YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 12 (CHAPTER 363)

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14 Days Until Replication And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia stood watching the sunset, waiting for Zeydar to tell the Aralax to leave. She had her protective clothes on and weapons ready. Kim fussed over her hair, making sure that it could not be used against her, and was pulled back. Evester was done up, with cameras and microphones for the night. Zeydar was pacing and spinning his staff. There were tens of thousands of Aralax outside of their defenses and the launches had stopped, in the event that some sort of war broke out.

They were all waiting on bated breath. Heia had not been in the meeting for the world leaders. Evester only had been dragged in because Zeydar refused to let him go. Zeydar yawned to himself, and then looked to everyone once more. Phil and Shawn hovered around him, reminding him to activate his spells immediately. The Aralax brought with them, strange mists that Zeydar said were the basis for Sweet Dreams.

Zeydar was bringing Heia and Evester with him, but Kony was to stand guard as Zeydar’s anchor point and he looked frightened.

“Worried?” Heia called to him.

“I’d be a fool if I wasn’t.” Zeydar smiled, nodding to Kony, who had his head up and his staff tight in his hands.

“What’s the most they could ask for?”

“Our lives.” Kony offered.

“No.” Zeydar shook his head. “It would be our complete destruction.”

“Would that satiate them? They already can do that.” Heia glanced back to the army.

If the Aralax knew that he grew tired after his strong power displays, they’d capitalize on it. Two good nights of fighting and humanity would be destroyed. 

“We don’t have a chance to worry.” Kony said standing closer to Zeydar.

“Don’t hold your Staff like that.” Majorie chastised him. “You’ll break it.”

“He won’t. It survived Arcadia.” Zeydar shook his head.

Heia looked to the staff, and back to Kony. Majorie’s face was already a bit distorted looking at the staff, but hearing the words made her turn more solemn.

“What is with the Staff?” Heia whispered to Kim.

“It’s Tyler’s.” May answered. “Zeydar’s father.”

And Majorie’s… What was their relationship? Heia was not sure.

“You should have kept your custom Staff.” Majorie spoke to Kony.

“I don’t like it. I’m used to this one.” Kony disagreed. Heia knew that Kony had been using it since Zeydar gave it to him when they’d first escaped Valaria. Not that she had ever seen Kony with a different one.

“All Mages get new Staffs when they graduate, that are custom made for them. Kony got new ones, but he refused them, for his old ones.” May explained to Heia.

“Because they were manipulated.” Kony hissed.

“It’s true.” Zeydar rubbed Kony’s shoulders. “But still, calm. These ones aren’t manipulated, and until we can make you new ones, you can’t break these.”

“They aren’t suitable for him.” Majorie shook her head.

“His and Tyler’s magic is similar as wind mages.” Zeydar shook his head. “They like him and work well with his magic, either way. I think of it like a Blessing. Tyler wants him to use them.”

“Exactly.” Kony glared at Majorie and then turned from her.

“Look alive.” Evester said when the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. All eyes were on Zeydar who immediately dropped his hands from Kony and grew rigid and frigid all at once. Literal frost began to breathe off of him as he looked out to the horde.

“It’s time.” Zeydar finally said, before grabbing Heia and Evester and teleporting out of the defenses to the ground. Zeydar cast a series of spells, and only when their air felt sufficiently dry, did they begin to walk. Following behind Zeydar, Heia walked in time with Evester through the sea of bodies that stood eerily still.

“I hate this.” She hissed.

“It’s… wrong.” Evester nodded. 

“We’ll be there soon.”

The wave opened to a gold Aralax. Zeydar hurried over and tapped his staff to the creature’s body and the whole world went silent. Not a single Aralax moved or breathed. Heia glanced to Evester who stood watching Zeydar’s back. Seconds turned to minutes and Heia began to get itchy with the desire to run. All the Aralax eyes were on her and Evester, watching.

There was then a screech and all the Aralax turned, and Zeydar grabbed them both, teleporting them both back inside to Kony’s side. Kony grabbed them both, checking Zeydar for the whiteshade. Shawn and Phil asked for updates and Zeydar stood breathing with slow breaths.

“Did we fail?” Kim asked racing over.

“No.” Zedyar shook his head. “Four days. In four days we will parley outside their nest.” 

Zeydar smiled at them all. They had gotten four more days. Four would be enough for the last shit to be done, then the rest of the world could get off the planet. They were almost there. Almost.

Heia collapsed back into Kim’s arms, his arms feeling like gelatin.

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