YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 47 (CHAPTER 398)

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Strategy And The Days (6) That Passed (part 3) 

All of EverDanger was connected to the call as Maverin stood in front, giving the presentation. Zeydar was off to the side next to Evester, working away, without a care in the world. It was as if nothing else mattered. Heia watched the two of them work and tried to focus on Maverin. Would he bring up Zeydar waking up? It was what the meeting was for, waking…

“We will wake up in rounds.” Maverin started the meeting. “As everyone knows. EverDanger and the Igilistal’s are first. We will then wake the workers followed by the soldiers, scientists, and additional important leaders. We will wake the Superiors and all other first settlers who will be able to adapt to the planet before moving to the general population. As of right now, full waking is suspected to take place over the course of ten years.”

“This will be dependent on how fast we can develop and build our cities,” Uly continued. “As such, everyone will need to be prepared to assist with all physical labor.”

“Now. The order for EverDanger waking.” Maverin sighed looking at everyone. Heia sat up a bit straighter.

“EverDanger will not be waking at once?” Uly asked.

“For the best results, we can not have that, no.” Maverin shook his head. “With the time for the travel, the power grid might not accept that.”

There was a strange silence that filled the room.

“We will do it staggered,” Maverin said, bringing up a diagram. All of the ships were similar in that it started with one person, followed by two more and then the remainder. On their ship, Zeydar would be the first, then Evester and Heia.

Heia looked to Zeydar who was staring at the diagram and nodding before returning to his work.

“This will be the best for us. All those who wake first, I will train you on how to not only wake the others, but on how to turn on the communication systems so we can get into contact,” Maverin told them all.

Heia’s heart sank. She knew that with the possibility of them losing all the ships but one, that there was a chance that the only one who needed to know it all was Zeydar. Heia had know that Maverin was an excellent and beautiful liar, but she had not realized by how much.

“When?” Andre asked.

“I can begin today. We have a few days that I can spare to teach. Right Zeydar?”

“Don’t talk to me. I’m calculating.” Zeydar answered before he stood up suddenly and disappeared. There was a long moment of silence before he reappeared, dusty white. Maverin laughed and Heia knew from his appearance that he had transported himself to Earth and back just then. Zeydar breathed out and heaved.

“How was the gravity flux?” Maverin asked.

“Difficult but I can work on it.” Zeydar stretched.

Heia had not had the chance to talk with Zeydar about him waking before they had been called, and even now as he looked at the data on the screen she was not sure he knew.

“Zeydar is currently attempting to learn to use the blackholes as wormholes in order to transport the ships through space time to our destination faster. This will limit the amount of time we are asleep and better help our success rate for waking. As it is now, we have a belief that all people will wake, but as time moves on the elderly will be less likely.”

“I will do what I can.” Zeydar wove his hand and the dust disappeared.

“Are you okay with waking up multiple times over the trip?” Maverin asked him.

Heia watched as Zeydar blinked thrice and then nodded. “To input data?”

“We will need you to adjust, when is necessary, and review the data based on what has happened. And to do the blackhole transport.” Maverin told him, “Do you have any other questions?”

“No.” Zeydar shook his head. “Now I’m going to bed.”

Zeydar gave Evester a kiss and walked out. No one said a word as he left.

“Does he know what the significance waking means?” Europa asked.

Heia had a feeling that there was noone else in the room that knew better than Zeydar. He would have figured it out in an instance. He had agreed all the same, because he knew he was the only person who could do it.

“Any questions regarding waking?” Maverin asked.

“How many times will he have to wake on his own?” Evester asked. All eyes turned to Evester.

“At least six, he’ll be the only one to know for certain and he’ll adjust based on it. I’ll teach him how to set the programming to wake himself up, and there will be an emergency waking on him to get him up in the even something becomes disastrous. I’m anticipating something closer to once every thousand years. It will depend on his work in the mean time, but only he will know in full.”

“He could be awake for years, alone?” Evester clarified.

“Over the course of millions of years? Yes.”

Evester nodded. He then turned his attention to something else. Maverin continued to talk about the Zeydar waking plan and what he’d do in the time in order to ensure that the Ships were on track and functioning. Heia watched as Evester’s lips trembled and he clenched his hands. Zeydar being alone was something none of them wanted. He had done so much for them as it was. She couldn’t let him suffer, but she wasn’t sure what she could do to help.

Take over once we arrive home. Make it so he didn’t have to do more work at the new home. She could give him relaxation then. For now she needed to believe in him, because that was the support he needed. She just hoped he wouldn’t go mad.

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