. “It is time for us to go.”

Endwin nodded and with a final wave, Maverin ended the call. Uly set up the last call all at once. Europa kissed Uly to let hims say his goodbyes. Kim walked over minutes later. One by one, all of the faces of the original EverDanger team came up on the call. They’d been talking to Kim the whole time, but this was the last time for Evester and Uly.

“So this is it then,” Rayda said. “The biggest leap of faith in any of our lives.”

“We will make it.” Evester needed to believe in it for them, even if they could not. He would be their guidance and hope, even when it seemed bleak.

“I’ll trust you.” Phil smiled, relaxed back without a care.

“One more dangerous gambit.” Lynx nudged Onyx who rolled her eyes.

“This one has a better record than our others.” Uly offered. They all laughed.

“I love you all.” Evester told them and they echoed the sentiment, before breaking down into a few last minute jokes and memories. 

“We will see each other in the new world.” Evester said when the call when quiet, memories given words shared. They smiled back at him, and one by one, his best friends in the world signed out to go to sleep. 

When they did, Evester sat back and hugged Kim and Uly. He cried silent sobs, squeezing them tight, afraid to let go. Kim’s tears drenched his shirt and Uly squeezed him back tightly. Uly whispered that it was going to be okay. They waited for the other’s to finish their calls without letting go.

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