YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 35 (CHAPTER 386)

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Melancholy And The Days (1) That Passed (part 3)  

Evester watched as Zeydar and Uly reviewed over data and information. Maverin hovered over Zeydar’s shoulder pointing at documents and explaining things. Zeydar looked disinterested, but Uly was grimacing as he continued working. Evester did not hear what Uly said to Maverin, but when Maverin laughed hearty, and took a seat next to Zeydar, Evester figured it was ‘shut up.”

The three were seated further away surrounded by documents and screens with data. Zeydar was scrolling bored, writing notes on a tablet with a pen. Evester watched them from further away, not wanting to bother them. He, however, could not let Zeydar work without rest. Zeydar had only just been able to feel a bit better. Evester did not want Zeydar collapsing from overwork — or worse, being talked to death by Maverin.

“Freezings are underway.” Endwin said sitting next to him. “Aren’t you supposed to be assisting Kim and Heia?”

“Yea. But I’m still worried.” Besides the final freezings wouldn’t occur until after the wedding. Evester had time to learn the proper protocols. He could waste a few days, on standby for Zeydar.

“Will fifteen days be enough for them?” Endwin asked, his back to their father. At the question. Maverin looked over to them and stood, walking over. Evester grimaced.

“For Uly? Yes.” For Zeydar? Evester was not sure.

“I’m not sure, I understand, but what are they looking for exactly?”

“For Uly to be right, and for Zeydar to understand the environment in an effort to…”

“Help himself with magic,” Maverin filled in as he walked up. “He has to begin theorizing new ways for magic now, based on the predictions, so that when we arrive he is ready for whatever is thrown his way.”

Maverin took a seat next to Endwin. Evester watched as Uly shot them all a look asking them to stay quiet, and Evester nodded.

“We need to stay quiet.” Evester told the two.

“Is that practical?” Endwin asked, listening and dropping his voice.

“He will do it. He figured out what to do about the Queen,” Maverin said with a complete disregard for the request.

“With your guidance.” Evester glared at his father.

“And he will have my guidance in this, but he has to figure most of it out himself. I’m not the genius.”

It was the first time that Evester heard the word associated with Zeydar. He knew that Zeydar was powerful, but a genius? Evester looked for a joke behind his father’s eyes. Instead all he saw was a seriousness that his father usually did not have.

“You aren’t…” Maverin said solemnly. “He didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Kony didn’t tell you? Shawn? Phil?” Maverin looked to Endwin and back to Evester.

“Tell me what?”

“Evester,” Endwin said hushed. “Zeydar is a genius.”

“He’s a Class Zero.” Obviously he was talented. He had an understanding of magic that others didn’t have, but… Zeydar always explained magic as a sensation, like a sixth sense. Although, Evester would admit that he didn’t know a lot about magic, the others knew far more. He probably should have asked Kony, Shawn, or Phil, before they went to their ships.

“No.” His brother shook his head. “Not just in magic.”

“How did you not know?” Maverin asked amused.

“The others must have assumed he knew.”

“What did I miss?” Evester asked.

“Your fiancé is the most brilliant mage in the world. Excluding what he can do with his powers. He took his Superior test for the first time at eighteen and passed for the first time at Nineteen,” Endwin said low, turning back a bit to look at Zeydar and then back to Evester.

“Yes. I knew that.”

“And he taught the highest level history course offered,” Endwin went on.

“I knew that.”

“On the day he passed his exam, and the Superiors accepted him, he had tested for three days nonstop.”

“I knew that.”

Endwin blinked at a loss for words. Evester searched his brother’s eyes, trying to figure out what he was missing.

“Evester.” Maverin’s smile dropped, speaking up for Endwin. “I know I raised you better than this. The Superiors were trying to sabotage him. He’s not just good at magic because he has better skills, or that magic loves him. Magic, despite how he speaks about it, is not sentient. Stars have a new sense that allows them to interact with the energy but it is controlled. It is a natural energy and has no thought. For years he was under the influence of WhiteShade which resulted in him using his magic and filtering it the wrong way. While he is in Cryostasis, his body will get accustomed to using magic properly and it will stop hurting him in total. 

“But, he’s not skilled because the will of the universe wants him to be. It’s all intellect. It requires complex equations and calculations at the spur of the moment to understand how to control the energy. Your fiancé can calculate the exact composition of a mixture within minutes. Using the earth’s rotation, his location, and a series of complex dynamic and physics calculations, Zeydar can calculate the trajectory of spells including teleportation within seconds. He says that most spells require memorization that rarely changes, once mastered, but you saw the things he was creating on a whim. You many not understand magic, none of us may, but there is no one in the universe that understands it better than he does. He’s smarter than Uly.”

Evester sat shocked. It was not as if he had not assumed that Zeydar was brilliant, but with his lack of understanding for magic he was not sure he had understood what was necessary for magic itself. Zeydar had often talked with Kony about chemistry and physics equations, but Evester had not thought too much on them, as most sciences were related to each other. There was potion work and the elements in spells, he had assumed it was a supplement and not that it was number dependent.

“You are brilliant, son.” Maverin sighed dramatically. “But the fact that you never realized until this moment has me concerned for you.”

“I knew his tests were difficult…” There were no excuses, at the end of the day. He should have noticed, or at least asked more questions.

“You went this whole time without realizing?” Endwin laughed.

“To be honest, I’m not sure any of us knew,” Kim said from behind Evester. Evester turned over his shoulder to see her with Heia. Heia’s eyes were focused on Zeydar. 

“Shawn didn’t say anything about it,” Heia whispered.

“That’s concerning. Did no one else notice?” Maverin asked.

“I think…” Kim sat. “That we assumed that he was brilliant but most of what he said or had to do was beyond us.”

“The way he talks about magic is as if it’s alive,” Heia agreed.

“You wouldn’t call water or fire alive. But would you be able to control them at the height of their power? Control, manipulate, and calculate on a whim? No.” Maverin looked back to Zeydar. “I do suppose that it might be the best opportunity for a class on magic, because it is going to become important in the future.”

“How important?” Evester found himself asking. 

“Maverin.” Zeydar called at that moment and Maverin jumped out of his chair running over like a lost puppy, nearly jumping up in joy at being needed to answer a question. Evester looked back to Kim, Heia, and Endwin, whispering and wanting to ask Endwin more.

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