YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 21 (CHAPTER 372)

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5 Days Until Departure And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Zeydar wrapped his arms around his body, as he stood staring at the ship that was doing final calls for boarding. He sent out his spell for tracing one last time, and found that the only humans in the vicinity were there either in the ship or outside of it. He’d checked all the other citires, and he’d already run three checks on the launch site. Everyone was clear save the twenty people waiting.

For him.

Zeydar kicked a rock, sighing and trying to keep his wits about him.

“Is everyone clear?” May asked, walking up to him.

“Yes.” Zeydar admitted through his grit teeth.

May whistled, and Zeydar watched as the remaining humans, hurried to finish final protocols, without waiting for them.

“We need to go.” May said to him, helping him stand.

“I don’t want to get on that. Can’t I just teleport up?” He was certain he could do it. He also was positive that it would be safer. Teleportation, he could control. A space death trap?

Although, he supposed that they’d be stuck in the space ships and those were death traps too.

“No.” She laughed, pulling him forward.

“I think I need to check the project again.”

“You already did. Twice.” She then shook her head. “We won’t get the results for another four days and you reinforced it, so that the Ovaria tower will not fall.”

It was the only one still standing as the Aralax decimated the others. He had not asked them to avoid it. Instead he had turned on all the power, and maintained it with days worth of magic. He could teleport back down, but he knew no one wanted him to do that. Instead they were trusting his magic to hold.

Which they should, because he trusted his magic to hold.

The issue was the shuttle before him.


“What’s terrible about it?” She held her hand out.

It was enclosed, and he’d be traveling through space in a way that he was not used to. “I don’t like it.”

“You don’t get a choice.”

Zedyar grimaced.

“You’re going to be fine. Trust me.”

“I know.” Zeydar sighed, closing his eyes. 

“We should get on.” She tugged at him. “The others can not finish, until we do.”

“I love you May.” He said, hugging her. Their hug was a long one, lingering and tight. They had not hugged in such a way since…

Zeydar saw May. His head was swimming in pain and his senses were dull, but she was there, standing in the Military Mages uniform. She was silent, despondent, and giving off and air of cruelty that he’d never seen before.


He watched as her back froze. Her commanding officer, who spoke to her in hushed words, stopped speaking and looked at Zeydar.

“Yes? How can we help you?”

“May?” Zeydar repeated. He knew they saw him as a student. A Class One who was to be respected, but a student not yet a Superior. May however, turned from her commanding officer to look over in his direction. The world seemed to freeze and in seconds her cold expression melted into sobs as she reached for him. He grabbed her and held her tight, knowing that they both had lost everything.

But they had each other.

“You’re the best sister I could ever ask for.” Zeydar told her. They were family, and he was scared to lose her, more so than, perhaps, all the other members of his new family.

“I love you too.” She kissed his cheek. “Trust me. We’ll do this together.”

She then pushed him to his shuttle. Together they walked hand in hand, stepping up and into the ship as the final operators rushed on with them. The launch would be done from the Ships in space. 

Zeydar looked one last time at the blue sky and then got into the shuttle, headed towards his seat next to Evester who was already strapped in. Zeydar sat next to him on the uncomfortable seat. May sat next to him on the other side, and soon operators were calling for the ship confirmations of it being secure. One by one they moved about, and Zeydar heard the air locks and felt the pressure change.

Evester too his hand.

“Ready?” Evester whispered.

“No.” Zeydar answered as he followed the instructions to lock himself in place. 

“I don’t think anyone is.”

Zeydar spread out his magic, feeling the way that the ship moved and was locked up. He spread it further, feeling the very structure of the shuttle itself. This was the last shuttle. There would be no others. One in space, May and the others would be transferred to their final ships.

He listened to Uly’s voice call for take off, and closed his eyes wanting to ignore everything. Evester tapped at his hand. Zeydar thought of the falling cities and the natural disasters that were supposed to rock the site in a few hours. One by one, their cities had fallen and they had fled.

And then, with Uly’s command, it was their turn to leave.

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