YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 48 (CHAPTER 399)

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Marriage And The Days (10) That Passed (part 1) 

Evester knocked on the door not caring for the noise. He continued knocking until he heard the click of the lock. Uly threw open the door to his room with a glare. He was shirtless and a mess. He looked as if he had just been woken, and considering the time, Evester could not fault him for the attitude. It was shortly after five in the morning, and if Zeydar’s sleeping time was any indication, Uly had gone to bed less than a few hours ago.

“Is Europa here?” Evester asked, looking into the darkness. He heard rustling from inside. His sister, awake as well.

“What do you want?” Uly hissed. “Do you know what time it is?”

“Don’t give me that attitude. You’re the one who finished your review of the data late.”

Uly had finished his review over the new home data at midnight. He’d officially handed everything over to Zeydar, who had completed his second run through of the data for the travel to the new home. Uly looked like he’d finally been able to relax, but Evester was going to have to work miracles with coverup in order to erase the dark circles.

“It’s this morning.” Evester said and Uly contemplated the words.

With Evester were Zeydar and Endwin holding the suits in bags and the cases of makeup that Evester was going to have to use. Zeydar had been less then enthused to get up thirty minutes after going to bed. I should have just pulled an all-nighter. Evester did not want to see how Zeydar was reacting to Uly’s noise.

“What is this…” Uly whispered.

“What is it?” Europa asked from inside.

“Throw on a dress Europa. We are coming in.” Evester warned her. He heard movement inside. Counting to ten, Evester gave her time to get into something modest enough, before Evester pushed his way into the room. He flipped on the lights and looked at the mess of sheets and clothes thrown aside. It smelled of heat in the room, and Evester smirked at Europa. His sister stood in her nightgown with a lifted eyebrow and her arms crossed. 

“No… We have things to do.” Uly said grabbing Evester’s arm as Endwin walked in giving neither a look. As Endwin threw up the suits in the closet to hang, and Zeydar placed the makeup down, Evester smiled at his sister and Uly.

“What? Today?” Europa asked.

“No. We can’t!” Uly protested.

“No choice.” Evester said pointing at Europa. “Europa, Zeydar is going to take you to mother, Kim, and Heia.”

“This morning?” Europa clarified.

“Yes,” Evester nodded.

There was a long moment of silence in the room, before Europa moved. She gathered her things, and kissed Uly’s cheek. Zeydar shot Evester a look saying he was still not happy to be awake, but left with her. When the door shut behind them, Evester looked at Uly. 

“Let’s clean you up.”

“Are Maverin and Estashia mad? We agreed for when we got to the new home.”

Uly ran his fingers through his hair in exasperation.

“Plans changed.” Endwin said, walking to the bathroom. Evester heard the distant sound of the shower starting.

“Sit down so I can trim up your hair.” Evester ordered, pushing Uly to a chair. He opened his kit and grabbed out his razors.

“Evester,” Uly protested. “I’m not…”

“Ready?” Endwin and Evester asked at the same time.

Uly opened his mouth and then shut it. 

“You’ve been ready since you received the purple page and contract,” Evester reminded him.

“No before that.” Endwin chimed in. “He’s been ready since Europa showed up at his room the first time, years ago.”

“I’d even argue, when he got the gold book at six.” Evester leaned over Uly’s shoulder, lowering his head so that Evester could trim his hair properly. “Today it is finalized. Besides you’ve been married to Europa in spirit since you were teenagers. Let’s get this over with then.”

Uly gave a gruff reply and Evester got working on his hair, trimming up his hair before touching up his goatee. When he released Uly to the shower, he helped his brother into his suit and touched up what needed to be touched up. He then got into his own suit pants and shirt, in time for Uly to get out of the shower.

Evester then got to work drying his hair and as Uly put on moisturizer and Endwin checked his nails. When Uly was dry and in his dress pants and under shirt, Evester got to work on Uly’s makeup, covering up the dark circles and making him look like a person who got regular sleep. Endwin ran through Uly’s vows making sure that Uly had them memorized.

“Mother and father will run the ceremony.” Endwin said again.

“I know it inside and out,” Uly said as Evester turned his face checking to make sure the coverage was even and that it looked perfect. Uly’s eyes popped with eyeliner, and despite his general disposition to being exhausted, he looked good. Evester sweapt back Uly’s hair into his signature style with hair gel, making sure that each hair was perfectly in place: not even a hurricane would destroy the style with the amount of hair gel that Evester used.

