YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 23 (CHAPTER 374)

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5 Days Until Departure And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia sat in the control room watching as Uly and Maverin coordinated with the crews on all the Ships. She glanced between them and the Earth that was bright grey in the light of the sun. The entire planet saddened her. She had seen images of what it looked like before the catastrophe, but looking down now, she knew that the planet was the color due to whiteshade. There was no way to return, and Heia knew that whatever life came after would never be the life that she once knew.

Maverin and Uly argued about semantics, and details. She watched Uly thinking of what Estashia had said earlier.

“This is where you are?” Kim laughed sitting and handing her food.

“Why is Estashia on this ship? I thought it was supposed to be Europa and Maverin, who remained here.”

She understood Uly, as the data had to be sent somewhere. Estashia however? Why?

“It will be Uly and Europa.” Kim shook her head. “I think plans have changed.”


When did they change? Why did they change?

“They are going to marry them. Endwin is here too,” Kim explained.

Heia tried to think back. Hadn’t Endwin gotten on a shuttle? She swore he had, however no matter how much she pictured it, she had not seen him get on one. He also had not been at the loading dock, to say goodbye. Had he said his goodbyes earlier? Had he not bothered to join because all of his family was on the flagship?

“That makes all of the Igilistal’s, and I saw Evester talking with his mother privately,” Kim went on. “She’s called me to her room for a fitting.”

“What?” Heia tried to comprehend the word. Kim had said it softly. “A fit–“

“Quiet. It’s a secret.”

Kim glanced up to Maverin and Uly. Heia turned back to see Maverin holding his pointer finger to his lips as a secret, and Uly working away as if he had not heard at all. It was a secret? Uly didn’t know? When had it been decided? Heia knew that Europa and Uly were to be wed once they got to the new home, but what had changed the plan? Why?

“Why are they marrying…”

“Unity, alliances, ensuring the future line? There are many reasons.” Kim sighed. 

“But why?” Those reasons were old. What was the reason to rush now.

“It might be a failsafe in the event that the ship with Estashia and Uly on it, is lost. Now Maverin will replace him, and Uly will be here. This ship will be the most protected.”

Heia’s heart sank. They were doing it as a contingency?

“If Estashia and Maverin die, but they are already wed by law, no one can refute it. It’s for safety. I would not hold it past Estashia to have a larger, grander ceremony later.”

“When will it be?”

“Any time after the Uncertain End.” Kim shrugged.

“You don’t know?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if only Evester, Estashia, and Maverin knew. Endwin seemed confused as well.”

When had Kim talked to Endwin?

“Why Evester?” Heia asked instead.

“Someone has to get Uly there, and Maverin wouldn’t be able to get him to move.” She laughed. “It will be a surprise to us all.”

“And if we go back down?”

Kim looked back out to the planet. “I don’t think we are ever going back down.”

And for the first time ever, Heia admitted to herself that she agreed. She stared at the planet and then back to Uly who was working at numbers, learning how to operate and update the Yasloughve Project. In the event that something happened, she thought.

And for the first time, Heia admitted to herself, that there was a chance they would not all make it to the new home.

As she ate her food, she began to cry for all those who never had a chance and for the possibility of those that they might lose.

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