The Yasloughve Project Character List

To following is the list of all named characters in the Yasloughve Project. This is done by importance, and in each section, alphabetical. Note that there are spoilers here, although I tried to keep that to a minimum.


Evester Igilistal – “The Immortal” 24-25. Middle child of the Igilistal family. Prince of Valaria, Circle (of Honor when declaring immunity, because he is related to a council member). Evester was trained to save the world by his father from a young age, which included the creation of EverDanger. He was also raised as a true Igilistal, built to embody freedom so he’d never impede on his sister. He is an adrenaline junkie and does not care a lot about consequence. His best friends are Uly and Kim, however he considered all of EverDanger his family. He falls in love with Zeydar.

Heia – “The Heart” 22-23. The third child of her family, she is hot headed and dedicated to helping people. She saved her family and saved kids off the streets when the world wanted to forget them or sell them to unknown people. She is a fighter, and wants to fight for humanity. Family includes: Karla, Kony, Kori, Trace, Robee, Andre, and Layla. She is skilled in getting people to have faith in her. She fell in love with Kim.

Zeydar – “The Heavens” 24/25-28. (Note: His birthday is immediately in the series, and he is roughly a year older than Evester. He goes through so many years because he is canonically outside of frozen sleep multiple times). The only survivor of Arcadia, a Tower that fell in a big disaster called the Night of Oblivion. Zeydar is a class 0 Mage who later becomes a Superior (title for graduated Class 1 and Class 0 Mages). His father Tyler, was killed. And he was taken in to the other Mages and overseen by the woman he thinks is his mother, Majorie. He is extremely powerful and addicted to a drug called Sweet Dreams or Whiteshade, a drug created by the other Stars/Mages, to control his power. He has a lot of trauma from being the only survivor of Arcadia. His best friend is May. He was a big fan of EverDanger and fell in love with Evester.



Crass – “The Calm” 24-25. Crass is his chosen name, not the name he was assigned at birth, that name is undefined. Crass’ family was terrible (abusive to the point where he ran away from home) and in order to separate himself from them, he reinvented himself with EverDanger. Crass met Uly when Uly was in college. He, Uly, and Rayda became friends before Uly invited them into EverDanger. He had a lot of difficulty making friends and was really quiet. Evester thought he’d quit EverDanger after the first few tasks, but Crass kept with it. Crass, however, claimed them as his found family and they love him too.

Kimberly “Kim Kicks” Knicks – “The Talented” 23-24. Childhood friends with Evester, she’s known him since she was about three or four and grew up with him and Graceon. Later, she and her family moved to Ovaria with his father when he moved to Ovaria and became friends with Uly. Uly, Kim, and Evester, are the best of friends and all three were raised with Igilistal ideals. She was primed with the knowledge that she might marry Europa one day if necessary, and learned politics, manipulation, bribery, and other forms of control from Evescar. She’s a talented con artist and is also skilled in most other things as a jack-of-all-trades. She likes Heia and has a relationship with her.

Lynx – “The Creative” 24-25. Lynx and Onyx are twins who grew up in a bad household. They got involved with some shady people, which was solved by Estashia. Estashia introduced the two to EverDanger. She is loud and more energetic, willing to fight at most times. She is creative in her solutions and quick to think on her feet. She’s really good at filming and photography.

Onyx – “The Shadow” 24-25. Lynx and Onyx are twins who grew up in a bad household. They got involved with some shady people, which was solved by Estashia. Estashia introduced the two to EverDanger. She is quiet and can disappear like a shadow. She is smart and quick to act, but is not often a problem solver in terms of creative considerations. She’s good at seeing the big picture, however. She is great at editing, and does the primary editing work for EverDanger.

Phil – “The Shapeshifter” 23-24. The first member to join outside of Kim and Uly who were founding members. He is the prankster and friend of Kim originally, added to bring greater chaos to the group. He joined EverDanger when they were teenagers, shortly after its inception.

Rayda – “The Strong” 25-26. She met Uly while in College. She, Uly, and Crass became friends before Uly invited them into EverDanger. She was brought in far before Crass was. She graduated with a degree (probably medical sciences and psychology). She grew up in a middle class Circle family, happy and well adjusted. She decided to hang out with EverDanger because they were a lot of fun. She keeps the group level headed.

Uly – “The Genius” 24-25. Childhood friends with Evester and Kim. He met them when he was about six or seven. Uly, Kim, and Evester, are the best of friends and all three were raised with Igilistal ideals. He was primed with the knowledge that she might marry Europa one day if necessary. He is skilled in technology and most sciences, but specifically data and analysis. He also understands economics and politics as a jack-of-all-trades. He loves Europa and had a hidden relationship with her for years.


Andre – “The Knowing” 25-26. Heia’s older brother. Family includes: Karla, Kony, Kori, Trace, Robee, Heia, and Layla. He graduated college. He later works for Endwin and assisting him. He was the closest sibling to Heia before and during the Catastrophe.

