YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 32 (CHAPTER 383)

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After Uncertainty (part 3)

Evester locked the door behind him. The room itself was dark, and Evester refused to turn on the lights, knowing that as well as Zeydar acted, he was not well. Evester pulled at his shirt pulling it off, and sighing as Zeydar talked. He spoke of the research that he read from Maverin, as well as what he felt. Zeydar wore five Staffs again, not needing the additional ones to function. They were, however, an arms reach away if needed.

“You’re certain then?” Evester asked.

“There will be a few more residual waves over the next few days, but I can keep those defenses up easily,” Zeydar said as he sat on the bed. “That and my research will be easy.”

The final report was worse than Uly had initially predicted. Had they remained, there would not have been a single survivor, and even attempting to return to the Earth would result in their extinction. What they had said in the cafeteria had been conjecture. The actual data confirmed it, much to their dismay. There was no way back, only forward. Evester pulled at his pants when he saw Zeydar staring.

“Like what you see?” Evester could see the way that Zeydar’s eyes flickered in the dark. The magic swirled around him, almost glowing like far away galaxies. Evester had always wondered why Stars were called Stars, but seeing the way that magic moved about Zeydar, he understood. Stars were like magnets pulling the natural energy of the world towards them, shifting invisible into starlight.

“I do.” Zeydar’s expression changed, from a playful one to one filled with desire.

Evester paused for a moment caught up with the look, feeling it at the base of his spine. Zeydar’s eyes trailed over his body slowly, taking him in and Evester felt more exposed than he had in weeks. Zeydar had not given him the look, in part out of stress, and in part out of exhaustion. Evester’s throat felt dry, and his hands itched for contact. Evester made his way over to the bed, only to reach for Zeydar and to be flipped onto the bed and pressed down by Zeydar.

“Yes?” Evester chuckled as Zeydar’s fingers traced along his neck.

“You no longer have to keep the countdown.” Zeydar repeated what Heia had said earlier that afternoon. Evester cocked his eyebrows as Zeydar kissed his neck. “The Uncertain End has passed.”

“It has.” Evester, tugged at the hem of Zeydar’s shirt.

“You saved us.” Zeydar kissed him. “Thank you.”

When Zeydar looked him in the eye, Evester saw a look of not only adoration but acceptance in Zeydar’s eyes. It was as if he were expecting an emotional response, that then bubbled up in Evester’s throat. Tears rose to his eyes as the relief washed over him. The Uncertain End had passed.

When Heia had said the words earlier, he had not paid them much attention. The countdown had been internal, and consistently clicking away, but it was over. It was done. He no longer had to hold on to the thread. They had survived uncertainty. They would make it another day and then another.

“We did it,” Evester whispered. Zeydar wiped his eyes and smiled.

“No. You did.” Zeydar kissed him lightly.

“We did,” Evester insisted. It was a group effort. He could have never done it without EverDanger.

“You got us together.”

“You fought for us. Heia got us to work together.”

“Yes, but Evester,” Zeydar said looking down on him. “You were the one who had taken the leap to try to do what your father required, knowing not, if it would work. You took the risk to believe what no one else believed. You got us together. You pushed us. You did it. And, you can relax now.”

Evester laughed, and like a coil unwinding he was able to let go of a tension that had existed for the better part of the year. As his hands traced Zeydar’s form, Evester let himself exist in a state of anticipation and relaxation, of love and lust, of sorrow and joy. He let himself feel it all as it all overcame him. The others would take it from there, doing what they did best and he would support them but the weight was off his shoulders. He had succeeded. He had done it. They had survived. 

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