YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 50 (CHAPTER 401)

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Marriage And The Days (10) That Passed (part 3) 

Zeydar watched as Uly walked in dressed in fully ivory. If it weren’t for the fact that Zeydar had expected it, after seeing the suits, he would have been floored. What an archaic wedding practice. Europa showed it on her face, with unfiltered love and adoration.

“Who gives this man?” Estashia asked when Evester and Uly got close.

“I, Evester Igilistal, the groom’s best friend, standing in place for his mother and father,” Evester answered.

Europa stepped forward and offered her hand to Uly, who took it. Evester stepped back, into place, mirroring Kim as Uly mirrored Europa, their hands held over the candles that floated in a basin of water on a table beneath them. Maverin and Estashia stood behind the two, watching everything with scrutiny.

Maverin began the ceremony with beautiful words, simple and succinct. They went over their vows, as well as a variety of additional customs. Estashia said a few things to Uly, in which he vowed, and Maverin to Europa. They recited their personal vows, and then exchanged rings that were simple, gold with inlaid purple stones. The ceremony itself, was far less time than Zeydar would have expected with the amount of time it had taken to get ready.

“With the power invested in me,” Estashia said to the two. “I name you married, wife and husband. Mrs. and Mr. Igilistal.”

Zeydar melted at the smile that Europa gave Uly. She was incapable of standing still, as he leaned forward and kissed her, unnecessary but considering the ancient traditions was expected. The whole group was led to stand and follow them in a toast. Glasses were handed out. THey drank after Evester said a few words, followed by Heia. Uly and Europa were then led out by Estashia and Maverin. Holding his weight, Zeydar watched for movement in Evester.

“Go.” Evester said after holding out for minutes. Moments later, Endwin jumped up and checked the recording. Kim sighed loudly, and the doors opened again. The four who left, walked back inside.

“It’s done.” Endwin said moments later.

“We will need to review the footage and rerecord what is necessary. You may mingle, but be prepared to redo the ceremony.” Estashia announced. As she and Endwin went to rewatch the footage, Zeydar stood.

“Congrats,” Zeydar said to the two.

“Is she serious? Redo it?” Heia asked.

“Deadly,” Kim answered. “It’s why we are doing it so early. We might have to do it multiple times today.”

“It needs to look perfect, and everything needs to be heard.” Europa nodded.

“Your smile was a mistake.” Evester told his sister. “Mother is going to make us redo it.”

“Smile?” Maverin asked.

“She was excited.” Evester said.

“Europa!” Kim and Maverin snapped at once. Maverin walked away shaking his head.

“She couldn’t contain herself, it’s fine. The second run will be perfect.” Uly kissed Europa’s hand. She started to pull back her emotions, which Zeydar felt was a shame.

“Why can’t she show love?” Heia asked.

“Its what got mother into trouble.” Europa answered, “I need to be controlled. This is contracted.”

Zeydar refrained from rolling his eyes. Evester wrapped his arms around Zeydar and rested his chin on Zeydar’s shoulder.

“We won’t have to do this.“ Zeydar confirmed with Evester. If they were, he was going to break up with Evester right there. He was not going to get up early in the morning to record a ceremony twenty times.

“Should you agree to marry me when I ask.” Evester laughed. “No. Our union is not so heavily scrutinized.”

“How do you feel?” Europa whispered to Uly.

“Like I should sleep for six years. I was so nervous.” Uly sighed. She laughed. “I love you.”

“I love you.”

Maverin returned with a platter of glasses filled with wine. “We might as well relax until they return. Where are the other chairs, and you had better not get that suit dirty Uly.”

“I will not,” Uly said.

“I have an apron. Hold on,” Evester said, disappearing to the back, and returning with both and apron and a rain coat and pants. Everyone laughed as Uly put them on to protect his clothes and they then cheered glasses. Heia’s glass did spill a bit on his sleeve.

“And that is why I have the jacket.” Uly laughed as she apologized profusely.

“How many times may we need to redo it?” Zeydar whispered to Evester.

“As many as needed.”

Evester kissed Zeydar’s neck and then pulled him out to dance with him as they waited. Evester. As they danced, Zeydar was able to get a full good look at Evester and what he wore. As they danced, all he could think of was bed and getting the suit off of Evester. It was was not often that he got to see Evester in a suit like this, and he was going to savor each moment of removing it — especially considering that it would be a forever before he saw Evester in a suit again.

He was spun around, and caught sight of Kim looking at Heia as she sipped her champagne. She too had the look that Zeydar felt in his blood. They shared a look and Kim lifted her glass with a curt nod in recognition.

“What are you two thinking?” Evester asked, hugging Zeydar again.

“That I can’t wait to get back to the room,” Zeydar said in a whisper.

“All the more reason to do it perfect next round. Then we can grab breakfast and have it in bed.” Evester laughed.

Zeydar sipped his champagne and placed the glass down pushing his lips against Evester’s. The two continued to dance with the others. When Estashia returned she said they had to redo it and places were reset and the morning work began. They’d do it until it was perfect.

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