YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 45 (CHAPTER 396)

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Strategy And The Days (6) That Passed (part 1) 

Heia sat in the empty main hall. There were less people around then there were days ago, with most of the civilians left locked up and asleep. The majority of the crew were beginning to lock up as well. The cleaning of the rooms and final checks of supplies were underway, and even Stars were being put to sleep, after having their magic drained by Superiors.

Zeydar said it was necessary, because they’d be traveling through space and there was no knowing what would happen to their bodies. He said that there were protocols in place for them to be drained regularly, and Heia wondered if that meant programming or if that meant that Zeydar would do it when he woke up? Heia hoped it wasn’t Zeydar having to do it, but she was not sure what was going to happen. No one had brought up the possibility, which was worse. Did Zeydar know yet?

“I can prepare for it.” Uly’s voice echoed from a doorway and the hall behind it. “But there will not be much we can do for you.”

“We have to,” Evester insisted.

“I can do what I can. There is not much I can until we see the place.”

Heia listened to their voices as they headed down the hall, out of ear shot. She wondered what they were debating, but figured it had to do with the travel itself. It was something that she would not be able to adjust or change no matter what she did. She also didn’t want to know. It would stress her out more. She was already vibrating in the tension of not being able to talk about the possibility of Zeydar having to be awake without them.

“You okay?” Endwin’s voice startled her.

“Hi,” She looked up to him. “The ship is empty.”

He looked around. “It is.”

“It’s lonely.” God, why did she say that the ship was empty. He knew that. She was just drawing attention to herself.

“It will become more empty as time goes. We have to make our own food now,” He joked.

“How much longer, you think, before we leave?”

“I think that depends on Uly and Zeydar.”

“And the wedding.” Heia quickly changed the conversation trying to deflect off of herself. She was not sure would be able to lie if confronted about why she was nervous. She needed to talk to Zeydar first, but there was little time to talk to him alone.

“Wedding…” Endwin repeated. “Yes. You knew?”



“Do Europa and Uly know?”

“If they don’t they’d be fools and neither are fools,” Endwin helped her up.

“When will that be?”

“Four days from now.” He leaned against the wall next to her. “Europa said you’re reviewing mother’s notes.”

“We aren’t family yet.” Heia looked up to him. “Don’t try sweet talking me. Convince Layla first.”

Endwin laughed and nodded. “I will.”

His words sounded pretty but Heia remembered what Kim said about him.

“Will you actually like her?”

“I do.” He sounded sincere, but she knew not to trust it.

“I don’t believe you.”

“You never should believe an Igilistal, however… My mother loves my father. Europa loves Uly, and we see what Evester will do for Zeydar.”

Heia did admit that for a family who prided themselves on never succumbing to emotions, that they were a romantic family. “I’ll accept that. Just… She’s delicate.’

“She’s not.” The way Endwin said the words told Heia all she needed to know that she could one day trust him with her sister’s happiness. He sounded so certain and from the way that Layla reacted, it seemed like she liked Endwin too.

“Fine. Whatever.” Heia started off. “We should go help the others who are going to sleep. It should be our shift next.”

Endwin agreed and they headed off. It would distract her, and hopefully she’d be able to talk with Zeydar before he went to bed to ease her mind. She would ask him. She’d stop from freaking out and it would be okay. She knew that Zeydar would stay up alone, and he’d try to save the ships with the black holes to save all the people. She had faith in him.

She did not need to waist his or anyone else’s precious time. He needed the time more than she needed peace of mind, because only by his success would she ever be calm.

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