YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 10 (CHAPTER 361)

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14 Days Until Replication And the Uncertain End (part 1)  

Zeydar stood with his hair being blasted back, as he watched the ships take to space as other landed. The Circles were being evacuated in full, and last that Zeydar had heard they were causing issues in the ships. They wanted better accommodations rather than the standard freezing chambers. The shipments had almost stalled, but Europa and Endwin were doing something.

Where they had been ahead of schedule, they were once more behind schedule. Luckily there weren’t supposed to be any shipments of people into space for at least a few hours, as the shuttles were fully restocked with supplies and fuel for the ships in space.

That, added with the strange twisting in his stomach? Zeydar was not happy. Irritated beyond words, Zeydar continued to watch the shuttles lave, arms crossed and smelling the air, trying to figure out why the magic felt different than it should. Was it another change to his body? Or was it an instinct? He did not know.

“You okay?” Evester asked, walking up to him.

“Good morning.” Zeydar continued to stare into the sky. What was it? What was he feeling and why?

Had his Superiors stopped their weather manipulation? No. Was it something to do with the shuttles? No. The ships in space? Maybe? Was the Uncertain End accelerating? Unlikely, considering that the date never changed.

“Why are you out so early?”

“Today is a refuel day, right?”

“Why?” Evester asked.

“Something feels off.” Zeydar was not sure what it was. The sun had not yet risen, but his body was tense as it ever could be. He looked to Evester, uncertain. He ran through all the plans for the day twice more. They had to send supplies, then tools, and then more supplies. Then towards the end of the day they’d resume with people. There were two more refuel days, where they sent up supplies ahead of people and it felt good that no one was in the sky.


What could take them out of the sky? Only one thing, but the defenses were up but the sun had not yet risen. Although, Zeydar had doubts about the sun, considering that the amount of cloud coverage was beginning to become a detriment to them. If the Aralax wanted to, they did not have to wait for dark.

But it was four days early from Maverin’s schedule. Had things changed that radically?

“Do you think…” Evester whispered.

“I don’t know.”

That was when the alarms sounded. Spinning, Zeydar latched himself to Evester’s arm and teleported them to the front line defenses, where people were scrambling. 

“What’s happening?” Evester demanded as Zeydar focused his magic on the outside. 

“Attack.” Zeydar said, taking the leap and teleporting himself outside, without warning, without his headset, without preparation. Outside were tens of thousands of Aralax, standing without moving, existing in the space beyond the walls, ready to move if necessary. They were waiting. There were those hovering in the sky, tens of thousands waiting to launch themselves at Zeydar’s barriers.

The barriers were ready for an attack, but Zeydar had a feeling that if they went on, there would be continual attacks until the end. And without the launches, people would be stuck. So long as the barrier was active, no one would be able to get into space.

Zeydar faced them readying his magic, and prepared to destroy when one of the Aralax moved, opening like a wave that cascaded into the distance. For a moment, Zeydar paused. Did they want him to… walk forward? But… Zeydar looked back to the wall, and heard the alarms. He was certain that Evester could see him and EverDanger would soon be awake. All out war again? That was… Zeydar looked back. They could not do all out war. They needed pleace.

Let’s hope Maverin’s plan worked.

Zeydar prepared his teleportation. He would be able to flee immediately, if necessary. Setting up his defenses, he walked forward into the mass, sensing how they closed around him as he walked onwards, down the path that they set out for him. Evester would not let the soldiers attack, unless the Aralax attacked first. Or at least, Zeydar hoped that Evester would make the call after seeing Zeydar walk into the see untouched. He had to believe in Evester, and focus on himself.

Zeydar kept his breath even as he moved ahead. He looked amongst the Aralax. There were no more than he expected, and none of them paid any heed to him. It was as if they were cowering before him, which meant they understood his power. Zeydar continued to walk until he saw the gold Aralax standing: a King.

“Pleasant surprise, this is.” Zeydar tapped his staff against the ground.

The creature clicked at him, communicating, without actual understanding. 

The two stood facing each other for the longest moments, before Zeydar reached forward. The creature swung at him. Lifting his staff, he went to defend himself. The Staff and claw met and the creature screamed at him again. The creature lunged at him, and for a moment he contemplated using his magic to decapitate the monster, but instead sent it to its knees. All the Aralax turned on him. Zeydar then tapped his Staff to the beast’s head, connecting in with the internal communication, saying a translation spell in hopes to communicate.

“Can you understand me?”

“You speak our tongue, human?”

Zeydar hesitated, and pressed the Staff closer. “Yes. Why are you here?”

“We come for war.”

Which meant the plan had failed to a degree. Or perhaps this was a new King, who did not know the message? Who did not know of what Zeydar could do? He had attacked him when he reached out, which could have been because he didn’t know what Zeydar could do.

“To destroy us. I know. We are leaving. In less than fourteen days.” Zeydar pleaded with not only this King but the older ones, he knew were in the web. He sent the message out to all of them.

The creature paused, confused.

“Sun cycles.” Zeydar clarified. “If you were here for war, you would have attacked.”

“You sought peace?”

So it was a new King. That was beneficial to know. Zeydar once more reached out to the older members of the connection, recognizing their sensations as he moved through the hive.

“And you brought war. Why do you seek to speak with me?”

“The Queen wishes to speak with you.” Another voice said far over the connection, within the battlefield, but out of Zeydar’s immediate reach. Another King in the event that Zeydar killed the one before him. 

“Now?” Zeydar asked the older King.

“In four sun cycles.”

When the Queen was at full strength. “To kill me?”

“For peace.”

Zeydar paused for a moment. He was then shown images. The Kings did not all agree that Zeydar wanted peace. Many wanted his blood because he killed the old Queen. However, they had taken a risk. The army was to attack in the event that Zeydar did not keep his word, did not actually want peace. When he had reached out, the young King had assumed his intention, but then Zeydar had spoken and proved himself. They were prepared to destroy all of humanity, if he went back on his request. He had not.

There was a chance, they could live.

“I will need to speak with my people.” Zeydar said, knowing that if he were able to swing it, no one would tell him no. This was their way out of war.

“We will return after the sun has vanished.” The other voice told him. All at once, Zeydar heard the order, and watched as all the Aralax soldiers turned and prepared to leave. When they took their first step away, Zeydar let the young King up, and teleported himself away to where Evester stood watching the development. Zeydar wrapped his arms around Evester.

“We did it. We did it.” He whispered over and over.

I did it.

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