YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 51 (CHAPTER 402)

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Blessings And The Days (12) That Passed  

The room was dark other than the shine of the planet and the sun in the distance. The glow of the project continued to run as Zeydar slid over the documents to Maverin. Zeydar figured that the hand over was more dramatic than it had to be. However, they were supposed to be asleep, and if someone saw the lights, the chance of them getting caught was higher.

“Is this it?”

“For now? Yes.”

It was the whole plan for their travel. It included a rough idea of what Zeydar predicted after glancing over the data the third time. He had gone through Uly’s data and had included it into the plan. He had gone over all of the details from Uly and had come up with the predictions of the world, along with what was to be suspected as they got closer.

Most importantly, were Zeydar’s plans on waking and his schedule for planning and testing the wormhole theories. He had predicted numbers, and estimated what would be necessary. He would have to be woken often enough to work on the plan, and then to readjust based on what had occurred while they were asleep. There were a lot of unknown values and predictions, but if everything worked out well, then the magic conversion drive would be completed as would the calculations for the next few years with all the highlights that Zeydar needed.

Maverin had created a code that an AI could use to go over everything for Zeydar when he woke up.

“I’ll implement it then.” Maverin took the documents closer. “You understand how to use the machines?”

“Yes.” He had memorized the designs and functions of the ship. he’d be able to change and fix them when necessary. Maverin began to look over the documents. It did not seem like he had the intention of fully reading them.

Maverin stood suddenly, and Zeydar jumped to his feet. Maverin walked around the table and gave him a hug.

“Take care of my son.”

If Zeydar did not know Maverin better, he would have assumed that Maverin was crying.

“I will make sure you survive.” Zeydar hugged him back awkwardly.

“I will believe that you can.” Maverin let Zeydar go.

Zeydar would be the one to wake the others. The system had a waking schedule in place, when ever an extreme change happened, or on the schedule that Zeydar had prescribed for his waking. He was not afraid of being lonely in that time. He knew that he’d be focused on the magic and the warps, too focused on them and the calculations, to think about the amount of time that passed. He had given all the data to Maverin after adding it to the system himself.

He did not have time to think of how much better it would be if he had Uly and Maverin’s assistance. Zeydar knew math, and sciences, but his specialty was in magic. He wished for the help, but banished the thought from his head. He was the only one who could take the consistent refreezing.

“Do not stay out for more than five days at a time,” Maverin warned him.

“I will not.”

“Update the project each time.”

“I will.”

Maverin met his gaze. “Evester saw your note on the air quality. He demanded to go down to the surface with you. I think he told Uly.”


“Days ago. He reread the documents like you suspected he would.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Zeydar hissed. If Evester saw the lie, then that meant that Evester had to be freaking out. What had he been keeping to himself out of fear of worrying Zeydar?

“I did not matter. Uly could not change anything. He had to trust that you can fix what ever it is.”

“They believe it? You’re sure?”

“Uly can only confirm what he read. Your future predictions are beyond them but I know that they believe it. They will not know of the sentience until you say it when we land.”

Zeydar sighed. What else had happened when he wasn’t looking?

“I will have to come up with something.” Maverin sighed. “I fear that Uly and Evester might think that they’ll need to kill you and Heia if it goes wrong.”

Ax in Evester would have to kill Zeydar and Heia if the air was toxic? That was a mess. What sort of clumsy lie did Maverin tell them both? Did Evester forget that Zeydar could filter the air, or did he assume that he wouldn’t for how toxic it would be?

“He won’t be able to.” Zeydar shook his head. “He can’t kill me if he tries.” And it would not be necessary, considering that the planet would be hospitable, unless something catastrophic happened.

“Won’t stop him from thinking he will…” Maverin paused. “Just as you will need to.”

Zeydar had not wanted to hear the words. Ignoring them and playing pretend had been easier, than admitting that he had to accept the fact that at any moment in the times that he was woken, he might have to make the call to discard a Ship. He might have to forget one to make the magic work. he might have to kill those who believed in him. Worse…

“You will have to terminate us all if something goes wrong with our arrival and the planet is uninhabitable.”

“I will.”

It was a low possibility, but in the event that something went wrong and the planet was destroyed before they arrived, there would be nothing that Zeydar would be able to do to save it or them, not even terraforming another planet. Zeydar was going to be the only one who awoke by the Project upon immediate arrival. As Maverin had taught him, he would have to give the signal to the other ships to start the waking process. He’d be awake for as long as he needed, alone, to make any conscious choices. If he decided to end it all, no one would know but himself, and it was not a decision that Zeydar ever planned to make himself.

He’d sooner wake Evester, Heia, Uly, and Europa before he made the choice alone. The world’s lives could not be on him, not like that. Not again. He would not be able to die in peace of mind like that. He’d do anything that was possible to change a planet, to get them to another new home. He’d figure it out. Ending here was not a choice, not to Zeydar.

Not that he’d say that to Maverin.

“I won’t be able to transport myself to the planet as I’ll be unfamiliar, but I might do calculations after we arrive to check things and then make a decision.” Zeydar told him.

Maverin nodded. 

“Once you start the waking process, we will wake in the order I showed the others.”

Zeydar agreed in form but he did not admit that he and Uly had changed it a bit, just so that Zeydar could wake the four of them without waking the others, if it was necessary to do so. Maverin did not need to know. The project was out of his hands.

“Be careful, stay sane.”

“I will. You be careful.”

“Maverin to the loading dock.” Uly’s voice came over the intercom.

Maverin laughed and placed his hand on Zeydar’s shoulder with a nod. The man had done all he could and it was Zeydar’s turn to finish what else had to be done when he and Uly could not. Zeydar swore that he would.

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