YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 43 (CHAPTER 394)

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Panic And The Days (5) That Passed (part 2)

Zeydar sat in the bright room, empty save him and Evester who was sleeping next to him. Uly had left earlier to go to bed and the others had turned in for the night as well. Their work and assistance with the data was enough for him to finish the base report. He had decided to input the decisions into the Project, and run the new data without waiting for Maverin. As the new data was being loaded and reviewed, based on his input values, Zeydar reviewed the new data that was before him.

“Shouldn’t you take a break?” Maverin asked as he walked up.

“Why are you here now?” Zeydar looked up at him. Estashia and Heia had interrupted him in the night already, both taking data and plans and disappearing as fast as they had arrived.

“To bother you,” Maverin said sitting down looking over he new data. “I see you added the data without waiting for me.”

“I’m right and you know it.” Zeydar rolled his eyes and turned his focus back to the notes, reviewing the new information. “I’ve gone over everything and completed the calculations like you expected. This new data will be reviewed and if we have the speed of the others, I can have it reviewed in three days.”

“Uly will finish his work within the next few days. In the mean time…”

“I’ll have lots of free time to work on the warp magic, yes.”

“You do think it’s possible?”

“I know that our survival is dependent on it Maverin.” Zeydar put down his tablet and looked at Maverin.

“We have enough resources—“

“For one ship. The rest of them may not have recognized it, and I didn’t add it to the report because I figured you didn’t want anyone to catch on.” Zeydar did not want to glare at him, however he felt his expression change before he could change it. He knew the man had not wanted to tell it to anyone, and in that there was a strangeness. In order to conserve energy, the Ships would kill off people, if necessary, and transfer whatever resources to others, if required. The most important ships, with the EverDanger members, would be the last ones affected, and the ones saved in most cases.

Regardless, as Zeydar had gone over all the numbers, there were impossibilities and he had to assume that they lost ships. The only way that everything made sense was to lose ships as they continued on. The full journey, in the end, would have been completed by one ship only.

“Me, Evester, Uly, Europa, Kim, Heia. Your dream team necessary for the survival of our species, all on one ship?” Zeydar knew that there was no way that the initial plan for housing would occur, when he’d insisted that Uly would remain. Maverin had been careful about it making sure that no one else noticed. However, Maverin had taught Uly and Zeydar how to update the project and to fix it and to make a new one. He had separated those who needed to be separated, and made sure that Zeydar was the only one who fully understood what was being said. Zeydar knew that if Uly had read the data, he would have picked up on it, but Maverin had Zeydar reading it.

Because Zeydar had the possibility to do something about it.

“You and Uly are enough for us.”

“I don’t know the Project.”

“Evester does.”

“And Uly can do the rest.” Zeydar shook his head. “I’m not telling the others.”

“I figured you would not, because I know you will do everything in your power to make sure we all can make it,” Maverin said reading his mind.

“It’s possible.” Zeydar spun his tablet around to show Maverin. “Time-space distortion would make it so that time calculations would be off, but the resources would be saved.”

“Millions of years?” Maverin asked. “That was my calculation and projection, based on what I know about the space between us and them.”


“And the life on the planet?”

“Sentience will evolve.”

“This plan was…” Maverin’s eyes narrowed.

They had operated under the assumption they would not steal the planet from any other species. However, that could not be confirmed if they were to arrive later than planned. This meant that Maverin had another secret, one that he was going to tell Zeydar whether Zeydar wanted to hear it or not.

“We can’t be invaders,” Maverin told him in a low voice, looking back to Evester who slept soundly.

“I would hope that we are not. We are not trying to steal the resources, but live there.” But would that matter? Would anyone think of it that way? Humans had a track record of destroying everything they touched.

“And if there is sentience?”

“…” Zeydar tapped his tablet. “I suspect that it will be vastly different than our own. I am working on the calculations and predictions now, but it’s all variable.” He needed to see Uly’s numbers to have a better idea.

“They will reject us.”

“Then we terraform this planet.” Zeydar opened a picture. “It’s the neighbor, and possible. I think, at least.”

While he had not yet touched Uly’s data, he had looked at the planets around their new home. While he had not done all the thorough investigations necessary, he believed that it was possible, based on his first read through of the numbers.

“That will take time.”

“Time that we may have,” Zeydar offered. “I think that if we can get resources, a few, off of the new home and place them here, we could do it. But, I want to first offer peace. As for refuge.”

“Humans are not so kind.”

“No. But we will need to change, and worse comes to worse we can create the terraformed planet.”

“That would cause a rift in society bigger than we have now.” Maverin warned him, “Fighting for resources is what causes war.”

“In a way, that’s expected. There will never be full peace, you know that. We can aim for equality and equity, but people will be greedy, and I will not let our species destroy another. Ever. Not in the way that the Aralax tried to destroy us. We can’t.”

Maverin nodded. “Agreed.”

“I think I can get us there.”

“Think? Or can?”

“I will.”

“No one can know about the life, you realize that.” Maverin warned him. “Whether we terraform the planet or not, no one can know this is a possibility. We have to have it all ready and planned, just in case.”

“Terraforming would work better for our species.” Zeydar admitted. “But we would need to be allied with the new home.”

“In the best case we’d be able to live on the new home in peace, but we can’t be an invasive species and we can not let anyone know. Moving through space? Limited resources? Black holes? Magic? None of it.”

“I know.” If people knew of the possibility of additional life before the trip, it would cause a panic. Even if most people were asleep, the leaders were not and they would demand answers that Zeydar did not have.

“It will have to be an ‘unexpected’ development.” 

“Only you and I will know?”

“Yes. The others know bits and pieces, I’ve been seeding information about the travel and that it might change time, but… Only you and I.”

“Then only you and I will know. I will get us all there.”

Maverin nodded again, taking out his pen and writing on the tablet to assist Zeydar with the calculations required to create the necessary magic to do what he planned to do. As he did, Zeydar looked back at his notes for the project and glanced to Evester. The others would not likely reread what had already been implemented into the Project. Evester was not most people.

Zeydar wrote a few words and showed them to Maverin whose eyes widened before he nodded in agreement.

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