Europa Igilistal – “The Princess” 19-20. The future heir to the Igilistal family. Family includes: Evester, Endwin, Estashia, Maverin, and all the Igilistals. She is skilled in politics and economics. Very calloused and controlled, usually. In love with Uly.

Endwin Igilistal – “The Secret” 27-28. Eldest of the Igilistal siblings. Family includes: Evester, Europa, Estashia, Maverin, and all the Igilistals. His job is as the support for the future Igilistal head. He is skilled in networking and community outreach, as well as connections with all their allies and making further deals with them.

Karla – “The Fairy” 15-16. Triplets with Kony and Kori. The youngest of the family and the “baby.” Family includes: Kony, Kori, Trace, Robee, Heia, Andre, and Layla. She is skilled in fighting and tactics, as well as acting really innocent when needed for views.

Kony – “The Storm” 15-16. Triplets with Kori and Karla. Powerful. Family includes: Karla, Kori, Trace, Robee, Heia, Andre, and Layla. The only mage of his family. He looks up to Zeydar and is very confident in his skills when he needs to be.

Kori – “The Hero” 15-16. The oldest of the triplets. Triplets with Kony and Karla. Family includes: Karla, Kony, Trace, Robee, Heia, Andre, and Layla. An excellent fighter, she is the best skilled in combat and has the respect of many people all over the world.

Layla- “The Healer” 28-29. The eldest of their family. Family includes: Karla, Kony, Kori, Trace, Robee, Heia, and Andre. She is a skilled assistant and later works for Europa, assisting her and learning what she can.

May Arcodia – “The Star” 24-25. Military Mage General. She is the only other survivor of Arcadia, as she was not in the Tower on the day of its destruction. Her family is unknown, but she treats Zeydar like her brother and best friend. She listens to the Superiors until she can’t anymore and believes Zeydar. Has a relationship with Shawn.

Robee – “The Honest” 21-22. Family includes: Karla, Kony, Kori, Trace, Heia, Andre and Layla. One of the forgotten middle children of Heia’s family. He often rebelled and did not work well with the family. After the Catastrophe and thinking that Trace was his only family left, he became a lot closer to them all. He and Trace were separated from the rest of their family for months before finding them again. He is a skilled fighter and fan of EverDanger.

Shawn – “The Powerful” 23-24. He has parents and two unnamed sisters. After the Catastrophe, he joined the military to try to protect the Xs, but he ended up defecting after discovering the atrocities that the X military and the Military Mages were doing. He was best friends with Heia since they were little kids and trained with her with Mr. Listal. The two of them love each other, greatly, as friends. Has a relationship with May.

Trace – “The Witted” 18-19. Family includes: Karla, Kony, Kori, Robee, Heia, Andre and Layla. One of the forgotten middle children of Heia’s family. She often disappeared and didn’t care to be home. After the Catastrophe and thinking only Robee was alive, she became a lot closer to everyone. She and Robee were separated from the rest of their family for months before finding them again. She is a fan of EverDanger. Skilled in survival, more than fighting, and picks up skills relatively quick.


Karista Igilistal – Evester’s grandmother. She died when Evester was a teenager. She married into the Igilistal family.

Estana Igilistal – Evester’s great grandmother whose her first husband hit her. It was a terrible “accident” as he died from an allergic reaction.

Estashia Igilistal – A politician and head of the Igilistal family. She is the head of the Valarian Circle Council, the general all Circle Council, and the World Council. She is commonly called the Queen of the world for the power she holds, until she later is named Queen to make decisions. She has three children with Maverin Igilistal. Her heir is Europa Igilistal. She rarely shows emotions and is very controlled, but she does love her children and husband very deeply. She was an only child.

Evescar Igilistal – Evester’s grandfather. he died when Evester was a teenager. He had a brother who died in a flying accident and a sister who died from a drug overdose. “Accidents.” he had a strong hand and was considered very cruel by those who knew him, although Evester always thought he was kind.

Maverin Igilistal – Aliases Mr. Listal, Dr. Igilistal. The husband to Estashia Igilistal. He married into the family, after Estashia fell in love with him. He is the lead scientist supervising and overseeing the Yasloughve Project. When it the project was ordered to be shut down, he and an elite team moved to Ovaria to keep it running and to process the data, which is how he confirmed the Catastrophe, other events, and the Uncertain End. After this discovery, he began training his son and looking for others, as requested by the Project, to help save the world. He had a hand in EverDanger’s creation. He is an Igilistal through and through, truly operating for the family. He loves his wife and children and disappeared shortly after the Night of Oblivion needing to be found again by his son.


Alayah, Superior – A Superior mentioned once. Not really important.

Anthony Valarus, Superior – Sovereign/Sovereign Supreme/Supreme Leader/ Patriarch/ High Magic Chamberlin. Class 1. Current leader of the Stars, he has a tight control over all stars with the star tablet, and wants to control Zeydar rather than kill him (at least at first).

Francis Marquis – Adapter of Staffs into more modern form as used in the present.

