YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 38 (CHAPTER 389)

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Wisdom And The Days (2) That Passed (part 3)

Zeydar paused for a second, looking from Uly to Evester and then back to everyone who faced him on the screens. Evester was watching him, as if whatever Zeydar said, he’d accept it as fact. The others were far more curious. None were apprehensive in the slightest.

“Well…” Zeydar paused.

He thought about it for a second. Maverin had told him to calculate the concentration of magic and considerations for magic in the new world. With the data Maverin had said that they would be able to figure out the conditions for survival and the current ways in which society would progress. Knowing the capability of the Mages would change things. If they were to be stronger, or even weaker, new plans had to be accounted for. If others became more sensitive, it needed to be known so that it could be adapted into the civilization plans to avoid wars.

He’d also asked Zeydar to review the trajectory path through space and the Project’s data for the travel. He had reviewed over all the information that Maverin had given him, and checking it and the numbers for considerations regarding magic and sustainability. He was supposed to check that there would be no magic anomalies and if there were, how to account and react to them. The information would be given to the Project to use to protect their ships.

Oh. Zeydar opened his eyes wide and looked back to Uly.

“Uly? What are you doing looking at the research exactly?” Zeydar asked instead. He knew the answer, but he needed to confirm.

Uly, if caught off by the question, did not make a face. “I’m reviewing the general planet conditions to confirm that it will be hospitable but the time the Ships arrive. We can not assume that it will be, and likewise, we have to prepare for the considerations of additional life, however based on the calculations, I would not be able to know exactly what we will be faced with.”

“You’re double checking that your choice in a new home will suit us,” Zeydar clarified. “Basics for atmosphere, air quality, temperature, all of that?”


“And will it?”

Uly was caught off guard by that. “I still have to finish reviewing the data.”

“My father said that he wanted you to have time to go over all the data once Uly was one with his final calculations and considerations for the planet,” Evester said.

“Currently, I’m not looking at that data, although Maverin told me he wants me to review it. But currently, I’m looking over the current Project predictions for the journey.” Zeydar laughed. “Maverin told me to look at it for considerations for magic. Will it affect me and cause an issue while I’m asleep. Will it make other people more sensitive? Will it cause magical changes in the Class Ones? What would that look like? How would the other Mages react? What are the possibility of other nonsensitive people, reacting? What sort of things can we face? How far do we need to avoid them?”

There were tens of other questions but Zeydar did not bother listing them all. They didn’t need to know them all. it was the idea of the questions that would explain what he was doing. Uly began laughing moments later.

“What?” Kim asked.

“Maverin is having Zeydar plan and plot all the possible routes, and calculations to verify that the Project will be able to get us there in one piece. Where we have used the project in the past and updated it as we encounter changes, Maverin is attempting to do that proactively before we face possible issues. This is all based on the fact that time and space are relatively easier to predict and the distances between events and our location can be considered if you have the time and the information. The Project provides the possibilities, and Zeydar is taking those possibilities to determine the best path, away from them and what to do if all else fails.” Uly chuckled.

“Then Maverin’s going to give him my work, and under the guise of magic, Maverin will be able to check not only my work and the Project, regarding the new world, but get the laid out additional facts that neither I nor the project would understand. Can I give you the exact composition of the world, it’s lay out, fauna and flora based on data? No. I could know if it’s okay for us to live in, but Zeydar would be able to calculate the gravity shifts, and the affects that might have on the body after being asleep for millennia, along with every other nuanced bit of information regarding all things. I can see if we can life there. Zeydar would be able to calculate how long it would take for us to adapt, the necessary ways to change, and, possibly even, the existing species on the planet.”

“I wouldn’t be able to know the species.” Zeydar shook his head.

“But if you looked at the predicted O2 levels, would you not be able to calculate the fauna and flora considerations and sizes that would be required to make it possible?”

“Only so long as I have the atmosphere composition, size, water ratio, and sun distance numbers.” The moment he said the words, however, made him realize that Uly was correct about it too. He might not know what they looked like, but he could have a pretty good idea of how they functioned, which was, perhaps, better.

“God. If the Stars had kept you off the Dreams and actually applied your mind, we might have been able to save the planet,” Uly groaned. 

“Considerable, but unlikely.” Zeydar offered, feeling strange as he realized all the eyes were on him. He looked back to Evester who smiled at him, loving and accepting.

“We will have to learn more about magic when we get to the new world,” Evester announced to them all.

“I’ll teach you.” Zeydar decided to tell them something he’d only told Maverin. “Currently, I suspect that many more people will become sensitive within our time in the travels. As such, full lessons will be necessary. Although I predict that the considerations for current theory and application will be different in the new… world…” Zeydar stopped talking as everyone started smiling at him. “What?”

“Nothing Prof. We’re just impressed.” Phil laughed.

“You and Shawn are never impressed.”

“No. We were. We simply never wanted to boost your ego,” Phil teased.

“And it was our job to make sure the Superiors did not manipulate you; not to fawn over you,” Shawn chuckled.

“What are you all doing?” Maverin asked. 

“Taking a break,” Uly said standing up. “But we will continue working, unlike you.”

Maverin laughed at Uly’s snark, and Zeydar sighed, looking back to the documents at the table far away. There were so many papers, and tablets and data logs to go through. Even if he could do it, he didn’t like it. It was boring.

“If you need me to help organize. I can.” Evester suggested. 

Zeydar nodded, deciding that, perhaps, it was best to take him up on the offer. There was a lot to go over, and he had a lot of numbers he needed highlighted, for the sake of ease. Kim and Heia offered their services as well, and the four sat back down as Uly and Maverin continued their work.

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