YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 20 (CHAPTER 371)

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6 Days Until Twilight And the Uncertain End   

Heia glanced back to the empty military camp. The remnants of the vehicles, and weapons, had been loaded up and sent into space. All that remained were the empty structures, that had to be abandoned as they could not be brought along. There were crumbling buildings off in the distance. The high powered walls, glowed in remnant magic, not that Heia was sure it was necessary. Far out in the distance, Heia could see the horizon of white. It had loomed closer over the night. Like a wall of clouds, the white mist was drawing closer.

It too would take this place, and Heia had a feeling that in a few days, this place would be consumed. They would all be gone, just as the majority of the military left that day. No less than twenty-four hours and she would be off the planet.

Heia reached down, her hand running through what used to be grass, and was little more than dirt and dust from all the movement. Would it return to grass one day? Or would this world become something else entirely? She knew she’d never know. They’d be too far away to see. She hoped that it would return to its glory, but she doubted it would be the case.

It too would cease to exist.

“Thought I’d find you here.” Shawn called out to her.

Heia stood up slowly, facing Shawn who wore his military uniform for the first time since he had abandoned the military.

“Why are you wearing that?” She asked.

“One last time.” Shawn shrugged. “I figured that I might as well remind myself what it’s like to feel uncomfortable before we freeze ourselves.”

Heia laughed. She had never expected that he’d use it as an excuse. He looked sure of himself and steady. Once he’d worn the uniform to save lives, but she knew that he did not associate it with saving lives, not anymore. Not even if the military had protected them through the Aralax invasion.

Heia turned from Shawn again, to the camp and place that they called home.

“It’s strange that it’s so empty,” he said above a whisper, walking up to stand next to her.

Heia nodded. “I can’t believe this is the end.”

“An end.” Shawn corrected her, as he hugged her. “It’s going to be okay.”

“It’s not.” She mumbled into his shoulder. “We are all going to be separated.”

“Not fully.” He reminded her. “And even then. It will be for what feels like moments, even if it is a far longer time.”

“What if—”

“No.” He pushed her back so that she could see his face. His eyes were filled with the same fear, but a determination not to accept the worst. “Remember when we were kids? What would we say?”

“We can’t predict the future.” She repeated, before sighing. “But… the Yasloughve Project is doing a pretty good job of that.”

“It is. And it’s gotten us this far.” He smiled. 

She blinked at him. What did he mean? The Project… It did not pick people, it gave predictions. It had gotten them to this point, by telling them of what was to happen, but it was people who made sure to listen. The Project couldn’t make people listen.

“No. Maverin and Uly and…” Her words formulated and dropped as she continued to stare at him. “… The Project picked them.”

“As much as Maverin says that he picked you all, he read the project better than anyone else. He prepared, based on its predictions, to ensure that we could make it to this day. That has to be worth something. Trust in him, and trust in it.”

“I never took you to be one who would trust in a machine.”

“We don’t have much of a choice.” He laughed before looking up to the sky. He rose one hand up towards the sun, blocking it from his face. “When we get in to space, we have to trust in what society has given us.”


“When we get to the new home.” He looked to her, the shadow of his hand, masking his eyes but not blocking the mischievous and determined look that he had. “We will have to move fast and strike hard before the current regime takes back over.”

“That will be difficult. They’ve wrapped themselves around us all.” Heia felt the smile breaking at her heart and forcing the corner of her lips up.

“Estashia, herself, is not the issue. It’s the regime she supports. However, using her power through Europa and Kim may not be too difficult. They might have infiltrated your family, to use us. But we also have them in our clutches.” Shawn smiled. “Because we have infiltrated them. And there are more of us than there are of them.”

Heia nodded. “Yes. We can do it.”

It might not be perfect, but they would try. Heia wanted to see a world of equality. She wanted to believe in the future that Maverin predicted. She wanted for no one to suffer the way that they had.

Shawn was right. She could not mope about. She had to take what she was given and push forward. The war was not over, even if the fighting had stopped. Humanity had survived this far. She had to believe it would as the Project predicted. The new home was waiting.

The two turned back to the sun and took in their last full day on earth.

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