YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 34 (CHAPTER 385)

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Melancholy And The Days (1) That Passed (part 2)  

Heia helped the person into the staisis chamber. She was shaking, despite her calm demeanor. She had gotten in, and had made sure of herself. Behind Heia, the girl’s parents were wishing her goodbye.

“We will be okay?” The girl asked Heia, when Heia went to seal the container.

“We will.” Kim nodded. “Now, don’t hold your breath. Just relax, and go to sleep.”

“You promise?” The girl asked Heia again.

“We will make it there.” Heia could promise no more, as it was the only thing that she was certain of. She then slid the glass into place and backed up as Kim froze the girl, who closed her eyes and went to sleep in the long line of bodies that were frozen forever. Heia looked back to the parents.

The mother began sobbing, held up by her husband. Kim turned to the next chamber, and unlocked it. The husband and wife cried with each other, sobbing and hugging each other. Heia clenched her fists letting them say their goodbyes.

“We can freeze you at the same time if you want.” Kim suggested when they could not decide who went first. Heia almost jumped. She had not done a freezing process, although… She suspected that she would need to learn. EverDanger were meant to be of the last to go to sleep.

When the man and woman agreed some five minutes later, Heia helped the woman into a chamber.

“Thank you.” The woman said to her.

“We will make it there.” Heia smiled to her, and then slid the glass into place. She’d watched Kim do the procedure enough to tap at the buttons and then all at once the machine went cold. The woman froze and it was over.

“Good job.” Kim said at her shoulder.

“This feels wrong.” Heia admitted to her. “I feel like I’m lying.”

“You’re not.” Kim kissed her temple. “We should get the next set.”

Kim started walking through the labyrinth back to where the civilians were waiting to be frozen.

“What if this doesn—“ Heia grabbed Kim’s arm.

“Nope.” Kim cut her off, spinning back around. “We do not accept negative energy here.




“We can’t put that into the world. We have to believe in this. When the rest of the world is terrified, we have to believe. They are looking forward to us.” She smiled. It was forced, but it was necessary. Heia saw the terror in the smile, masked and concealed until it was only hope. “Besides this has a higher success rate than any of the EverDanger missions.”

“This isn’t a ploy.”

Millions of lives were at risk. Their lives were at risk.

They could all die and never know it. Never see it coming. Never fix it.

“No. But its a dance, and like all games and dances we have to come out on top. The world believes in us, Heia. We have to be EverDanger until the end. We can not let them see us worry. We can not.”

They were EverDanger. They had to keep going, to believe when no one else did. The Uncertain End may have passed but their job was not done. They had ten days until they left, and until then Kim and her would walk the labyrinth with families and individuals until everyone was sealed and it was their turn.

As they went to pick up the next person, Heia saw the fear that the young man had was far beyond the others she had helped. He stood with a young woman who too was terrified. When they met her gaze, they were on the verge of tears.

EverDanger until the end, Kim mouthed and Heia nodded. EverDanger could not be scared.

“It’s going to be alright,” Heia said with a smile.

And she had to believe it. She had to keep saying it until all of them believed it.

Heia led the young couple into the labyrinth, disappearing into the sea of bodies and ice.

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