YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 22 (CHAPTER 373)

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5 Days Until Departure And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Evester had to admit the flight was the most uncomfortable experience he’d had. His eyes watered a bit but they did not drip down. Rather they fell out, into the weightless air. Taking a deep breath, Evester looked out the window to try to see the planet that they would leave behind. Unlike the beautiful images he’d grown up seeing, he saw a range of destruction and white mists. The clouds swirled dark and dangerous. It was dark, dreary, turning red in some places from what he expected were volcanic eruptions. It was desolate. It was destroyed.

It was no longer the home he had expected to find.

“It looks nothing like what I expected.” Evester whispered to Zeydar.

“The end of the world.” Zeydar huffed from next to him.  He had been tense the whole time. Evester was not sure the weightlessness, was making him better, or not. The worst of it was long over but Zeydar looked as if someone had threatened them all.

Evester grabbed his hand and smiled at him as the shuttle made its way to the Ship that waited for them to dock. “Okay?”

“I hate it,” Zeydar whispered.

“Why?” Evester leaned as close as he could.

“My head hurts.”

“Lack of magic?”

“Abundance?” Zeydar squeezed his hand. “I can feel it from the planet, and the sun, and… All around.”

“Magic comes from space?”

“Where else?” Zeydar glanced to him with a bit of a glare. “Everything is made of star dust. Magic is the act of using the natural energies of the universe and capitalizing on them.”

Evester was at a loss for a second, and then he laughed. “You are going to have it much worse then?”

“I had hoped that because space was so vast, that it would be limited, but where we are it is exponentially worse.”

Zeydar was doing rhythmic breathing. Evester wondered if Zeydar had predicted that it would be so… Evester immediately shot a look to Heia and May. The two of them looked at him and then at Zeydar. Heia asked for the others to keep the noise down. May, who was able to reach for headphones, tried to find ones to muffle the sound. The lights were dimmed and Evester felt the tension around Zedyar dissipate a bit.

No, Zeydar had not predicted such a response from himself. If he had, he would have warned them. He had been afraid, was what they all knew. Zeydar did not like being in tight confined spaces, and Evester had to believe that the shuttle was only heightening his discomfort.

“As we move away from the sun, that will probably change,” Evester used his free hand to move the hair off of Zeydar’s face.

Zeydar nodded and leaned his head against the rest.

May finally found the headphones, and placed them on Zeydar who relaxed further. The ship, however, did not return to speaking, as they watched the magic solidify around them. Humming to himself, Evester met the familiar sickening sweet smell. It was more potent. It swirled about the air, crystalizing into snow.

When they got into the dock, gravity returned. With gravity, came a collective sigh of relief as everyone exited. Evester urged everyone to leave him and Zeydar who had to control himself.

“I’m sorry.” Zeydar whispered, taking in the magic, the air turning normal again.

“Don’t apologize. Take your time.”

“It hurts Evester.”

“I know.” Evester helped him up. “But we need to say goodbye to everyone.”

And the crew needed to adjust and fix the ship to transport people from the flagship to the other ships. As they hurried about to secure what needed to be secured, Evester helped Zeydar off the shuttle. There, waiting, were all the others. They all stood, with their luggage, waiting for him to return. All of EverDanger in one spot again, ready to say goodbye.

One by one, they gave their hugs and farewells, whispers of good travels.

“Everything will be okay.” Karla insisted as the siblings hugged each other.

“Be safe. Tell us if you need anything.” Kony told Zeydar.

“I’ll be okay. You stay safe.” Zeydar hugged him.

The farewells were quick, almost inconsequential. None of them wanted to believe it was the end, and Evester agreed. They could not think of it like the end. Estashia and Uly did not get on the ships.

“I thought you were supposed to be leaving.” Kim said to her.

“We will transfer to the ships later.” Estashia answered. She then nodded to Evester who understood that it was for the sake of the wedding that she was on the ship at all. Uly, himself did not seem to understand that.

“I have to get the data and go over it. It will be sent here.” Uly told them all. “Once that is over, I will move.”

Estashia motioned for them to follow. With one last look back at the shuttle that held his friends, Evester promised himself that he’d see them again. Evester walked over to his mother supporting Zeydar, as he did. She then turned prepared to give them a tour of the facilities that they would call home for a short period of time. 

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