YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 40 (CHAPTER 391)

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Progress And The Days (3) That Passed (part 2)

Evester turned in the suit, for his mother. Arms out, he turned again, before dropping them to his side and placing his hands in the pockets. He showed off every way that the suit could move and what it looked like from every angle possible.

“Excellent.” She nodded.

“Will this fit Uly? He’s lost weight.” Maverin said, sipping at his water, sitting on a chair as he watched.

They were in Estashia and Maverin’s room, cramped and covered with dresses and suites. Evester had a hard time believing that either of his parents slept in the room. Upon further inspection he realized that he only saw them awake, or his father asleep in the control room as Zeydar worked. Were they sleeping at all?

“It will. We are still the same size. I checked,” Evester told his father. It was through Zeydar, with the use of magic, but Evester had checked.

“Good.” Estashia nodded.

“Have we gotten the full time calculation for how long it will take to get to the new home?” Evester asked as he went to the smaller bathroom to change into his suit for approval. He slipped into it, and buttoned it up, watching as his complexion shifted from the darker color.

“Yes, although Zeydar is contemplating the possibility of… complex physics to create the equivalent of warp gates,” Maverin said.

“Would that not require time and technology to make?”

“Yes.” Maverin laughed. “But Zeydar thinks that using blackholes and magic, he might be able to do it.”

“He’s getting us short cuts?” Would that save on fuel? Or was it a decision based on the numbers he was seeing. Evester had seen the report that Zeydar had almost completed and while there were concerning events, Zeydar had somehow came up with considerations to avoid them. “Why isn’t he telling me this?”

“They’re off handed comments he has when he asks me questions. He’s also considered making contingency plans in the event something fails.”

“When would he have the time?”

“After this set. He’s going to run the new Project data, and go through it all. Because of you and EverDanger’s assistance, he’s going through everything tens of times faster than he was before. I think that he’s using his free time to consider options, and if everything works out, he’ll have gone through all the data, the new data, come up with the contingencies, and considered the complex equations for the travel, all before Uly is done with his work,” Maverin explained.

Evester was careful with Uly’s suit and brought it out to his mother. He then took his place at the door to the room and began moving around so that she could see him in all angles.

“Looks good,” Maverin said.

“If he can work the short cuts what will that mean for us?” Evester asked as he showed off the suit.

“He’s considering them, although I told him to focus on the current trajectory for now. There are a lot of variables we need to be weary of. Time, energy, timing of when to do it. The fact that its experimental…”

“What would be the time difference?”

“Millions of years.”

“What?” Evester paused and nearly fell over his feet as he turned around abruptly.

“Evester. Keep moving.” Estashia ordered.

With a huff, Evester did as he was told.

“As it is now, we have the resources to make it, supposedly,” Maverin said in a low voice. “However, there is not guarantee. I had anticipated the possibility that he’d be able to use matter, and thus I split up valuable personnel on multiple ships. I hoped that Zeydar might be able to figure out the intricacies for magic in space, and it would make the travel faster so that we could save our resources. And if he can’t save all the ships…”

Then he would be able to save the ones that have the EverDanger members. Maverin had been planning this for a long time.

“And if he can’t do it at all?” Evester asked.

“He will.” Maverin sighed. “With his current pace, he has began working on the theories. He needed a few hours to rework magic on the planet, including mass teleportation and pushing himself to his limits. He will figure it out. The question would be a sense of practice, which he would not have.”

“You say that as if he has no choice but to do it.” What was his father hiding? Were the catastrophes that they were predicted to face that bad, that the only way to escape was to transport themselves?

“He will figure something out. I’m certain of it.”

The way Maverin said it, told Evester that there was a chance that it was worse than even Evester’s worse imaginings. He’d need to read the report when Zeydar was done.

“Excellent.” Estashia told Evester when he stood facing her with his hands in his pockets.

“Do not make him do anything that he does not want to, and he had better know all the risks father.” Evester glared at Maverin.

 Maverin wove his hand, ignoring him. “You look great. Perhaps we should have your wedding instead.”

“Dad I mean it.”

“He won’t.” Estashia sighed, braiding her hair and then spinning it up into a bun. “Are all other plans in place?”

“Yes, I’ve prepared the drinks and location,” Evester addressed her, eyeing his father who smirked back.

“It will be simple, recorded, and presentable for when we require it in the future,” Estashia told them both. “As we have discussed, we will get them dressed, and everyone into the room. Kim will be Europa’s witness, Evester you will be Uly’s. I will oversee and declare it valid.”

Evester nodded, and went to get changed, wondering what other plans his father had up his sleeve that he refused to tell Evester. When Evester returned to the main room, Estashia was hanging clothes into the closet and Maverin had vanished.

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