YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 28 (CHAPTER 379)

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1 Days Until Goodbyes And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia yawned as everyone connected onto the Screens from all the ships. Everyone had been gathered by Evester and Zeydar. They had pounded on her door urgently, which told her, not to get angry. Something was wrong, not that she knew what it was. She had to trust them and their choice to wake everyone and to make the emergency calls.

All of EverDanger was there, the Superiors, and Heia’s specialized military teams, waiting to be told what was wrong. Last Heia knew the sleep plans were well underway and most people were asleep, other than necessary final staff and those selected to remain awake through the end.

“He looks miserable.” Kim sighed, looking at Zeydar.

Heia had to agree that Zeydar looked far worse than when she’d seen him days before, after the fight with the Aralax where he’d nearly died. He looked as if he might disappear at any moment, he was so skittish… Heia sat up further. She knew then, what it was about.

“What is this—“ May began.

“The Uncertain End is beginning?” Heia gasped loud enough for everyone to hear and looked at her. Zeydar turned to her. “That’s what you’re feeling? You feel it?”

“I do.” Zeydar answered. He twisted in on himself, as if he’d cave in at any moment. If anyone could sense it, he would.

“Right now? It’s a day early.”

“No.” Zeydar shook his head. “It’s beginning. I can feel it and everything in my body is telling me to run.”

“Can it destroy us here?” Uly asked carefully.

“I don’t know.” Zeydar admitted.

“Have we got the data yet?” Shawn asked hurried.

“Not yet. A few more hours.”

“How long do we have?”

All eyes were on Zeydar who stood still for a long moment. He then grabbed at Evester. “I can’t tell wearing all of this.”

“You… Here?” Evester asked glancing to those in the room and on the screen, before looking at Zeydar.

“Yes. I need to know.”

“Okay. Okay.” Evester sighed, before he took off his jacket and then kicked a chair aside before pulling Zeydar to the ground. Zeydar, who removed his brackets and fumbled at his earrings began gasping. “Stop. I’ll do it. You focus.” 

Heia watched as Zeydar went still and lifeless as Evester covered Zeydar’s head with his jacket and then removed a few Staffs, placing them aside, and pulling Zeydar’s head into his chest. Zeydar then let go of his large staff, and placed it aside. There was a long moment of silence before Zeydar cried out in pain and grasped Evester tightly. Evester began to rock them both as Zeydar hyperventilated.

“Focus,” Evester said in a soothing tone.

“I am!” Zeydar cried out.

“On me. Not the pain. On the facts.”

“I know. I know,” Zeydar said. Heia could see his hands shaking as he tugged on Evester’s shirt tighter. It was then, no more than seconds later, that Evester slapped the bracelets back on. One by one, Evester rearmed Zeydar with the staffs that were acting as a filter or limiter for him. Heia was not exactly sure what they were doing, but she knew it made it easier.

There was a long silence before Zeydar released Evester and sat up a little. Evester helped him whispering words that Heia could not hear, when Zeydar slid the jacket off his head. “We might be safe out here, but we might be too close.”

“Can you defend us?” Uly asked. “From whatever it is.

“Yes.” When Zeydar said the words, he looked back to all of them, certain of himself. “And I will need to. I need to drain myself of as much earthly magic before we leave, as I can. We all need to as mages. I think I can drag all the magic out of the circles and all the stars. I feel them all over my skin like ants and –“

“Hush. Hush,” Evester said to him, rocking them both.

Zeydar closed his eyes. “We need to get rid of as much as we can.”

“Understood.” Kony and Majorie said at once. “Take what you need.”

“Why?” Another Superior asked.

“Because we could die otherwise. It will corrode us. It already is now,” Zeydar whispered.

Heia watched as the Superiors looked about each other skeptical but then nodded in agreement.

Uly asked. “Do you know what it is?”

“No.” Zeydar clung tighter to Evester.

Heia looked to all the others. “Thus it begins.”

“Thus it begins.” Maverin repeated with a bit of a grin. He was the only one smiling.

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