YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 14 (CHAPTER 365)

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10 Days Until Parley And the Uncertain End    

Zeydar stopped walking standing before the mist. It was thicker than he rememberer it to be. He already had the spells up to protect them, but he had to redouble his efforts. Seeing it made his heart lurch, and he had to keep himself level headed as he stared at it. He glanced over the way that the mist crystalized on the ground, almost like stones.

“What is that?” Uly asked over the headset.

“Whiteshade.” Maverin answered. “Do you have the filtering on?”

“Whiteshade?” Heia gasped.

“Yes.” Zeydar answered. Heia reached for him, as if she could block his nose and mouth. “I’m okay Heia. I have it filtered.”

“You better not lie to me.” She threatened.

“He wouldn’t.” Evester took his hand. 

“We’re also far enough away.” Zeydar admitted. If they got closer, then there was a an issue, but for the moment they were safe. He hoped at least. Zeydar’s tracking spell alerted him to the changes that were occurring behind the mists, as shadows turned to figures.

Multiple Kings stepped out from the expanded mist. They stood before Zeydar with the threat of millions behind them. There were many waiting to attack if they were given the signal. For a long moment, Zeydar hesitated, before he expanded his bubble and stepped forward. Zeydar stepped on ahead, as one walked towards him. Zeydar offered his staff out and the Aralax met it. Within seconds, Zeydar launched his way into the hive mind. Immediately, he was met with the pressure of the Queen. 

“You killed the me before.” Her voice was more fluid and human than the others. Or, perhaps, he’d better understood the language in time. He was not sure, but the coherence of the full sentence was not beyond him.

“Predecessor, yes.”

“Why should I not kill you?”

“We are leaving,” Zeydar answered. “In five sun cycles we will be gone. All of us.”

He sent them images of the time, of the shuttles, of what the ships in space looked like. He sent them plans, and their numbers that were dwindling daily. He hoped that they understood.

“You speak true?”

“I have no reason to lie. This would is not hospitable to us anymore.”

There was a long moment of silence. He could tell that the Aralax had blocked him from their communications to discuss elsewhere, but he did not push it. He did not want to over step and make them attack, not when they were surrounding the little they had left for people.

“We do not want you to suffer,” She said. “This world rejects you.”

As Maverin predicted. The Aralax were killing them off, not because they hated the humans but because they knew the changes would not be suitable for humans. He could work with that. He just needed the time and—

“We need to take the space to prepare,” She went on.

“Prepare?” Zeydar repeated. The King the gestured to the white mists and Zeydar nodded. “I see.”

if they were terraforming the planet in apprehension for the end, then it would need to happen. He was not sure how long it would take for them to take over the whole planet, but he knew that they were worried for running out of time as well.

“We need more time,” She said.

“Take over the lands we have abandoned.” He had checked them enough time to know that there were no more people in those places. “We will not fight you for them. We want to leave.”

“Peace?” The Queen offered. “You seek it, but you killed my before me.”

And he could kill her still. She knew that. This was a test, to make sure he was keeping his word. He showed them all the cities that they had abandoned that the Aralax had not claimed. “Peace. We will leave, and you can take the whole world.”

There was a long moment of silence. 

“You swear this, destroyer of worlds?”

“I swear it.” Zeydar repeated. Destroyer of worlds? Somehow that title was not a bad choice.

“Five sun cycles.” She repeated. “Then we strike. We will claim all other lands but the two you have kept.”

“Thank you.” Zeydar said, stepping back and hurrying over to Evester and Heia.

“Did we get it?” Evester asked immediately.

“Five days,” Zeydar answered. Evester’s eyes lit up and Heia nodded. The three of them retreated. Once they were far enough away, Zeydar teleported the three of them away, and then went to report to the world leaders. The world was no longer theirs, whether they left to space or not.

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