YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 26 (CHAPTER 377)

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2 Days Until Aversion And the Uncertain End 

Evester stood next to Uly as Maverin fussed about the Project. Zeydar had been dismissed, having learned how to update the project faster than either Evester or Uly, although Uly had a rough idea before starting. Regardless, there were three people who knew it besides Maverin, two who knew it far better than Evester. Evester hoped that it would be of benefit in the future.

Heia, Kim, Europa, and Estashia were supposedly off going over plans for the new world and Zeydar had returned to his room. Endwin was nowhere to be seen, but that was because his brother was preparing for the wedding. Evester had not come into contact much with Endwin, and Evester knew that was on purpose.

The ship was currently in the process of rebooting, as it uploaded the completed Yasloughve Two into its system. Now that Uly and Zeydar were collaborators, they’d be able to adjust things, but the final project had yet to be uploaded to work as the pain software.

“Everything looks in order.” Maverin sighed. He tried typing at his laptop again. Nothing happened.

“Then why isn’t it turning on.” Uly hissed.

“I don’t know.”

“Go through the code again.”

“I have multiple times.”

“We need this Maverin.”

They needed it more than life itself. The Project was all that they could rely on with their limited resources and knowledge. Otherwise they were to disappear.

“I know. I know. I… Oh.” Maverin laughed before he typed something in and then the whole Ship turned off. All the lights went dark, backlights went on, and within seconds it was rebooted. The lights flickered back, and the Project’s name flashed across every computer screen. “There we go.”

“Are you serious?” Uly moved over, starting to input the directions into the computer that then began to load up the possibilities and calculate fluctuations real time. 

“We need to reboot all the Ships.” Maverin ignored Uly. “We should get started, now, so that they can all connect and we can confirm that the web is in place, and procedures are ready for deepspace travel.”

“I can do that over the next few days, before I get to my final Ship.” Uly offered.

“No. I can.”

“What.” Uly glared at the man. “This again?”

“I want them all up and running asap, so we can check. Final reboots can be then.” Maverin offered, but Evester knew it was a moot offer, as Maverin was planning on leaving, not Uly. “I’ll send the information over to the ships now, so that the first reset can be underway.”

“Keep your word Maverin.”

“We won’t be able to do the final reset, until you’ve went over all the data again, and Zeydar has time to adapt to the new information. Speaking of which—“ Maverin looked to Evester. “How is he?”

Evester looked at his father confused for all of a moment. He had seen Zeydar earlier, but he meant mentally.

“Suffering, but better today than before. He said he’s filtering better. Ever since he started carrying five Staffs around he hasn’t had headaches.” Evester answered.

“He’s probably going to have some sort of reaction to the traveling through space. We are going to want to stay as far from other stars and anomalies as we can. I’ll make sure that’s clear in all the final updates.”

“Again. What do you mean by, you will do it? I am leaving with Estashia.”

“Oh.” Maverin looked at him with a grin. “I can do it while you finish your research.”

Uly was at a loss for words before he shook his head and nodded. The two then turned their attention to the location and added instructions on how to get the Ship to the new home. Evester sighed and assisted, when was necessary.

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