The Yasloughve Project Places and Other Words Glossary

The following is the list of all other terms and places noted within the Yasloughve Project. If I missed any, let me know.

AmeraNor Region – The region where the majority of the plot takes place. (North America, sub continent.)

Anti-Love – The X group dedicated to the elimination of the Yasloughve Project, which they saw as a waste of time and money. They thought of it as a Circle indulgence that had lost its necessity as humans evolved.

Aralax – Strange arthropod creatures, with exoskeletons and yellow blood. The members of the species are defined as below, as well as the power structure from leader to lower rank. Most can fly. Bodies are hard as steel and their blood is corrosive.
—– Queen – Leader of the hive mind and progenitor of the species.
—– King – Protectors of the Queen. Defined by being gold.
—– General – Defined by the white stripe on their bodies.
—– Commander – Defined by the blue stripe on their bodies
—– Captain – Defined by the red stripe on their body.
—– Leader – Defined by the yellow stripe on their body.
—– Scouts – Sentient members that operate in teams of two, the majority of the species before the creation of the soldiers.
—– Soldiers – Brainless members created for the sole purpose of attacking and killing the humans.

Bypass Law, The – See King’s Rule Act. Also know as a specific law that allows Circles to change their power structure at a moment’s notice.

Catastrophe, The – A massive global event in which natural disasters wrecked the world. Many cities collapsed, and billions died.

Circle – Rank for humans defined as having trace amounts of magic. These individuals live atop the Towers of the world, in glass CloudCities. They have a mark of a circle on their hands, and are essentially the elites of the world living outside of poverty and fear. Many entertainers and business leaders.

Circle Council – The Council of all Circle leaders across the world. The Leader of this Council has been an Igilistal for generations. Their decisions are then presented to their individual Towers.

Class One Final Exams – In which star campus is closed and Class Ones test to become Superiors.

CloudCity (Cloudcities) – Cities that sit atop massive Towers. They sit in the sky. They are heavily protected and the only citizens within are Circles and Stars. This is where the entirety of the Circle and Star populations live in luxury. The following are all the mentioned CloudCities. CloudCities their Tower share the same name. But the name mostly refers to the Cloud City itself.
—– Valaria – The crowing jewel of humanity. The most beautiful city in the world. The ancestral home of the Igilistals. The capitol of the World Council, and Superior Headquarter.
—– Arcadia – The Western King of Cities
—– Ovaria – Where Evester Igilistal grew up and the base for EverDanger operations.
—– Ostaria 
—– Merotia
—– Avalonia
—– Utoia
—– Waglia
—– Istalia
—– Mayrania
—– Caynosia
—– Reytaria
—– Havelia
—– Havoria

Cryostasis – The process of freezing a person to preserve their mind and body. Meant for long travel.

Cryosleep – See Cryostasis.

Cryosis Chamber – The chamber and device needed to make the Cryostasis possible.

Elake’s Theory – A magic theory dedicated to the concept of power in magic. “Elake said that mages will bend down when broken down by will, not because a person is stronger. The mage who knows magic and theory better is the better mage, and will always win. It was the first theory that suggested strength wasn’t everything, and that theory was more important.”

Elder – A Superior title given to those who have went through all the stages of being a Superior and are the main leaders of the Superiors, under only the Sovereign.

Elenore’s Academy of Sciences and Arts – A school in Valaria that EverDanger pretends to be from when they sneak into Valaria’s CloudCity with Heia’s family.

EverDanger – A group created by Evester Igilistal with his friends Kim and Uly. The members task themselves with doing things that would otherwise be considered dangerous at the possibility of death. They have free fallen off buildings, done heists in banks, and other magic tricks (such as escaping underwater chambers). They were big name celebrities on the internet. Before meeting Heia, the members were: Evester, Kim, Uly, Phil, Rayda, Crass, Lynx, and Onyx. Each member had a different nickname given to them by the public. In truth this team was also created and supported by Maverin, in order to have a team skilled in all sorts of skills for the Catastrophe and the Uncertain End.

Extras – Another word for Xs, used by Mages/Stars.

Gold Book, The – A brown leather book with gold gilded pages and a gold crest of the Igilistal’s on top. Depicting the Igilistal family rules.

Grand Valaria Hanging Gardens – Beautiful gardens in Valaria.

Grevidite – Gemstone used in most modern staffs to help channel magic.

High Superior Chamberlin – See Sovereign, for more information. This is the official title that the Circles and X’s use to refer to the Sovereign of the Superiors.

Holoblade – A blade of plasma energy that glows specific colors depending on the magic of the wielder. Excellent tool for killing Aralax, who’s bodies are hard as steel.
—– Blue – When a Star Uses them
—– Orange – When an X uses them
—– White – When a Circle Uses them

Holofire – Holographic Fire. Usually in a fireplace, but could be in the middle of a table.

