YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 24 (CHAPTER 375)

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4 Days Until Pain And the Uncertain End 

Zeydar’s head was pounding, and no matter where he escaped to, it was the same. Every part of the cursed ship was trying to suffocate him and destroy him. The day before it had been bad, but today it was worse. He had a feeling that the pain was going to get worse. Instinctually, he wanted to flee, but there was nowhere to go and whiteshade was forbidden from the ship.

He could teleport back to earth, but he also knew that the whiteshade the Aralax had was not what he needed. It would make everything worse. he needed dreams, but according to the records, Estashia had burned all of the Dreams in existence. He was stuck having to cope on his own, which meant hiding. Curled up under a blanket, with his headphones on, he laid in the room that was for them to stay in before they were put into stasis.

Zeydar was trying to contain himself when he felt a hand on his back. It was not Kony’s infused with magic healing. This one was limited in magic, but he did not lash out. Instead he let the had rub his back, and leaned against the figure who sat beside him. He pulled the body closer and moved the blankets over Evester as well.

Evester laid down, next to him, and Zeydar placed his head on Evester’s chest. Evester began to hum, not that Zeydar could hear it. He felt it soothing the magic around him, and within him. Evester wrote messages on his back, reminding him that he was safe and loved. Sighing, Zeydar was able to find himself relaxing. 

“I hate this.” Zeydar told him.

‘I know.’ Evester wrote.

Zeydar slid off his headphones. “I don’t want it to be like this forever?”

“I have a feeling that you aren’t going to have a choice for a long time. The new home may be similar.”

Dread twisted in his stomach. He curled his fingers into Evester’s shirt and hurried his face further into Evester’s shirt. “I hate this.”

“How can I help you?”


Evester laughed and then began to hum again. Zeydar pressed his ear against Evester’s chest, listening to the resonance and his heartbeat. 

Zeydar sighed to himself as Evester began to tell him stories. They staid that way for a long time, until Zeydar felt that he had his head on straight and got up.

“Carefully. Slowly.”

“I’ll be okay. We should go to your father.”

Maverin had requested Zeydar assist him and learn how to operate the program. It was obvious that the man did not expect his own survival, not that Zeydar wanted to entertain it. With Evester’s hand in his own, and his headphones on, they walked through the corridor to where Uly and Maverin were practicing. Zeydar slipped his headphones off.

“Feeling better?” Maverin asked as they arrived.


“Well… Maybe learning will help you.”

Zeydar shrugged, and followed over to where Maverin stood. He let Evester wander, as Evester knew the basics of the project. Maverin then began to explain the fundamentals, the way the project worked, the coding, and the details. Zeydar watched as Maverin flipped through everything.

“I’ll be back later.” Uly groaned. “I’m not making progress.”

“Okay.” Maverin smiled.

“What is it you’re doing?” Evester asked?

“Looking over the data and understanding the implications and decisions, while learning how to input the changes. It’s a lot of numbers.” Uly sighed.

“Go get food. Evester you go with him. I have to catch Zeydar up.” Maverin wove them off.

As they left, Zeydar glanced over the numbers and considered what was being said. He then watched as Maverin showed him how to input the numbers and changes into the system. It was easy enough and after a few questions, Zeydar was certain that he knew how to do it, the issue was figuring out what to add.

He sat down and began working at the archived records, to practice. Maverin did not say a word as Zeydar flipped through the pages reading. He was vaguely aware when the others returned. He ate in silence, going through the numbers and reading everything. By the time he finally looked up, Evester was asleep next to him and Uly was gone.


“Yes.” Zeydar then began to explain what needed to be fixed and how to do it. Maverin listened, leaning against a table.


“Am I right?”

“Probably better decisions than I had.”



“Should I practice the input?”

“We will do that tomorrow. For now, you should rest.” Maverin lifted his hand, covered in white magic.

Startled, Zeydar looked around. The whole room was covered in the dust. “I–“

“I think this is a reaction of your body trying to heal itself at this point. It knows something is wrong and there is a strong possibility it will get worse as we approach the Uncertain End. For now, go with Evester and rest. I’ll clean up here.”

“Thanks.” Zeydar said, waking Evester who grumbled and leaned on him. With one last look back to Maverin, Zeydar led Evester to their room, his mind did not ache nearly as much, at least.

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