YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 13 (CHAPTER 364)

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11 Days Until Agitation And the Uncertain End   

Evester was a bit more steady on his feet when he landed then he usually was. The gravity in the CloudCity was hard to get used to, especially now that he had been teleported into it. He felt as if his body had simultaneously become lighter and heavier all at once. The first time he’d experienced the change, he’d nearly passed out and the second he’d vomited. Every time after had been progressively better and he was only happy he had not stumbled this time. Evester took a moment before he started walking.

Zeydar trailed after him, sure on his feet and not saying a word. He and Zeydar moved through the abandoned house towards the Project to check on it. They walked through the house, each time closer to the last time that Evester was ever going to see it.

They arrived to the lab to see everything working in order. Uly’s calculations were underway. All was good. Everything was like the day before, the check did not take much time. A few nods, a few checkmarks, and one vide call later, Evester was ready to go. Evester held out his hand to Zeydar who did not teleport them. 

“Worried for tomorrow?” Evester asked dropping his hand.

“Yes,” Zeydar admitted.

“Regardless of what happens. We need only five more days and we’ll have everyone up in space. We’re ahead of schedule now.”

Although there was a chance they could fall behind again. Everything was variable and the schedule was no longer an “ahead” or “behind.” It was as it was: happening.

“But if the fighting starts, then we’ll be pushed back again.”

“What frightens you?”

“I think they have more powerful arial combatants than before.”

The words made Evester’s chest sink. If the creatures destroyed one ship, they’d fail. Just one and the whole of the peace would be over. Evester stood under the same pressure that Zeydar felt, looking at him, knowing just what sort of task they had before them.

“We will succeed.”

“I know.”

“And if we don’t then we will do what ever we can to make up the time.”

Zeydar met his eye and moved closer. He kissed Evester with a light feathered touch, before Evester pulled him closer. 

“I promise. I promise we’ll be okay.” Evester insisted.

“I believe you.”

“Do you?”

“No. But I have to trust you.”

“Trust me. Believe in me.” Evester would repeat it as many times as Zeydar needed to hear it.

Zeydar met his gaze and focused intently on him. “I will save us.”

“You already have.” He had over and over and would continue to do so. They would get through the talk and they would survive another day. They would get to space, all of them. Evester believed it. Someone had to.

“Not fully, not yet.”

“And you will, I believe in you.”

“I don’t want to go back there for tonight.”

“You want… Here?” Evester glanced around.

“When will we have the chance for this privacy again? Like this?”

In a house of this status? Evester laughed and nodded. “Then let me clear your mind.”

“One step ahead of you.” Zeydar said pulling at the buttons of his uniform.

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