YP – B7:Finally – CHAPTER 8 (CHAPTER 359)

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19 Days Until Awakening And the Uncertain End

Evester helped the family with their things as they got onto the ship. He looked over the line, signaling to one of the soldiers that they’d need to rotate soon. There was a line a mile long, of faces and families, all X’s. From what Evester knew there were a solid additional four days needed to get all of the X’s out into space, before they could resume with the Circles who needed to be evacuated. Heia had demanded that the X’s were saved first, and soon her demand would be met.

Once the Circles were in space, it would turn to the Stars, who were by far the smallest in number. There were thousands of them, waiting their turn to take a flight off the planet that was destroying itself. Natural disasters had peaked in the areas of the former Towers. Zeydar’s defenses around the cities, were more for the falling ashen rain. They skies had not been blue in weeks, but each day they seemed to grow darker and the temperatures had dropped cooler. What should have been warm months, were suddenly chilly at night and hot and muggy during the day.

Soldiers motioned back to Evester that the rotation had been ordered and that it would happen soon.

“Has the cut off happened?” Evester asked.

“Yes. We have met capacity of individuals through the landing gate. This group will be completed within the next three hours.” 

Evester wanted to stay through the whole shift, but his legs were killing him. The clothes he had to wear as his mother’s representative, were hot and sticky. He was certain that he’d sweat through his undershirt. He pulled at the collar and sighed. He wanted out of the clothes, back inside, and away from all the eyes of those who stared at him as if he were a super hero and an idol. He did not need their adoration, when he was asking them to leave everything they knew behind.

“Here.” Zeydar said out of nowhere.

Evester looked back to find him in his robe with a water. Evester took it. “Aren’t you hot?”

Zeydar shrugged.

“How are the Stars taking the fact that they will be last?”

“About as well as the Circles took finding out that they were after the X’s.” Even the military of the X’s were set to go up before the Stars. The Superiors, namely Zeydar, had to be amongst the last. “They are angry, but what can they do? Retaliate?” Zeydar snorted. “They made their choice, and we have to protect the cities and ships until all people are in space.”

“Any idea of the weather?”

“I have my mages on that. We should have a report and considerations by tonight. Majorie has been told to use those reports to shape the environment.”

the weather around the launch site had to be carefully maintained and watched, in order to ensure the launches went off without any issues. It was part of the reason why the Superiors had to be last, so that the weather — as the world broke down further — could be controlled.

“Are you going around now?” Evester asked seeing the way that Zeydar shifted on his feet.

“I’ll be back tomorrow.” Zeydar nodded.

“Promise?” Evester hated the idea that Zeydar was going to be traveling the world to check for final survivors all alone. However, only Zeydar could go. Someone needed to do the final search. The drones no longer could be sent out with a full guarantee. Zeydar was taking Shawn, Phil, and Kony with him but Evester did not like it. May had to stay behind to keep the mages in line, along with Majorie, and the act would only take a day, and yet…

“The spells that I will be using are easy enough, and will not take much energy.”

“Unless you find someone.”

Although the likelihood of that was slim.

“I love you.” Zeydar said, leaning close to him and kissing him. “I’ll be back.”

“I love you.” Evester nodded, before Zeydar then turned on him and disappeared into the air like mist. Evester sighed and turned back to the crowd with the water bottle, to being assisting again. 

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