YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 18 (CHAPTER 369)

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7 Days Until Apologies And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia sat with Kim, going over the memorial that they wanted to create in the new home. Due to the incomplete records, there was no way that they were going to be able list all the names. Instead it would represent all those lost, as well as their old home. It was intended to look like the planet as they had known it, before the destruction.

Heia hoped that they would get it to spin. Heia was not sure that they would be able to have it work for certain, until they got to the new home. The designs were in place and the materials were ready. While it might have made more sense to get materials from the new home, it was symbolic to use materials from earth.

“It’s going to be strange not to be on earth,” Kim said as she placed down the designs.

“We’ll need a new name for the planet,” Heia agreed.

Despite saying it, Heia was not sure that they had the right to name the planet without seeing it. Once they had a new name for the planet, they too would be changed. They would be born anew.

“We’ll find one.” Kim then placed the designs away. She got closer to Heia. “You doing okay?”

“We are getting so close.”

Heia leaned agains Kim. Her heart was racing. The Stars were already on their way up, and the Launch Site was relatively empty. Everything that Zeydar had set up was crumbling down from lack of magic to support it and disuse. Just as was planned, everything had been temporary. Last Heia had heard Avalain had been consumed by the white mists.

True to their word the Aralax had not attacked. The little part of Heia that believed the world could be saved, had been eliminated. She knew that it was impossible, and in that she held sorrow for the time they had lost not listening to the instructions of the Project.

“We are,” Kim whispered.

“When will we get our ship placements?” Heia asked her. She knew that Kim would know better, as Kim was constantly talking with Estashia on matters.

“Days after the end.” Kim answered. “We are all going up together. For now.”

“And if the end does not happen?” Heia said, knowing that she did not even wish it anymore. She could not picture their world the way it was, as something suitable.

Kim laughed. “Endings are scary aren’t they?”

“Yes,” Heia admitted.

“We still have time. Now will you help me with the layout of the cities? We need to send them in before we can even contemplate rest.”

Kim said, pulling new designs before Heia for the city designs. They too could not be confirmed until they arrived at the new home. She started work on them anyway. It was something to do and she needed to distract herself.

It was no sooner than they had gotten into the details of the designs, that there was a knock at their door.

“It’s time.” Kori announced from the other side. Giving each other a look, Heia and Kim cleaned up, gathering the documents. They carried the folders to the meeting room, where EverDanger stood standing, and placing all of the plans and documents into the containers to be sent up with Estashia in a matter of hours.

Maverin was on the big screen, Estashia looking up to him. Europa, Layla, Andre, Endwin, and Uly were behind Maverin.

“Is that everyone?” Maverin asked, as soon as Zeydar walked in the room with Evester in tow.

“Yes,” Karla announced.

“Evester, after this, I will need your assistance for a few things, but help your mother with all the files first.”

“Okay.” Evester stepped up next to Heia and Kim.

“Okay.” Maverin nodded. The screen showing his face changed, to the twenty-one Ships and who would be on all the Ships. On the flagship was Evester, Heia, Kim, Europa, Maverin.  On the last ship, twenty-one, were Layla, Andre, Endwin, and Crass. On ship three were Estashia, Uly, and Rayda. Lynx, Onyx, were on Ship six. Robee, Trace, and Phil were on Ship nine. Kori, Karla, Kony, May, and Shawn were on ship eighteen.

“This…” Evester whispered.

“Is not balanced.” Maverin agreed, his face appearing side by side to the names listed.

“These are the ships then?” Zeydar asked, stunning everyone in the room.

“What do you mean?” Heia whispered.

“We placed your special operative teams one, on each ship, associated with your names. We placed Stars, Circles, X’s and world leaders equitably and equally, however…” Maverin’s voice dropped. Estashia turned to them all.

“We have to prepare for the consideration that Ships will be lost,” She said. Heia’s stomach dropped. She opened her mouth to protest and found herself unable to say a word. They’d be asleep. They were trusting the project that had not yet been completed, to save them. However, anything could change in space. Something could go catastrophic.

“These are the ships that the Project will put priority on.” Maverin went on. “And it is beneficial to our cause if we are grouped up, than one on each ship. For our own sanity as well.”

Heia reluctantly nodded as the others gave their agreement. A strange air of hopelessness filled the air. Heia did not want to lose more people. She could, however, see that they were trying to minimize their losses and she respected it. There was only so much they could do when they were to be frozen.

“Good. We will see you all in space. All of you will be brought to the flagship and then sent out, as we are limiting the shuttles. Take your time to prepare we will see you soon.”

As they were dismissed, Heia observed the others. There was not a dry eye in sight, even as their faces were kept controlled. They knew what it meant, and Heia could feel the same weight on her shoulder’s pressing down. The only one who did not seem to react, was Zeydar, who eyed the names one last time and then nodded. He seemed angry.

“What’s wrong?” Heia asked him, drawing all the attention to him.

“We did not make it this far to only save a few.” He told them all.

“I expected as much.” Maverin laughed.

“What do I need to do?” Zeydar asked him.

“I don’t have an answer. You’ll need to find out. But… if anyone could do it…” Maverin let the rest of his words drift off.

If anyone could find a way to save them all through magic, it would be Zeydar. Heia looked to her friend once more and decided to believe in him. He’d find a way.

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