Holy Bloom – A Casino located on the Limit to Infinity.

Infinity – Another name for Limit to Infinity. See Limit to Infinity

King’s Rule Act – Also called The Bypass Law; “Of these laws, the bypass leader law or the King’s Rule Act, was voted into existence. The King’s Rule act required specific conditions to be used lawfully. One, the humanity’s survival was brought into question, whether in fear of war, or in fear of destruction. Two, the leader of the council had to declare it, bring it to vote, and get a super majority vote from all other council members. In order to be revoked, a vote had to be reissued to a super majority of the council or a public vote. This made it fundamentally impossible for a King, once established, to be removed. Three, the leader of the World Council became acting King in the matter and, as such, must have been on the council for at least two terms. Four, the decision of the voters could not be forced through black mail or coercion. Five, the public had to be notified as the vote began and the results following. Six, should the King die, the protocol died with them. This was the easiest way to kill a King once the rule was established.” A Circle rule to bypass preexisting power structures and to create a peaceful transition of power into a single person’s hand in the event of an emergency.

Limit, The – Another name for Limit to Infinity. See Limit to Infinity

Limit to Infinity – Official name of the floor where the Tower ends and The Cloud City, at the top, begins. Known as the top floor of the Tower, this location holds immigration into the CloutCity. Has many shorter names.

LowerLands – the main body of the earth, farm lands, and old cities of wreckage. Some people live on the lands but not well, for they can not scavenge or steal from the Circles. 

LowerCity (LowerCities) – See OverCity.

Mage – Humans who can use magic. For more information, on specifics. Go to Star.

Magician – See Mage.

Markin House – Where people get their tattoos for their rank. All cities have the facilities for the testing and marking. Markin is the assumed name of the person who defined the ranks.

MAY (Magicians Against Yasloughve) – A group of Stars who actively worked to destroy the Yasloughve Project as they deemed it unnecessary. Possibility that they were doing so as to not expose the fact that the ranks (star, circle, x) were manipulated to be incorrect.

Military Mage – A Mage who specifies in battle. They are often guards for the Star Campus, but they also take on task for the Stars for research and the gathering of materials on the LowerLands. They are structured like an army, and function as one, listening and taking orders from the Superiors.

Night of Destruction, The – An event where the Aralax attacked the X communities in the LowerLands and the UnderCities, decimating their populations after the Catastrophe.

Night of Oblivion, The – An event where the Aralax attacked the Towers and CloudCities after the Catastrophe, destroying tens of lives. This event resulted in the fall of Arcadia.

OverCity (OverCities) – Also called LowerCities, these cities are the cities that are situation atop the LowerLands.
—– Avalain – Alan Penn’s governing city
—– Jaix
—– Makan

Phasers – Guns of plasma energy used by X soldiers.

Prime Ministers – The leaders of of the LowerLands and UnderCity regions. Each region has their own elections to decide the leaders.

Shields – A device used by soldiers that create a shield over the body out of energy.

Staffs – The magic tool that is used to direct magic by a Mage/Star. They come in many forms but usually are in the form of a staff, cane, or wand. They can come as jewelry. The more that one wears the more they act as limiters. Most Mages need them to use magic.

Star – Rank for humans defined as having magic. These individuals live atop the Towers of the world in the glass CloudCities, specifically in the locations known as Star Campus, large schools. Their numbers are few, in comparison to the other ranks, but they are extremely powerful individuals. They have different classes of power. Other names for them are Mage and Magician. The different classes define the power disparity of each individual, and how much power they can use. The closer the number is to zero, the more powerful.
—– Class 0 – The most powerful class. Reserved for Zeydar Arcadius, as it was defined for him. One with magic.
—– Class 1 – Their numbers are usually secret to the outside world in order to protect them all. They are called Superiors once they graduate from the Star academies and take special tests. Extremely powerful and the smallest group in terms of numbers. They later become the teachers for all the other Stars.
—– Class 2 – Powerful mages many of whom become military members and guards to protect the Stars. They also become teachers and leaders in the Star community.
—– Class 3 – Lower power individuals.
—– Class 4 – Technically what would be considered a Circle, before the Project was manipulated to human greed. A high powered Circle.
—– Class 5 – Technically what would be considered a Circle, before the Project was manipulated to human greed. The base amount of magic needed to be considered a true Circle.

Star Campus – The campus for the Star Academies. Each Tower has one in the center of the city. It is the most protected place, and only those approved can enter. It is where the Stars essentially live and die. It is where they are taught, and function as micro cities within the greater CloudCity with their own shops, stores, homes, and dorms.

