YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 49 (CHAPTER 400)

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Marriage And The Days (10) That Passed (part 2) 

Heia stood in the corner, uncertain of why she was in the room to begin with. It was way too early and unlike Kim and Europa who were nearly bouncing, Heia wanted to get back to bed. Kim fussed over Europa’s hair, as Estashia went over the wedding vows with her. Yawning Heia sat, not knowing what to do or what was expected of her. Europa looked beautiful, Heia had to admit. The girl was beaming and going over the words as if she had been born with them engrained in her memory.

Kim stepped back, once it looked at if Europa’s hair was completed.

“Alright. Girls. Can you step out?” Estashia asked.

Heia tried not to jump from the chair, but she failed. She left the room quick, with Kim who only yawned once they were outside and the door was shut. Once outside, she saw Zeydar waiting, dressed in a light purple suit, shirt, tie, and belt suit with his hair slicked back. Like her, he was dressed in a light shade of purple that was similar to pastel lavender. They matched. Unlike the details for Zeydar, however, she was happy that her own dress was simple. Evester had picked well.

“You look great.” Zeydar said to her.

“Thanks. You too.” She looked to Kim. “What is she doing now?”

“The private Igilistal ceremony. Maverin with Uly and Estashia with Europa. They are going over private vows and duties to the family. Only those who are married can hear them and then they will be passed down by Europa and Uly later. Europa to the Igilistal who marries, and Uly to the lucky person who marries into the family,” Kim said, with a smile, looking back. She then fussed over Heia’s hair, that had been pulled back a bit with pins and flowers.

“I won’t have to?” Zeydar confirmed.

“From what I understand there is a slight different ceremony for those who marry into the siblings branches.” Kim stopped messing with Heia’s hair. “Not that I realized you were going to marry Evester.”

“Everyone calls him my fiancé already. I thought it was assumed.” Zeydar shrugged. “We will see where life takes us.”

Kim laughed. Heia followed suit seeing the way that Zeydar was taking everything in. He looked irritated, but was not voicing it. Would Layla have to go through something similar later? What would that look like? That was, if Layla agreed to marry Endwin in the first place.

“What happens after this?” Heia asked.

“This? I wait until they are done. You and Zeydar can go to the hall where we are doing the ceremony and wait.” Kim pointed down the hall.

“Now?” Heia confirmed.

“Yes. I am with Europa and Evester will remain with Uly. Go on ahead we won’t be too long.” 

With a nod, Heia walked with Zeydar, towards the ceremony room. Once they were far enough away, Heia voiced her thoughts. “I’m a bit surprised that they are going ahead with this.”

“It’s because of the possibility of failure,” Zeydar said. “They want to ensure the Igilistal line continues.”

She knew that, but she had to admit it seemed a bit frivolous. Despite the fact that it was a tiny ceremony with only the Igilistal family, Heia, and Zeydar, it felt wrong. They were fleeing and people were being put to sleep as they… partied. As they rounded the corner, they found Endwin walking towards them. He was dressed in a suit similar to Zeydars, with a bit of gold accenting but not much to it, just enough along the hems that it could be seen but did not stand out.

“Excellent. Follow me.” Endwin took the lead.

The ceremony room itself only had three seats. Two were on one side, and one on the other. Endwin walked in and began lighting candles. Without having to be asked to help, Heia hurried to do the same, assisting him. He then turned on cameras. He said a few things to check the audio and gave the room one last look over.

“We are all going to walk in again. Heia you sit there. Zeydar over there.” He pointed to the two seats on opposite sides.

“Walking in again?” Heia asked.

Endwin did not wait for them before he left the room. Heia hurried after, with Zeydar. They waited for a few moments, Endwin making sure they looked in order, before he led them inside again. Endwin held out his hand and Zeydar walked past to his seat. Not wanting to ask too many questions, Heia took her seat. Endwin checked the candles of the rom, and the flowers.

“How much longer?” Heia whispered to Zeydar across the aisle.

“Not too much,” Endwin said as he started the music. He sat down next to Heia with Heia by the aisle. Heia itched to talk about something in the silence. Endwin broke the silence by talking to Zeydar. They sat listening to the music for a long time, talking amongst themselves about Zeydar and his research, as well as the new home and the housing and government plan when the door opened. Heia looked back to see Kim opening the door. Endwin mad them stand and only the music remained, changing to something else with a click that came from Endwin. Glancing down Heia saw him holding a clicker.

“Eye’s up,” Endwin told her. Startled she did as was said.

Kim walked in first, bouquets in hand. Her hair was half up and down and she wore a brighter violet purple dress that matched the gold, purple, and white flowers. It was beautiful and more intricate than Heia’s with gold inlays and threads that shimmered as she moved. She winked to Heia and stood waiting for Europa who walked up and stood on the side that Endwin and Heia sat. 

Europa wore a dark gold dress with a sheer sparkling gold caplet over her shoulders. Her long hair was half up and down, curled up with gold metal and purple gemstones. In her hands she held a bouquet, and a sharp look behind her beautiful makeup. She was both ethereal nearly floating across the aisle as she walked. When she stood in place, her eyes turned to the door, waiting. For a moment Heia was confused. She looked to Endwin who laughed and then back to Kim. Heia knew of tens of wedding ceremonies all over the world. She had assumed that the two would walk in together. This was a far more archaic practice. 

Maverin and Estashia walked in next, dressed beautifully and complimenting each other. Both were dressed in varying shades of purple with gold accents. The doors shut behind them. They walked up to Europa. Both gave her a hug and a kiss before standing in the center of the alter behind the candle, Estashia on Europa’s side and Maverin on the empty side.

Heia watched as the room grew anxious, all eyes on the doors.

For what felt like an eternity, they waited. Just as Heia was certain Endwin was going to say something, the doors open. Evester stood in his violet suit with gold accents with his hand out to Uly. Evester was handsome as he usually was, smiling brightly at them all. It was as Uly came fully into the door frame that Heia sucked in a deep breath. Where Evester matched Kim in color and the ways that the gold inlays made the color pop and sparkle, Uly was unique from the rest of the purples and golds in the room. Uly was dressed in all white, including his shoes. His dark skin shined in the ivory. Hand atop of Evester’s, Evester led Uly down the aisle. They were walking slowly, and Uly’s eyes did not leave the alter behind Heia. As they walked past, Heia looked at Europa who was beaming, with the most honest smile that Heia had seen. She heard Endwin hiss under his breath, and then the music began to fade.

Evester gave his sister a hug and a kiss, before he stepped back to stand with Uly opposite of Kim on the other side of the aisle.

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