YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 42 (CHAPTER 393)

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Panic And The Days (5) That Passed (part 1)

Evester looked over the numbers going between documents. He flipped through the pages, looked over the designs, and then reread the reports and plans. He looked over it all multiple times, hoping that something would change.

It did not.

“I’m not sure these housing divisions are the best.” Evester looked to Europa and Kim. Heia sat with them.

“We are going to have to go this way,” Europa said.

“Growing out and not up, rarely works well,” Evester reminded her. 

“That’s a current concept.” Europa shook her head. “In the past, it was the opposite.”

The plans were to make wide cities instead of tall cities. Evester was not sure how well it would. There was the additional fact that they did not know how the environment of the world would operate.

“Is there much use in developing housing developments, when we do not have a look at the environment yet?” Kim asked. What were the seasons like? What were the weather patterns? What would be the best choices?

“We need to plan something,” Europa said. As much as Evester knew that these reports were for the future and the peace of mind of world leaders, there were too many unknowns.

Evester looked at the list of the waking order. Most skilled labor would be woken first, those who could assist with infrastructure and development of homes. As there were many people, young and old, who were not be able to do much, there needed to be an order. Small numbers for staff of the Ships would be first, followed by those who would begin development on the ground, all of whom could be trusted.

“This will take years for waking,” Evester realized.

“Dad said we can’t go quick. We do not have the space, means, or numbers. Most people are not use to the physical labor, and while they are not a burden, in a new world we don’t want to risk their lives,” Europa explained.

Scientists and soldiers would be woken, in order to do experiments and to protect those who were developing the world. The total number of inhabitants, as well as requirements for sustainability were noted in bold. Everything was the most optimal, but looking at the lists gave Evester a feeling that his dad was doing it on purpose. There was another underlying meaning behind the words. A good portion of the Flagship would be awoken before the rest of the other ships. But why?

“We have to find out what is edible on the planet quickly.” Kim pointed to the food plans.

“There are many unknowns,” Heia said.

“For now. Once Zeydar has given us predictions, it will be far less.”

Evester swelled with pride. The less variables that there were, the better off they all were with regards to the future. He knew that it was a lot of work, but if Zeydar could do it, then Evester would assist him. It would help everything. And since Evester could not do magic, the best he could do was assist with numbers and reports.

“We will continue to develop homes based on these designs?” Evester asked.

“They are not fully structurally sound and will not be expected to last centuries, but they will last long enough for us to begin creating our cities,” Europa answered.

Evester continued to read over the plans, thinking of what else was needed for a functioning society. Of note, he thought of water, hoping that something did not go wrong and Uly and Zeydar were right. Their species needed water to survive, and without it everything would be for naught. Their survival of the species was dependent on resources, and wars could break out without them.

Was that why his father had limited the awakenings, to ensure that war did not break out?

Evester knew it was possible, but he did not bring it up. Preparing for a possible war on a planet he did not know was impossible. He’d have to trust his father to avoid it. Maverin knew the Project, he knew how to avoid destruction more than any of them. Evester just had to believe in him.

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