YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 44 (CHAPTER 395)

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Panic And The Days (5) That Passed (part 3)

Evester flipped through the documents, as Zeydar continued to pour over calculations next to him. As Evester looked at the notes to Maverin, the ones that the man had implemented into the system, and checked it with what was input into the system. As he did, he saw a new note he had not before. Every hair stood on edge and he glanced to Zeydar. Zeydar did not look back.

Evester had read Zeydar’s report before it was input, but he had not seen the note. Evester knew that he could not interrupt, so he turned to his father. If his father added it, then he would know better either way.

“Can I talk to you?” Evester asked, standing up.

His father turned with his smile and nodded. Evester led his father out of the room to a secluded room.

“What’s wrong?” His father asked as they were alone.

“The air might be toxic?”

Maverin was silent for a moment. “You reread Zeydar’s notes?”

“Someone added details.” Evester had a feeling that it was added by Zeydar. The person who would know best was Zeydar himself. Maverin could have added it as well, but unlike Zeydar, Maverin would have kept it to himself. Maverin had a way of keeping secrets.

Maverin sighed. “You actually read it…”

“Were you going to tell me?” How could his father keep this as a secret? This could change too much.

“It’s not a high chance.” Maverin said. “It’s a consideration, based on what Zeydar has seen so far. He has to read all of Uly’s notes.”

“Then how did he figure it out?”

“He was looking at the atmospheres of the other planets in the area. He was thinking of it as a possibility for terraforming, in the event that something went wrong in the blackhole jump and the new home was destroyed. He’s looking at contingencies, and he realized that there was a possibility.” Maverin shook his head. “But it’s not certain. He has to read Uly’s reports.”

“You mean to tell me that we may do all of this only to go to a planet that might not be able to house us?”

“Anything could happen. Zeydar is just being safe. The note is a note, not added to the calculations. We won’t add it until Zeydar has read everything from Uly.”

The argument was a sound one, however there was an issue. Predictions and calculations could only do so much. If there was a chance for issue, that meant they were going to have to operate under needing to check.

“How were you going to check? We won’t have the sensors and scanners.” As Evester said the words he knew. “Zeydar? You were going to send Zeydar down first?”

Maverin paused. He looked around and scratched his head. Evester knew his father was about to lie.


“What do you want me to say?” Maverin said exasperated.

“He’s not going alone.”


“I refuse. Those Shuttles will not have the fuel to get him back to the Ships.” It was one of the reasons they had to conserve what they had. There was enough to get a team down, to collect supplies for later flights, but nothing else.

“He can go down there and teleport back up,” Maverin offered.

“We have no proof of that.” They had stopped Zeydar from trying, because they had no idea how his magic would work with the gravity.

Maverin bit his lip and sighed. “The things your fiancé can do are constantly evolving. Trust me, he will be able to.”

“Just like the warp gates?” Which were hypothetical.

“If he can make those, he can transport back to the Ships.” Maverin said, and Evester believed him. However, he did not like that things were being hidden. How many things was his father hiding? How many things was he trying to control? They were supposed to be in the plan together, not hiding details.

“How toxic?”

Maverin paused again. “Honestly? Uncertain. There is a possibility it will be fine. He can filter the air, and is the only one who can.”

“Prepare three suits. Heia won’t let him go alone either.”

“You realize you might die. No. Only Zeydar,” His father insisted.

“I’m not letting him die alone.”

Maverin blinked, perturbed as if the concept of Zeydar had only just crossed his mind. “There won’t be enough oxygen for the three of you to last and to get supplies to come up..”

“How long?”

“For predictions?” Maverin’s eyes darted, searching for a lie.

“Dad! Don’t lie to me.”

Maverin sucked in a breathe and closed his eyes rubbing his temples. “You weren’t supposed to read it. Damn it Evester.”

“Just tell me.”

“I won’t know until we get there for the exact time. I don’t know how the warp will change things and what could happen. The suits can last you a day, but the problem will be getting and transforming supplies. We don’t know what Zeydar will need.”

“No. I’m not letting that him die alone. We will figure something out.”

Maverin sighed. “Fine. Fine. I’ll prepare all the suits before I leave, for the three of you. But you might die.”

“I’ll take that risk.” Evester turned from his father.

“Wait. Don’t tell Heia!” Maverin stopped him. “We need to…”

“Keep this a secret?” Evester glared at him. “Fine. I won’t tell her.” He had a feeling that by telling her, she would panic the most. They needed for her to keep her head straight to be the leader they needed. He could keep the secret from her, because he knew that she would not let them risk their lives alone.

Evester walked off, knowing he could not tell Heia, but needing to tell Uly. Uly needed to look for the chance, in the documents, and even if he could not predict what would change due to the warp gates, Uly needed to know. Evester had faith that Uly would be able to purify the air, but that would take time and Uly needed to prepare for it, just in case.

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