YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 11 (CHAPTER 362)

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14 Days Until Replication And the Uncertain End (part 2)

“No,” Alan Penn’s voice resonated against all the others.

All of the world leaders still on the planet, sat in the room staring at each other and arguing over what Zeydar had explained. Zeydar explained the entirety of his conversation with the Aralax. Evester had not realized that communication was an option, nor that Zeydar had a way. He’d said that he wanted to believe them, and that it was everything they had been working towards.

There were looks of fear, of fury. There were reports of Aralax sightings far outside of the two cities. Launches had resumed, but everyone was apprehensive.

“We have to try.” Another person suggested.

“How can we even confirm that they will do nothing for four days?”

“We need to get as many people to space as possible?”

“Can’t we use magic to teleport them all?”

Which they would have if it weren’t for the fact that Zeydar did not trust the movement into space with the magic, when he had not done it himself. He also was not sure he could guarantee the movement into space properly. And without the last ship completed, they had to wait.

“I take it that you believe that we should?” Estashia looked to Zeydar. Zeydar had not let go of his hand since he had reappeared at Evester’s side.

“How do we know he’s telling the truth? If they could communicate with us, they would have!” Another X Leader protested.

“I just learned to do it.” Zeydar offered. Evester doubted it. Zeydar had been able to communicate with the hive mind for weeks. He had sent his first message for the Aralax to leave prior to that. Zeydar had never said that he got communication back, but it had been clear that Zeydar had been speaking to them for months. Their nonresponse was expected, and they communicating back should not have been surprising.

“Just like all the other skills you have?” The X leaders were wary of him with just reason. But they also should have read the reports. Every one of Zeydar’s experimentations were within them.

“I think we should try.” Evester offered.

“I am inclined to say so as well.” Estashia nodded.

“What would happen if we do?” Evester asked Zeydar.

“Parley?” Zeydar asked.

“We—“ Maverin cut in, wildly, from Uly’s camera. “Will get the final reprieve, and full peace. This is what we’ve been waiting for, people.”

“You knew this could happen? Why not tell us earlier?” Alan Penn hissed.

“It was a possibility. If Zeydar could not figure out how to do it, communication would never have been possible. All the predictions pointed to him. He had to figure it out.” Maverin answered and all the leaders rolled their eyes at his excuse. “If you had read the reports, you would have seen that he’s been trying to communicate with them this whole time. If you didn’t see this as a possibility that is your fault.”

Maverin’s harsh words were Evester’s exact thoughts, and they did not make the people in the room any less hostile.

“How many more surprises Maverin?” Alan Penn hissed.

“No more, if Zeydar does it.”

“What do they want?” Evester asked Zeydar.

“I do not know. I’d have to go out there and ask them, for the full details.” Zeydar answered..

“I give you my support.” Estashia nodded.

“Estashia!” Alan Penn snapped.

“It does not mean we drop our defenses, but that Zeydar tries. For the parley, he’ll be the one to go, and in the event talks fail, we will have him to defend us. In no way does this end with our demise. If we can get the peace, we should take it.” Estashia looked over all the leaders. “We have four days to get as many people off the planet as we can.”

“That is your Circle’s. They’re actions are delaying us.”

“And I am fixing it. But. We might have only four days. We need nine. Correct Uly?”

“Yes.” Uly answered from the camera.

“We need nine. Four more continuous days will only work in our benefit. We can move all the survivors here to the launch site before the date they gave us. And if they are to believed, then we will know by then. We have to defend the launch site with all we have, so we can get everyone off the planet.”

“We should just use magic and finalize it all.” Another leader said.

“It’s not possible until I know the physical and biology changes with teleportation of that kind.” Zeydar shook his head.

“And the last ship is not done.” Uly pointed out. “That will not be done for another four days. We are at a stand still until then, regardless.”

There were many already on the ships, that would be transferred to the final ship. There was supposed to be an even distribution of Stars, Circles, and Xs on each ship. Each ship was already at capacity, holding people who had to wait for their ship, as it was. They needed whatever reprieve they could get.

Zeydar nodded. “I will prepare. They will return tonight for my answer.”

“And if we say no?” An x leader asked.

“I would assume they’d attack.” Zeydar shrugged. 

“Fine. Fine. Do it.” Alan Penn nodded. “But this better work.”

Zeydar nodded again and dragged Evester out of the room. Evester followed after Zeydar as they went to their rooms. The moment they were alone, Evester asked. “What’s wrong?”

“I could fuck this up.”

“Yes. But you are also the only one who can save us.”

“I want you and Heia to go with me to the parley, but I also don’t want you in danger.”

“We’ll go.” Evester squeezed his hand. “If it makes you feel safer.”

“It doesn’t, but it would make me stronger.”

“Then we’ll go.” Evester nodded, once more. He was not sure how much he could assist Zeydar, but if Zeydar needed him then he was going to help. Zeydar sighed, and laid back on his bed, pulling Evester into a hug. Within five minutes Zeydar was asleep, and the magic in the room was swirling.

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