YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 19 (CHAPTER 370)

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7 Days Until Apologies And the Uncertain End (part 3)

The data on the screen, raced past Evester’s eyes. He blinked a few times trying to process what he was seeing. However before he could read a line, it had disappeared. Calculations were running, highlights were being noted in time, and unlike the slow running project of Evester’s childhood, this project was zipping by, making tens of calculations.

There were new dates, all past the Uncertain End, new decisions, new considerations. It was expansive and ever changing, and something that Evester could not understand no matter how long he tried to read.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Maverin’s voice came over the speakers, before his image appeared on the screen replacing the numbers.

“Is that the new Project?” Evester asked in awe of what he had seen.

“Yasloughve Two.” Maverin smiled.

Evester did not agree with the name. The Yasloughve Project was named after the creator. The new Project was different from the original. It had been retrofit for an all new purpose. Evester had a feeling that the calculations and programming were different. However, naming the project after his father was… The Yasloughve Project was less ego driven, even if Maverin was the reason the Project existed.

“It will get us through space?” Evester asked instead.

“Yes. Yasloughve Three is in development. It will prepare us for the new world based on the data that Uly receives and Zeydar’s expectations for magic.”

“You have faith in it.” At least that meant that one person had faith in it. Although, Evester knew that his father was, perhaps, the best person to have the faith. He was the only one who could fix the Project, after all.

“Absolutely. It was human error that continued to mess up humanity’s survival thus far.” Maverin winked.

“Or ingenuity.”

“Stupidity and pride.”

Evester laughed. His father was correct, but he did not have to be so final in his words regarding the matters.

“Will it be able to adapt? It always required us to make changes.” Evester leaned against the desk.

“It is… meant to… yes. Times have changed since the Project was first made. I am confident in the changes. Generations have worked for this.” Maverin said with a nod, “Although when Zeydar and Uly come up, I plan to show them how to change the code and to update it if necessary.”

“If you say so.” Evester was not sure how Zeydar would transform magic information into data, but if he could get magic out of data, then there had to be a way.

“Are you ready to come up?” Maverin changed the conversation.

“Not really.”

“It’s a bit to get used to, but I promise that you will enjoy it.”

“How are the others?”

There was a moment where Maverin’s smile flickered irritation, before his entire expression dropped to solemn and serious. “As well as they were when you last asked. What is with you and everyone? You all are like this.”

Evester was not sure what ‘like this’ meant, but if the others felt the same way that Evester did, then it meant that they were all miserable. He felt as if his feet had been placed in cured concrete and no matter how he tried to move, he was held down. His father, however, was floating. He was high on the excitement of the future, Evester could tell. All Evester felt, in comparison, was dread.

Estashia had left with the documents, hours ago, but the feeling of hopelessness at the prospect of losing ships still clung to him. He believed that Zeydar could figure out some sort of defense with magic, but he did not want to rely on maybes. The issue was, there were only maybes and perhaps, that they could see. Evester hated it, and not even his drive for adrenaline and unpredictability made him feel better.

“I think we are all realizing just how final this is.”

There was no way back. Their cities had fallen. Their world had been stolen from them. What if they did that to another people? What if there was no new home for them? What if they never made it? What if they lost all the ships but one? What if they were lost in space and never knew?

“Final? It’s a new beginning,” Maverin disagreed.

“I hate you.” Evester shook his head. He knew that his father would never see it the same way. His father was hopeful, determined, and dedicated. The man had spent the better part of his life serving a family and the Project. He had fought when everyone else told him not to, and had prepared the world for survival even when no one believed him. Maverin was an optimist by trade.

Or perhaps his father was an extreme pessimist who prepared for the worst, and due to it, the worst never came? Evester doubted it. His father smiled too much.

“We will be fine. I know it. I did not make the perfect crew for this mission for it to fail.” His father’s smile was back, and with it he was laughing.

“You? Or my mom?” Evester wanted to joke back, but he found it difficult.

“Who was it you think wooed your mother into falling in love?”

Evester started cackling. He knew how awkward his father was and doubted it immensely. As he laughed, his father joined him, and Evester found that he was able to move past the concrete. He just had to trust his father. It was what he had done thus far, and everything had worked out. Maverin Igilistal would not lead humanity into ruin. He was focused on survival, just as Evester was.

New Beginnings?

Evester could accept it.

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