YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 30 (CHAPTER 381)

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After Uncertainty (part 1)

Zeydar sat shaking. He wasn’t as uncomfortable as he had been the day before, however he was not sure if that as because he had gotten used to the sensation or if it had disappeared completely. There was no pain. There was no headache. The lights were not swirling. Everything was at reasonable decibels. Sitting, Zeydar knew that if he had not gotten better, that meant everything was about to get much much worse.

Everyone sat in the control room together. Evester held him, with blankets around them, staring out the window to stare at the planet to know what was headed their way. All of the Superiors were on standby, and magic shields had been placed up around all the ships. Zeydar had been able to drain the Stars and Circles of their magic, into the tablet so that the other Superiors could use it. Those Superiors who were asleep, he had drained as well.

Perhaps it was not that he was better, but that he was using the magic. Maybe that was why he felt better. All the same, Zeydar needed to keep his mind straight. It all could get worse.

Evester breathed in deeply behind Zeydar to the point where Zeydar felt sleepy. They had been up since the day before, scared that they would miss the even that would wipe out all of humanity, if they took the opportunity to sleep. No one spoke, instead notes were written between individuals.

Uly had gotten his data. But he had not touched it, from what Zeydar understood. The screens were up and all of EverDanger were messaging each other but not speaking. Evester kissed the back of Zeydar’s head, running his hands over Zeydar’s arms to calm Zeydar down a bit.

Zeydar closed his eyes, wanting to fall asleep and erase all the thoughts, when it rose inside again, threatening to rip him apart. As he seized doubling over, Evester’s grip on him tightened, pulling him closer. With a quick motion, Evester had Zeydar’s face against his chest. Zeydar breathed in surrounded by Evester for the smallest of moments.

“It’s coming.” Zeydar had to clear his head. He had to be prepared. He needed to stand. He needed to use his magic. He needed to use all of their magic.

“I am going to let you go in five seconds and you will do what you need to and not a thing more.” Evester told him. Together they took breaths, counting down and Zeydar pushed himself through the fear and pain. When Evester let him go, Zeydar jumped to his feet, teleported to the window directly, and threw up every protective shield around the Ships. He pulled at all the magic in one fail swoop. He emptied himself to the near brink of no return. He drew in more magic with his staffs, and sent that out as well. All the magic was at his disposal, and it was just enough.

Squinting, Zeydar felt the waves of solar radiation bounce and wave off his protective shields.

“What is happening?” Kim asked.

“It’s…” Uly answered. Zeydar focused all of his energy on the defense, drawing in the magic at the same rate that he expanded it. He thought of nothing else and only heard the sound of his own heart beat as he held the shields for all the time that it was required. When the energy in his blood settled, he dropped the shields and fell back into Evester’s arms who stood behind him.

Zeydar turned back to Evester not knowing how to explain what happened as Uly talked about the exact solar reasoning of what had happened. Zeydar heard brief words about the atmosphere and fluctuations. He knew that ultimately, what had happened had started a series of catastrophes and natural disasters on the Earth all at once, worse than even before.

“I suppose that answers our question,”Evester whispered.

“How bad is the damage?” Estashia asked.

“In calculable at this time.” Uly answered, “Over the course of the next twenty-four hours we will receive all of the data from our sensors.”

Zeydar knew that their shields had protected them. They had been necessary. Now, they were all drained. Now the corrosion of their magic could cease. The space magic filled him, healing what damage the remnants of the earth magic had left behind. In general, he felt better.

His stomach no longer twisted in anticipation.

“That’s it?” Shawn asked.

“That’s it?” Maverin cackled. “I don’t think you understand the magnitude of what Zeydar did. We would have all been fried. He fought against the sun and radiation itself.”

Zeydar had no room to protest that it wasn’t that difficult. Instead, all he could do was breathe and listen.

“Did you get the final project report?” Europa asked.

“Yes, hours ago, once Zeydar said he could feel it incoming,” Uly answered.

Heia walked up next to Zeydar and Evester looking down towards the dark brown and grey Earth. “That wasn’t too bad.”

“Yeah.” Zeydar sighed. Perhaps he needed to use copious amounts of magic more often, to adjust himself to it. The new magic felt far better than any replenish had ever felt before.

“Now what?” Kim asked.

“Now. We read the reports and double down on our decision,” Uly said.

Zeydar turned to them all and then to Evester. “I want to sleep.”

Evester nodded. “We all should. Looking at the data and reports won’t do us much good until they all come in.” 

With that the room agreed to rest, and made their way to their rooms. It was as soon as they were out the door, that Zeydar collapsed. Evester hoisted Zeydar to his back.

“I’m sorry.” Zeydar whispered.

“Don’t be. You’re tired.”

“I did it.”

“You did it again.”

“Now just to get through space, and all of its dangers.”

“We will.”

But the project would never be enough. There had to be more. What more could be done? Zeydar’s head ached from thinking, and so he decided to stop thinking. He could decide more after rest. Maybe he could talk to Maverin. Maverin would know. He wouldn’t lie to Zeydar about the risk, and what needed to be done.

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