“Remember to smile. Smile,” Evester said. Uly did so. “Brush your teeth again and then get in your shirt. He let go of Uly and walked to the other room, checking that his clothes were in order. He then adjusted Endwin’s tie, before getting his own tie on and jacket. He was checking their cuff links when Maverin walked in with a single knock.

Maverin was dressed, and unlike usual, he looked put together. His beard was trimmed, his hair combed and washed. He was dressed properly, and wore his good glasses. If Evester did not know his father better, he’d assume that his father was a perfectly respectable and reasonable man who would never abandon his children in a crisis.

“Where is he?” Maverin asked, holding a box and flowers in his hand.

“Here.” Uly said, walking out buttoning his shirt. Maverin nodded. He haded the box over and Endwin pinned the flowers to himself and Evester. Maverin helped Uly into his suit jacket, whispering something to Uly over his shoulder.

“I understand,” Uly replied.


Maverin stepped back and nodded at Evester. Evester walked over to Uly and pinned his boutonniere and checked his handkerchief. He checked his tie, his cuff links, every aspect of his suit, making sure it was perfect.

“He’s ready,” Evester said when he was certain.

“Excellent.” Maverin nodded to him. “Are you memorized?”

“I’ve been memorized since my bachelor party,” Uly said with a voice he hadn’t had an hour prior. He was certain of himself. Evester and Endwin shared a look and Endwin mouthed: six. Evester coughed back a laugh.

Maverin looked to Evester and Endwin. “Both of you step out. I need to talk to him alone.”

Evester knew that there were other things that had to be said that were specified to those marrying into the family that he could not hear, and so he graciously stepped out.

“Nervous?” Endwin asked as he shut the door.

“I don’t get to be nervous. This has to go perfectly.” Evester smiled at Endwin. “It’s my job to make sure that it does.”

“I’ll be waiting to see.” Endwin gave him one last nod before he headed off to where he’d meet with Heia and Zeydar, leaving Evester alone in the hall. Evester started going over the things he had previously set up and what he still had to do before the ceremony. He would need to double check Uly before they went in– The door unlocked and opened.

“Is he done?” Estashia asked as she arrived.

“I am now,” Maverin said as he stepped out with Uly, who held the ring box.

“Are you ready son?” Estashia said to Uly. She gave him a long once mover, having him turn. Satisfied, she gave a smile to Evester who felt his first burden disappear. She approved, which was the hardest first step.

“Yes.” Uly nodded to her.

“You can back down now.” She warned him.

“Impossible. I’ve signed the contract.”

“Don’t make it sound like you are being coerced.” Maverin laughed.

“I’ve been ready since I was six.” Uly said, shooting Evester a smirk. Evester licked his lips and chuckled.

“He’s ready.” Evester agreed.

“Good.” Estashia laughed, herself.

They started their way towards the hall together. Evester fussed over Uly, making sure that his suit stayed perfect. When they arrived at the hall, Maverin and Estashia did not say a word to them, leaving them a bit behind. Evester kept Uly from turning the corner, leaning agains the wall, waving at Kim and Europa. Kim smiled and waved. One by one, they walked into the room. Evester was left with his best friend, watching for their turn.


“I wish my parents were here,” Uly admitted in a whisper.

“They’ll not blame you for eloping.” Evester smiled. He wished that Uly’s family could be there. He believed that his sister and Uly deserved the wedding of their dreams, large and grand. He also knew that logistically, for the sake of their plans, it had to be done in the way it was. “The six of us are what they have to rely on.”

“I know.” Uly sighed. 

“Today is not the day think of attrocity. Zeydar will get us all there. I believe in him.” 

“I know why it’s happening. Trust me. I do. I’m just…”

“When we get to the new home, after we are settled, we will have a grand wedding ceremony for everyone.” Evester hugged his best friend. “Okay? Today is just a formality for the survival of our people. Just in case.”

Uly hugged him back tight. “We will all make it.”

“We will.” Evester looked back and saw that they had all entered. “Now ready?”

“No. But I’m following after you, and if you are then I will be.”

Evester smiled bright. It was the way it had always been. Uly never ready, and Evester pretending he was for the both of them. If anyone was going to lead them into hell, they at least had to be certain of the path. At least this time, they were not going into danger. Evester led Uly to the door, and as he opened it, he offered his hand to Uly, who took it.

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