YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 41 (CHAPTER 392)

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Progress And The Days (3) That Passed (part 3)

Heia sat at the screen, looking at her siblings. Each one of them looked well rested, despite the work that they were doing. There was, however, a tension amongst them that Heia recognized as being due to the fact that many people were going to sleep. She knew that like her, when they weren’t working on calculations they were helping people into stasis.

“How is everything on your end?” Layla asked them.

“We’re good.” Kori said hugging Karla and Kony who looked displeased. Trace and Robee held up thumbs up as Andre nodded. Only a certain number of ships would make it. The thought came back to her from earlier. She knew that her ship was the flagship, but she also knew it was the only guaranteed safe ship. Her family’s ships were safe, but not as certainly. Thinking such thoughts made her heart sink.

Should she tell them? Would warning them do anything? There was nothing they’d be able to do while asleep, Kim said that those who were panicked took the sleep worse than those who were relaxed. She also said that those individuals were at risk for complications on the journey. Heia did not want to put her siblings into a situation that could hurt them.

“Where is Crass?” Karla complained.

“Working on details for Zeydar.” Andre said glancing behind him. 

“I miss him. Tell him I say hi.” Karla said, loud enough that Heia was sure that if Crass was down the hall, he’d hear.

“I will.” Andre laughed. 

“How are the Igilistal’s for you?” Layla asked Heia.

“Tense but working well,” Heia said, unsure of what to say. She could not tell her family. She could not risk their safety. Not until she had the answers and all the details. She’d need to talk to Zeydar, as he was the one person who knew the most and the best. If he said it was cause for concern then she’d say something. But, scaring them preemptively for no reason? No. She needed to be smarter than that. Zeydar wouldn’t make decisions that would hurt those he cared about.

She needed to talk to Zeydar.

“I should be helping Zeydar,” Kony groaned.

“Doing what? Getting in his way?” Kori laughed.

“I’m better off than you!” Kony snapped.

“Sorry I’m late.” Shawn said as he connected in. “My family are going under today.”

“Did you give them our love?” Heia asked him, trying to ignore Zeydar for the time being. The family meeting was supposed to be about love and support.

“I did.” Shawn smiled. “They were a bit terrified, but they will be okay.”

“I am too,” Layla admitted.

“It’s fine, you can get a good night kiss from Endwin, and it will be fine.” Trace teased. 

Layla’s eyes went wide. “I will have you know! We are not like that!”

Trace and Robee started cackling as Kori said deadpan, “He’s handsome you should not be so defensive.”

“I would never,” Layla said and they all knew she was lying. Andre smiled and mouthed words to someone off screen. Crass peaked around and smiled at Karla before he kissed Andre’s cheek and walked away. Andre asked for a drink and then looked back to them.

Heia laughed and smiled at her family, deciding that she did not want to tell them anything that could break their happiness. She did not need them to be scared. She needed them to be confident, and in that she needed to be confident. Everything would work out. She needed to believe it.

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