YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 17 (CHAPTER 368)

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7 Days Until Apologies And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Zeydar looked over the Stars who were being rounded together and lead on to the Ships. The Class Three and below Mages were to complete their transfer with the majority of the military. Meanwhile, the majority of the Class twos and Superiors, would have to wait for the next day. A few of the Superiors that Zeydar could trust had already been sent up to the Ships. They were to contain the other Stars, and to ensure that the Stars listened to the rules and did as asked. In order to do so, Zeydar had taken full control over the Superior tablet.

Zeydar felt a bit conflicted with controlling the tablet, but he knew it was the best for everyone. He could not risk magic destroying the ships. He just hoped he’d be able to control himself, for the short time he was awake.

“Can I talk to you?” Majorie’s voice startled him.

Zeydar turned from the Stars to the woman who stood without her hood. She wore a sorrowful expression and Zeydar was not sure if that was because she knew that she’d bee on a different ship or not.

“Yes?” Zeydar asked.

“I want to apologize,” She said quick.


“For…” She paused. “The nightmares.”

Nightmares? That’s what they were going to call it? Years of torment and that was the most? Zeydar did his best not to glare. There was no amount of apologies that could ever make up for that time. Although, he supposed, at least she was trying.

“Thank you for your apology.” Zeydar went to turn back.

“I have no excuse and I know that.” she tried to stop him. “But—“

“We will never be family Majorie.” Zeydar looked at her. “You might have carried me for nine months and my father might have loved you, but we won’t be family. I won’t hate you, because I understand why it happened. I also can’t forgive you fully.”

There was a long moment where Zeydar was stunned with his own words. He could not believe what he had said, nor could he believe that he’d said it to her. Even if the emotions were what he felt, saying it to her was not something he had intended to do. There was a long moment where Zeydar felt mortified, before he felt justified and then angry that she had approached him at all.

Likewise, Majorie stood with doe eyes and a small nod. She turned from him.

As she did, Zeydar felt a bit of remorse. With a deep sigh, Zeydar stopped her. He reached out to her and grabbed her hand. She froze and glanced back at him.

“Are you–” She started.

“No.” Zeydar. Let her go. “I’m not…” He shook his head. “Will you help me Majorie?”

“With?” Her expression dropped from hope to a formal attire one gives their boss. She too knew that there was no bridging the gap with mere apologies.

Zeydar wanted to ask her for help with the ships but seeing her made him consider the future, the world that they were to face. He needed her help whether he wanted it or not.

“I want to make sure families aren’t split apart like ours was.” Zeydar said softly. “Not ever again. I want to make sure that magic is not abused ever again.”

There was a long silence between the two.

“Yes,” She said above a whisper.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever be your family,” Zeydar admitted, “but I am willing to try knowing you. Because they hurt you too.”

Once again there was a long moment where they gazed at each other. When Majorie sighed, Zeydar knew that she too had come to the same conclusion. They needed to work together, even if Zeydar would not forgive her.

“I’ll support you,” She said more certain of herself.

“That’s all I ask.”

Zeydar turned back to the Stars, thinking of his family. As he closed his eyes, he thought of those who he had grown to love. There were tens of faces before him. He thought of their smiles, of their voices and their support. They were ready to fight for him and with him. He had what he needed. And he needed to do his job to ensure the Stars did not wreck everything they worked for.

A few more days and it would be accomplished. He could do that.

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