YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 15 (CHAPTER 366)

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9 Days Until Conclusions And the Uncertain End 

Heia sat with Kori, Karla, and Kony, going over different attributes of the new society that they had to make. Zeydar was working with the others, moving all the remnants of people from Avalain to the launch site. The transport of military and weapons was to begin that night, followed by all the Stars, and then finally EverDanger. Everyone had their own work, and after the completion of the final space ship, there was a lot of logistical decisions that Heia was not privy to.

Instead she sat with her siblings, listening to them discuss the best state for their future world.

“No. The Stars would not accept that,” Kony said pointing to a clause.

“The Stars can’t get everything,” Kori reminded him.

“They’re the ones with magic.”

“Might not have magic.” Karla reminded him.

Kony was thinking like a Star more and more, or rather Heia had only realized how much his mind set had changed. He saw himself like them, and while Heia wanted to tell him that he was not — he was. People would see him as a Star. They’d always treat him as a Star. He was only looking out for himself, and she could not hate him for it.

Not when she demanded it of him before.

“Will this be okay?” Heia asked the three, pointing to the papers.

She wanted them to all work on it together, as they were the only ones she could trust to do it and be able to argue about semantics properly. If the three could agree on something, with their differing perspectives, she would have faith handing it to Kim and the others. Kony knew the Stars. Karla knew the Circles, and Kori was hot headed. The three of them used to agree on everything but their months apart had been enough to change that.

“We can.” Kori nodded. “It will be annoying but we can.”

“Before we go into stasis?”

They needed to make sure that the plans were given, debated, and voted on before everyone was asleep. Writing a whole new contract was impossible, but the timeline had to remain. She needed them to work, refine, and perfect it. All before then.

“Cryostasis has been pushed back, to fifteen days after,” Kony reminded her.

“Yes.” So that Zeydar would have time to go over the information and Uly would have time to confirm his choice.

“Then we will have time,” Karla agreed.

“Don’t tell anyone.” Heia warned them.

“We won’t. We promise.” The three said in unison, before laughing and turning back to their debate over the new government system. 

Heia left them, quietly. 

She walked from the room, not wanting to stay with them in the event that other people were looking for her. She needed it to be a secret until the last moment.

Leaving the house, Heia walked along the built city, seeing military weapons moved from ground to the launch yard, to be loaded up into the ships. There had been plans that the weapons might be turned into energy, if needed. Heia was not sure how, but she also was apprehensive about taking the weapons with them.

Trusting the Aralax felt wrong.

Their armies had disappeared as Zeydar said they would, but he also said they’d taken over the rest of the world. In hours they’d lose Avalain.

What if it was all a mistake.

“What are you doing?” Trace’s voice startled her.

Heia jumped, seeing Trace with Robee. “Nothing I–“

“Nothing?” Robee laughed. “Right.”

“Liar. What’s up? Weren’t you with Kim?” Both were dressed in their military uniforms with large smiles.

“Just worrying about the future.”

“Do you ever think that maybe you have more to worry about because its all you do?” Trace rolled her eyes.

“No. That would be too smart for her.” Robee laughed.

“Hey!” Heia gasped.

The two started laughing.

“Go. Find Kim. Don’t worry too much. You’ve done what was needed. All that comes now is proof of preparation and preservation.” Robee pushed her forward.

“If we can’t do this much, we shouldn’t have gotten this far. Everything will work out.” Trace nodded.

Shaking her head, Heia wove her siblings off. They did not leave, so Heia left, followed by the chorus of their laughter. When she found Kim, Kim was knee deep in supplies, going over things for Estashia, and welcomed the assistance. Heia put her duplicity aside, and tried to do what Robee and Trace said: forget and accept that there was nothing more that could be done for now.

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