YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 53 (CHAPTER 404)

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Unity And The Days (14) That Passed   

Heia flipped through the documents on the tablet once more as she heard the sound of the door. Ignoring it, she continued to read. There was not much time, and she had spent too much of it worrying. the plans were in the system. Most people were asleep. All of the Superiors had given their magic. In a few short hours the final calls on the EverDanger ships would be had and they’d be sent to rest too. She had a few hours, at max, to get through everything.

“Can I talk to you?” Europa’s sweet voice was a early spring chill that made Heia stop reading.

Startled, she faced Europa. “What’s wrong?”

“I want your opinion on something.” Europa held a tablet close to her. She approached slowly, and Heia held out her hand. When Europa handed over the tablet, she shifted and looked away.

Curious, Heia looked at the simple document that was filled with homes and cities of pure fantasy. There were cities in the sky, floating without support. Drawings of things that were out of picture books and stories. All of them were beautifully done, but not within the real of possibility as Heia knew it.

“What are these?” Heia asked.

“Well… I was wondering why we had to make homes the way we know them here? We made Towers and cave cities. Can we not making floating cities and those in the trees? We have magic. We have the technology.”

Heia flipped through the images. Underwater metropolises. Cities that lived in waterfalls. Cities inside and around trees, living with nature rather than against it. Rather than despite it. Things that worked with the world, and understood the world and made the people a part of it.

“What did your mother say?” Heia asked as she looked over the plans.

Europa shook her head. “I did not ask her. I figured that it was too fantastical. But…”

They were childish, without full thought into the logistics. Hastily put together, but there was dedication to them. They had numbers, but none of which Heia could verify. There were no costs to build. It did not explain how these cities would function. Magic? What if magic did not work on the new world as it did in the current world? Only Zeydar would know and he was busy.

“If we are going to have a world where society changes.” Europa met Heia’s eye. “Why should our cities remain stagnate. We should reflect the change in them too.”


“We are allies, right?’

“These will take forever to build.” Let alone if they would even work to begin with.

“It does not have to happen immediately, but… If we are going to live, we might as well live beautifully. No?”

Heia paused and touched the designs. “Show them to your mother and tell her.”

“She won’t agree. They’re not practical.”

“They don’t need to be. They just need to have a point.” Heia handed back the tablet. “We are focused on change, and these facilitate that. You can’t have our old society with them. Show her.”

“There’s no time for changes.”

“You’d be surprised.” Heia knew that there was no place to fix what had been established for their immediate landing, but for the world that they’d see after? There was. If the warp happened and time changed, what they expected to find would not be what they found at all. They’d have to adapt and Europa could present them a new option. “Try it anyway.”

There was a long pause before Europa took the designs and nodded. “You like them?”

“I love them.”

“I feared they were too hopeful.”

“They are just hopeful enough.” Just like Europa. The young woman was brimming with hope. No matter how her mother had tried to make her a perfect mirror image, the girl was passionate, as passionate as Heia. She was a princess. Princesses might live in castles, but Heia had grown up knowing that princesses also were capable of turning hopes and dreams into reality. Princess fought for what they wanted. Princess might have been pampered, but all the stories that Heia knew, had them as the heroes too.

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