YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 46 (CHAPTER 397)

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Strategy And The Days (6) That Passed (part 2) 

Zeydar looked at the Screen that held the images of all the Superiors, who were not yet asleep, They gave their reports and then slowly signed off to go to their stasis. One by one, they left until it was Majorie alone. Once again. Zeydar’s eyes narrowed.


“How are you?” She asked.

Zeydar contemplated hanging up on her, but decided against it. “Stressed but overall confident.”

Why was she talking to him? What had happened? They were working on removing all magic and adding it into special reserves that could be used by the project for fuel. She didn’t need to talk to him. She needed to make sure that everything worked properly.

“You have the tablet with you?”

“I do.”

“Can you pull on our magic?”

“Yes. From this distance? Yes.” It was a foundational aspect to his warp gate theory. He could not touch each ship directly, so he was going to have to link to all the Superiors who were evenly distributed, in order to control the magic flow in and around all of the ships. He had been testing it, and connecting to the magic reserves that were drawn from star bodies into containers. He was able to link to it all, and he planned to leave the tablet outside of his freezing, to ensure that it was not destroyed by moisture.

“How are you magic wise? Being in space has made me more sensitive, and most mages I’ve talked to say the same thing.” Majorie changed the conversation.

“In short? Hell. I’m fine.” What did she want?

“Are you?”

“What do you want Majorie?” The moment he asked the question, he regretted it. He knew the answer the moment he saw her face pale. She was trying to talk to him, to know him. He had already established that they would not be close, but she… “You’re going to be okay.”

“Going to sleep is scary.” She chuckled, “We do so sooner than you will. Some of the Superiors are already complaining.”

“It won’t be too bad. You won’t even realize when you wake up.” That was what Maverin had told him at least. He hoped it were true.

“The idea of it is. There will be a lot of time that we will have missed.”

“We will be okay.”

“I know, just… Don’t overwork yourself, and take care.”

“Yes, thank you.”

She nodded, and closed the connection and Zeydar sighed and leaned back. There were too many variables and elements that he was not confident in. However, hearing her fear made him more motivated than before. He needed to go over the Project results as soon as he could so that he could move on to Uly’s data. He needed to make the magic theory possible. He needed more time.

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