Gravse Valarus – 17, Class One Student. Duels Kony. Name is a twist on the name Greyvial (Yes, this was intentional.)

Greyvial Igilistal – A Star, Igilistal, who was a geologist.

Jailah – Class 3 Mage who is mentioned once. She calls Zeydar out for sneaking off campus.

Jasper, Superior – Superior Guardian to Kris. Not on the best terms with Zeydar.

Jeremiah Elake – Creator of Elake’s theory. Established the Superior Order

Kenna Valarus – 18, Class One Student. Duels Kony.

Kristine “Kris” Valarus – (16) and academy trained class one, closest to Kony in age. Calls him out for a duel.

Majorie Valarus, Superior – Elder. Class 1, and Zeydar’s second Superior Guardian and Zeydar’s birth mother. She lived in Havelia for a while, as well as other Towers but originally she is from Valaria. She was the next in line to be the Superior Sovereign.

Mika De’lay – Creator of modern Magic Staffs, and the processes behind them.

Owen, Superior – A Superior mentioned once. Not really important.

Roland, Superior – Superior Guardian to Kenna. Not on the best terms with Zeydar.

Tisha, Superior – Superior Guardian to Gravse. Not on the best terms with Zeydar.

Tyler Arcadius, Superior – Elder, Class 1, Dead. He is Zeydar’s biological father and Zeydar’s first Superior Guardian. He died in the Night of Oblivion, and his body was never found later because Arcadia fell. He loved Zeydar a lot, and Zeydar often thinks of him. His primary staff is currently used by Kony.


Adam – One of Maverin’s close friends. Status unknown. He helped save Evester multiple time and worked as Maverin’s primary assistant. He had a husband, and was someone that Evester did trust. He might have been killed in the Aralax attack, but he might have been at home as well.

Aether Myle – Evester’s Fake Name when infiltrating Valaria in book 2.

Graceon Phyn – The son and heir to the Phyn family. The Phyn family has held a seat on the Valarian Circle Council for generations. They are considered one of the most important families in Valaria and Circle culture. The Phyn family is a politics family, dealing with business affairs and celebrities. They have access to most places and things.

Hester Phyn – Graceon’s sister and member of the Phyn family.

Hailena “Hazee” Zeeara – The daughter of a famous actress and actor who long divorced. Friends with Hester and Graceon.

James (Dealer) – Zeydar’s drug dealer in Valaria.

Karly Aimes – The second daughter of the Aimes family, a prominent technology family in Valaria. Friends with Hester and Graceon.

Micha Rayblay – The Rayblay family is in cyber security, as well as citizen registry. Micha works on the Valarian Circle Council. Officially, in public, he is the leader of the oppositional party to the Igilistal’s political party. Unofficially, in truth, he is an ally of the Igilistals.

Osta Markson – A circle with parents in marketing. Friends with Hester and Graceon.

Pepper Pactron – The daughter of a bank CEO. Friends with Hester and Graceon.


Alan Penn – The Prime Minister in charge of the greater AmeraNor region. He has direct conflict with most of EverDanger. His place of power is Avalain, a city that is partially underground and above ground.

General Havoc – An X general.

Heiphillia Corosova – Heia’s namesake. “The famous woman who had been a part of the Igilistal family by marriage. She was a saint of the X’s working to save them when a deadly plague swept over the LowerLands. While all of the Igilistal family had tried to help, she alone had gone to the LowerLands to lead them, to help them, and to save them. She had been a Star, a low ranked one if Evester remembered correctly, but she had magic and her magic had helped advance healing, particularly down in the LowerLands. “The Healer.” We of the Lowerlands remember her in a more vindictive way. The plague had been killing us, yes, but we were surviving as we always were. She may have saved us, but she brought us back into the politics and hold of the Circles. By doing so she made us lower again. She made us subjugated again. She made us suffer in a different way, because were once again beholden.” Shawn glared into Evester’s eyes. “Every name has a meaning. Every name has a purpose. We name our children after Heiphillia not to praise her but to scorn her and to take what she did to us and turn it back to reclaim it. What is the original meaning of Heiphillia?””It’s something akin to sovereignty.” “Heiphillia for our people is a name of power. A name of control. Someone who can go into a situation and destroy the status quo. A name that brought us such bad luck should be a curse, but we changed it to make it a charm. A charm to destroy the Circles who had claimed us back.” Shawn went on. “The world leaders are not going to make it easy for us to convince them that we are saving the world but you are lucky you have Heia.” Shawn stood up looking to the wall and then heading to the door. “Because thus far she has only lived up to her name, and our people will find a sort of poeticism in that. You should think about how to deal with the Circles and Stars, because we can take care of the X’s.” 

Issac Auclair – A prime Minister of X’s.

James X – A random soldier from LakeLost

Marionette Whitman – A prime Minister of X’s.

Ms. Jymes – A leader of Anti-Love and a mayor of an Undercity whose population is assisted by Evester.

Nicki – A soldier on Heia’s specialized teams.

Todd – A soldier on Heia’s specialized teams.

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