Star Rules of Engagement and Proper Duel Etiquette – The rules all need to know for duels and spars.

Sovereign/ Sovereign Supreme – The leader of the Superiors. This position is passed on by the Sovereign to the next most applicable Elder that they think is suited for the job. They hold control over the Superior Tablet.

Space Program – The program dedicated to the exploration into space. They were creating high tech transportation ships to transport the people, under the guidance of the Yasloughve Project until they were shut down. Later they were restarted.

Superior – A title given to Class 1’s once they reach adulthood and graduate from the magic academies. All Class 1s will become Superiors eventually. They teach the majority of the star classes, of the higher rank. After becoming a Superior one will Teach. Once they have taught for a determined amount of time, they will be permitted to couple with another Superior and have children. These children are taken from them, and they then become Superior Guardians to other children. Once they have completed this task they may teach again, and ultimately become Elders.

Superior Charge – Class 1 Stars who are not yet Superiors. All Class 1s are also knows as a Charge.

Superior Guardian – All Superiors take on a Charge and become a Guardian. This is in order to pass on the Superior culture and dedication to the Stars to the younger generation. They act as the parent (they are not the biological parent, usually) to their charge and their tutor. Since their children are taken from them, most Charges and Guardians form special bonds akin to that of parents and children.

Superior Tablet – A tablet that all Superiors swear to. It links their magic to the collective and makes them controllable by the Sovereign. It is not possible to break from for most people. This tablet makes it near impossible to rebel agains the system and to hide their thoughts.

Supreme Leader – See Sovereign.

Sweet Dreams – The street name for Whiteshade (see Whiteshade).

Towers – Massive structures that reach up into the sky. At the top are the CloudCities. The Towers themselves are habitable on the inside. They house billions of X’s whose money is used to support the CloudCities in a form of exploitation. They are heavily reinforced and designed to withstand most natural disasters. They share the name of the CloudCity that sits atop them, ofter referred as the same place, where as the cultures are very different.

Tower Council – The government in each Tower. This is comprised of Circles, and a few X representatives from the Towers. They decide how the towers and CloudCities run.

Uncertain End, The – The predicted date by The Yasloughve Project that dictates the end of the world. This is when all the recorded data stops, and that there is no more information that can be given for predictions of what is to come. Many thought that it was just a glitch, but as the Catastrophe occurred, more realized that this date meant the end of humans as a whole and so the machine could not predict what to do, because humans could not remain where they were.

UnderCities – Where the majority of Xs live who can not live in the Towers of the CloudCities (and their defenses). They are underground cities that are beautiful and expansive (or were before the Catastrophe). The following are some of the names of the cities.
—– LakeLost – Home of Heia and her family.
—– AmpleValley
—– AppleFound
—– CresentLost

Unwanted Guests – Human traffickers that steal people and sell them to the Stars and Circles for testing. Done to get resources and money.

Whiteshade – A chemical created by the Aralax naturally, from their bodies. The Stars took this chemical after discovering the Aralax, years before they invaded, and created many drugs from it. Most were not viable for human consumption and instead became a way to contain magic. The viable drug was created by the Stars (namely Superiors) for the control and manipulation of Zeydar Arcadius and his magic. Essentially made to be a dampener for his senses. This drug in high does can create a high and acts as a hallucinogen allowing the user to transport themselves back into realistic memories. Eventually it was spread to the public. Highly addictive.

World Council – The government that has representatives from every micro government in the world. All Towers, Lowerland Prime Ministers, and the High Superior Chamberlin, are included. The leader of the World Council and the Circle Council were the same person for many generations: a member of the Igilistal family. The World Council is where world trade and matters are discussed.

World Council Constitution – The constitution for the World Government.
—– Act 3 – King’s Rule Act

X – Rank for humans defined as having magic. These individuals make up the bulk of humanity. They were intended to be the population that the Circles and Stars protected. Instead they were forced to live in the poverty ridden Towers, UnderCities, and LowerLands that the Circles and Stars did not want to touch. They became lower class citizens.

Yasloughve Project, The – A set of machine codes that run predictive data analysis giving reports on the predicted events that are to come in the future, based on current politics, environmental factors, and human progress. The project ran for years and was requested to be shut down. It is the creator of the ranks and the identifiers on how to separate humans — intended to save humans later as a recommendation. Stars were identified as a power source for humans to protect the masses, but this was manipulated. One man kept it running and after analyzing the data discovered the events: The Catastrophe, The Night of Oblivion, The Night of Destruction, multiple battles, and The Uncertain End. Later the project gets retrofitted for human progression to assist them through space and to their new home.

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