YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 36 (CHAPTER 387)

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Wisdom And The Days (2) That Passed (part 1)

Zeydar looked up from his notes to see Evester sitting at a computer talking to Kony and May along with a few others regarding magic. He listened as they spoke, hearing familiar voices of all of the EverDanger members chatting and asking Kony a variety of questions that he was fielding expertly.

They had been discussing magic for hours, specifically since Maverin had explained to Kim, Evester, and Heia, that it was mathematics and physics based. Zeydar had wanted to interject at the time, that there was more to it, but he had too many details in the data to go over, and explaining magic was not of his highest priority. He could explain it better later. Besides, Kony and May could do it too.

“What?” Kori asked amazed. “I thought it was just saying a spell and making it happen.”

“Honestly it feels that way a lot, if I’m being honest, but there is a lot more math and theory behind all of it than what I know. I’m very behind, but doing my best to catch up,” Kony answered. Kony was doing very well with his catch up. He had already been able to understand a majority of the theory, as it was.

Zeydar continued to read the data, finding it particularly boring in comparison to the conversation at hand Even Uly had joined them. Kim and Heia were gathering chairs and talking, about things that Zeydar wanted to answer. But the data! He had to focus on the data.

“You are already brilliant Kony,” May offered. “There are not many mages who would be able to get to the level of where you are in a short amount of time.”

Zeydar smiled at the words. Kony was brilliant. He’d caught up so quickly, and was a great self study. He understood magic in a way that Zeydar did, the sensation of it and the natural considerations. Zeydar glanced up from his notes with a smile, and caught Evester’s eye. He hurried to look away, embarrassed that he’d been caught listening instead of working.

“Zeydar, why don’t you take a break?” Uly called out to him.

“Doesn’t he have research to do?” Shawn asked.

“I do.” Zeydar called over, itching to join them. Looking over the data once more, Zeydar sighed. He would not get much work done with all the noise, and at his current place he was waiting on Uly to had over more reports. For now, there was no reason not to talk. Okay… Zeydar walked over to them all, and sat besides Evester. “What can I help with?”

“We’ve realized that none of us every fully got a formalized magic lesson,” Karla answered. “Kori and I tried reading the books you had Kony learn from, when you were training him, but we had not cared much for it much then. However, now we are so interested. I didn’t realize it was science based.”

“It had been a lot of words saying you had to feel it,” Kori huffed.

Zeydar thought back to the days when he had taught Kony to begin with. Much of their training had been on him feeling the magic, and Kony was far more connected due to how he’d sensed magic through Zeydar. The balance that had to be achieved with sensation could not be explained in text books, but in practical experience.

“We saw you train him, but we never fully understood,” Heia offered. 

“Why are you curious now?” Zeydar asked, taking Evester’s hand. 

“Because until yesterday Evester had no clue how fully brilliant you were,” Kony said.

“To be fair. I’m not sure most of us did,” Kim said, with a soft smile. Zeydar glanced between the screens of those who stared at him, and then to Uly who was laughing.

“It’s not like I can do what Uly can with—” Zeydar began.

“You would be able to, if you wanted,” Uly stated, cutting him off. “It’s fascinating, because I don’t think it fully hit me for how complicated magic work was until Kony and May started talking about it just now. We always took what you could do for granted.”

“No.” Phil shook his head. “It was more like we always assumed it was like a super power. It was obvious that you could do what you could, because you were strong.”

“I am strong.” Zeydar was a Class Zero. His skill was directly proportional to the amount of magic he could use, after all.

“Yes, but the real time calculations that were needed by you to keep the tower from falling?” Phil asked.

“I was manipulating the magic to my will, its about a feeling more than math.” Zeydar shook his head.

“Love.” Evester spoke to him. “Magic isn’t sentient.”

Zeydar grimaced and blinked. He knew that magic wasn’t sentient. It was a force and the issue was that it was a powerful thing that had to be controlled through… Zeydar sat dumbfounded for a second. 

“The fact that Kony was able to catch up so quickly, is a testament to him as well,” Shawn cut in.

“Most of what I know is small, it was done as a ploy. There are thousands of things I’d never be able to do, and I use magic like a flame thrower, with either all my power at once or not at all. I have to work on the details to become more precise.” Kony laughed. 

“No. Kony. You’re brilliant.” May shook her head.

Zeydar looked at his free hand. He had worked on theory and history until it became second nature to him. Magic was a feeling as much as it was information and reasoning. His whole life, he had been treating it as a friend who he did not have to control, but understand. He’d thought of it as a conversation between friends not a bending to his will. However, Evester was correct. Magic was not sentient. 

Was that too because of the WhiteShade? Was that potentially why the magic hurt him as it was, outside of the fact that his body was not used to it? Because he had subconsciously thinking of it as alive? Zeydar looked over his hands trying to figure out just how delusional he had been.

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